ViB Appointments

Meet buyers who've opted in to meet you

With ViB Appointments, your potential buyers voluntarily apply to meet with you. We tell them about your solution through a tailored meeting request, no pushy pitches or cold calls required.
Benefits & Features

Schedule appointments that actually convert into opportunities

Target clear segments

Find your ideal customer in our segmented network. Target by job titles, job level, geography, company size, revenue, industries, technologies, or even ABM list.

Attract real interest

No hard-selling or pitching. Community members autonomously decide if they want to meet, which is why customers see over 40% of their appointments convert into opportunities.

Pay per lead

We know not all respondents make it for the call, so we’ll lower your risk and only count successful meetings held, for a full price assurance.

Get cost savings

Lower your CPL with rates 2x less than standard providers, plus choose to add expanded targeting for 50% of the cost of targeted appointments.


See outstanding results like our happy customers

$1.2 Million in new pipeline

10X ROI per closed opportunity generated

60% conversion from lead to opportunity

20% bigger opportunity size than other sources

How It Works

We promote your solution, but your buyers take the first step

STEP 1 We promote your request

Our team builds a community page that highlights the problems your solution solves. We’ll actively promote it to community members who match your unique targeting criteria.

STEP 2 We make the winning match​

Community members voluntarily sign up to meet you if their needs match your solution. Once we vet each sign-up, we hand the contact details over to you so you can set a time that works for everyone involved.

STEP 3 Understand your results

After the meeting, we’ll send a post meeting survey to the community member to get candid feedback on your pitch and product. You’ll get a comprehensive data package with all feedback and contact data, so you can optimize your follow-up with each prospect.

Think it through with our one-page datasheet


Access expert support and resources

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Access expert support and resources

B2B Appointment Setting Services: The Complete Guide to Boost Your Sales Pipeline

Considering Outsourced SDRs for B2B Appointment Setting? [Processes + Pros and Cons]


Access expert support and resources

B2B Appointment Setting Services: The Complete Guide to Boost Your Sales Pipeline


Learn more about B2B appointment setting

B2B appointment setting is the process of scheduling sales meetings between prospects and sales representatives. The process involves various activities like cold calling, cold emailing, lead qualification, and nurturing, where B2B appointment setting companies contact potential clients, verify their suitability, and convince them to meet with the client’s sales team.

The aim of outsourcing appointment setting to B2B appointment setting companies and specialized reps is to speed up the initial stages of the sales process. Generating sales leads is a lengthy process that could take weeks of prospecting, qualifying and nurturing, especially for the high-tech industry and large deals.

Traditional B2B appointment setting services typically find contact data through a variety of sources. They include company directories, business databases, trade shows, industry events, social media, and referrals. They may also purchase or rent targeted lead lists from B2B data providers and third-party vendors. With the contact data in hand, reps will then use cold outreach methods to manually deduce if the prospects are good fits and set up appointments.

On the flipside, ViB’s community-based approach taps into a network of millions of high-tech professionals to source qualified and targeted prospects. ViB promotes each client’s solution on the community portal, and members of this community voluntarily opt-in to meet with a company. Because members self-qualify without any hard-selling or pitching, they typically express greater interest in each solution, resulting in a higher chance of conversion.

A outsourced sales development representative (SDR), sometimes called a business development representative (BDR), are the ones who deliver the B2B appointment setting service. During the process, SDRs need to effectively pitch the brand and solution to the prospect and manually qualify them – which poses room for error.

Consider an outsourced SDR carefully, as they are challenging to onboard for clients in the high-technology industry. It requires weeks of training to ensure that the SDRs learn about the niche tech solutions, and relay the technical details and brand accurately. This process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, increasing the risk of meeting with prospects who may have a different impression of the solution and brand.

Common issues include:

  • SDRs facing challenges in understanding niche tech solutions and relaying technical details
  • SDRs misrepresenting the client’s brand
  • SDRs providing leads that do not align with your targeting criteria or buyer personas
  • Time lag to onboard and train SDRs
  • SDRs typically use a pay-per-service pricing model


ViB Appointments leverages its community of millions of high-tech professionals. With the service managed on the portal, clients stay in control of the message and targeting. The approach eliminates the need for training an SDR to learn about your product, so you can get your program up and running in days instead of months. Additionally, ViB offers a pay-per-completed meeting pricing model, which lowers your risk and assures that you only pay for successful meetings held.

ViB’s pricing model is pay-per-completed meeting, meaning that customers only pay for completed appointments, with no risk of being charged for unsuccessful meetings. ViB lowers the risk for its customers by only counting successful meetings held, providing a full price assurance.

Post-Meeting Intelligence is a unique survey-based service where we collect unbiased feedback from prospects. It’s offered as an add-on only to appointments generated via ViB Appointments. Post-Meeting Intelligence helps to address fill post-meeting data gaps such as:
  • What product/service features best resonate with my prospect?
  • How can the sales call be improved?
  • What are the biggest hurdles to overcome to close the deal?
  • What next step best suits the prospect’s pace and interest?
  • Does the prospect have budget for my product/ service?

Instead of leaving reps to rely on guesswork for post-call follow-ups, ViB acts as a neutral third-party, and surveys prospects who’ve attended the meeting. We collect primary data to help close the feedback loop, providing accurate insights to improve processes and increase the chance of winning the client.