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The Art & Science of Podcasts

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This webinar will focus on one of the hottest channels in B2B marketing today: podcasts.

The last three years have seen a major resurgence in B2B podcasts, with surveys showing 62% of B2B podcast listeners reporting they have listened to more podcasts than a year ago. Done properly, podcasts are one of the most cost and resource-efficient ways to enhance your brand, assert thought leadership, and create volumes and varieties of content proven to drive demand.

Why is this, what are the benefits for you, and your organization, and how to get started?

Join us for this exciting, informative expert panel discussion where you will hear from three ViB customer podcast pros and learn:

  • Why you should consider podcasts
  • Top 3 objectives for a successful podcast program
  • How to get your management on board
  • Anatomy of a successful podcast program
  • The essential podcast execution checklist

Our speakers

Lisa Hackbarth

Sr. Manager Global Marketing Campaigns

Blue Prism

Jeremy Sporn


Royce Brook Media

Jackson Larango

Marketing Programs Specialist

VMware Carbon Black