ViB Emails

Amplify your email to targeted tech leads

With ViB Emails, we’ll send your email to thousands of targeted, high-tech prospects in the ViB community for an instant amplification of your message, offer, or event.

Use cases

A strategic way to boost your email marketing results

Fill your funnel

Supplement low results in inbound campaigns with fresh, targeted leads and keep your salespeople busy.

Drive event attendance

Promote any upcoming event to thousands of new prospects to get quick and qualified sign-ups.

Promote content assets

When you have new content to share, reach beyond your database and organic search to access new readers.

Boost ABM results

Enter the inboxes of the high-value accounts you’re eyeing, or discover new and better contacts with similar profiles.


Maximize your campaign results like our tech clients

500+ net-new event registrations

2000+ engaged contacts added to database

30% more event registrants over goal

How It Works

Achieve lead gen goals by sending your email to our community

STEP 1 Share your recipient targeting criteria

Send us your targeting criteria and we’ll identify the ViB Community members that match your ideal customer profile. Then tell us how many recipients you want to reach with each send and when you need to see results. 

STEP 2 Share your existing branded email

No need to create anything new, simply send us your preferred HTML email for the top-of-funnel campaign you need the most boost to. We suggest a topical ebook, whitepaper download, or webinar attendance offer.

STEP 3 We do the send, you see the results

We send your email from our ViB domain that members already know and trust. This way, we’ll take care of email deliverability through our scale. As leads engage with your call-to-action and get directed to your landing page, you’ll see first-hand as the results come in.

Think it through with our one-page datasheet


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Access expert support and resources

8 Email Marketing Lead Generation Techniques You Need to Know

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Learn more about B2B email marketing

B2B email marketing is a great way to reach potential business customers and generate leads through email campaigns. They’re perfect for targeting and reaching new prospects who aren’t already in your database.

To generate new leads with email marketing, you can get a list of contacts from a reliable B2B data provider, or use a B2B email marketing service like ViB Emails to send your emails to a targeted database.

The goal is to get your message in front of the right people and inspire them to take action.

ViB’s email marketing database is packed with contact data of real people who are part of our ViB community – a network of tech influencers and decision makers who come to us to discover emerging tech.

And the best part? Our contacts are self-verified, meaning they’ve given us their information voluntarily and opted-in to receive emails that align with their interests and business needs.

In terms of customer segmentation and targeting, we have a diverse range of managers to C-level executives, from high-tech industries such as software, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and more.

At ViB, we’re all about getting you the most qualified B2B contacts. This is why we don’t simply use public and possibly sketchy sources on the web that could contain non-compliant B2B data lists. Instead, we source our contact information directly from our ViB Community of tech professionals who have opted in to receive emails that match their interests or business.

Plus, we don’t just hand over a list and let you do the heavy lifting like those other guys. We actually help you send each email, making sure it gets delivered. This helps protect your email sender domain reputation, which is a common concern when buying lead lists from B2B data providers.  

That means no more worrying about cleaning the list, segmenting it, and adding it to your contact database. We’ve got you covered!

Not exactly! While we do provide you access to our targeted business contacts, we also offer an additional delivery service to make sure your emails actually get to the right people.

In other words, we don’t simply sell you an email lead list, but go further to filter your list, and send your email from our own ViB domain. In the process, we use our scale to take care of any data decay, common in email marketing databases. These extra steps are part of our white glove touch to ensure each email marketing campaign runs smoothly.

We also have a range of other B2B demand generation solutions including: