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Get a full-service webinar with a guaranteed audience

Engage a targeted audience from ViB’s millions-strong community of tech profiles. Simply provide your topic and speakers, and get a fully-planned webinar – hosted live or even simulated as a live.

Benefits & Features

Drive more engagement, worry less about resources

Get a fully orchestrated webinar

Run an end-to-end webinar with none of the traditional heavy lifting. We plan, promote, host, track, and deliver a guaranteed number of leads to your session. You only need to bring the topic and speakers, and get to repurpose the final recording endlessly as well.

Guarantee event attendance

Fulfil your targeted registration or attendance goal easily, through our community of qualified tech professionals who are eager to be part of your webinar to explore new technologies. Plus, leave all the event promotion to us.

Present to new and target accounts

Fill your audience with your ideal customers from our segmented network. Target by job titles, job level, geography, company size, industries, and more. It’s up to you!

Reuse your best material

Don’t want to present live? Provide an existing webinar recording, and we’ll promote and host as a live event, so you can use your highest in-demand speakers and work around tight schedules and resources.


Make virtual events easy and effective, just like our happy customers

140+ net new registrants converted to leads

3 weeks speed to delivery to launch full-service event

500+ net new registrants

How It Works

Oversee the strategy, and leave the complex planning to us

STEP 1 Set your strategy

We schedule a kick-off to discuss your targeting criteria, lead goal, timeline and topic so can get working on building your webinar.

STEP 2 We promote and run your event

Our events team actively promotes your webinar to community members who match your unique targeting criteria, until your registrant goal is met. Plus, when the day arrives we’ll host the event in your name.

STEP 3 Get leads, data and a reusable recording

Within 48 hours, get the full contact details of your qualified attendees, and a complete data package containing valuable insights on questions asked and poll responses. Keep generating leads on repeat, with a recording you can freely repurpose.


Think it through with our one-page datasheet

What is ViB Webinars datasheet - B2B demand generation services

Access expert support and resources

B2B Virtual Events: A Pro’s Guide to Planning and Promoting Your Webinars

How to fight “webinar fatigue” and get a great ROI from your online events

Art & Science of Running a Winning Webinar


Access expert support and resources

B2B Virtual Events: A Pro’s Guide to Planning and Promoting Your Webinars

How to fight “webinar fatigue” and get a great ROI from your online events


Access expert support and resources

B2B Virtual Events: A Pro’s Guide to Planning and Promoting Your Webinars


Learn more about B2B webinars and virtual events

A B2B event marketing strategy or webinar marketing strategy is a plan to promote and host an event or webinar, to help you achieve various goals including lead generation, branding and product launches.

While B2B virtual events and marketing webinars can be a bit tricky, they’re totally worth it! You can quickly attract new leads and nurture them during the event to generate high-quality leads.

From planning hundreds of webinars, we’d say that the two crucial ingredients are:

  1. Seamless planning of several moving parts — from figuring out a killer topic and coordinating rehearsals, to hosting on a trustworthy platform with no hiccups.
  2. Lead generation — using reliable channels to spread the word and generate registrations that not only fit your targeting but also fetch a high attendee rate.

Totally. ViB Webinars is a full-service virtual events solution, meaning that almost everything is done for you!

We take a hands-on approach to virtual events. We not only provide a platform for hosting your event, but also help plan, promote, and execute it. We’d love to share even more over a chat!

At ViB, our process is centered around coordination and lead generation. So we start by defining your target audience (or ICP), and collaboratively decide on a topic that would fit that lead generation strategy. Then, you bring the topic and speakers, and we’ll handle the rest, including using our ViB Community to generate targeted registrants, and even technical dry runs and rehearsals. On showday, we’ll also host your webinar, and handover all the leads we’ve generated to you after. Piece of cake!

Our biggest perk is the registrant or lead guarantee that comes with each webinar. So, there’s no need to rack your heads for B2B event marketing ideas just leave it to us. We promote your event to audiences that fit your ideal customer profile until we hit or exceed your lead guarantee — ensuring that you meet your lead generation goals.

The main differences are that you fully control the topic, and that your webinar is hosted as a standalone event under your brand. There’s no theme you need to abide by, or competitors who are hosting other webinars alongside you (and stealing your prospects’ attention).

Yes and no! While we do offer B2B webinar strategy solutions and webinar promotion services, we’re more than just a webinar marketing agency.

We also offer a range of B2B demand generation solutions like content syndication, appointment setting, and email promotion.