Exclusive Webinar

Recipe for Success: Cook Up Qualified Meetings with ViB Appointments

August 22 at 1 PM ET

Not sure what the right ingredients are to book more meetings with your target audience in today’s B2B marketing landscape? 2023 has been a tough year – that’s why we’ve prepared a unique solution: ViB Appointments, where potential buyers willingly take the first step to connect with you

ViB’s community-based approach taps into a network of millions of high-tech professionals to source qualified and targeted prospects who are actively seeking solutions. We create a perfect pairing  based on your targeting requirements to set up guaranteed meetings with your ideal customers and post-meeting intelligence surveys.  

During the webinar, we’ll walk through real-world case studies and a comprehensive look at how ViB Appointments can spice up your lead generation, including:

  • How ViB Appointments enables targeted marketing without hard-selling
  • Our unique three-step approach for creating successful meetings
  • Ways to improve your follow-up strategies and increase conversion rates with post meeting intelligence
Attendees will receive a $10 gift card. *Eligibility for gift card: must use valid business email and currently be in a marketing or sales role in a B2B company. Must attend entire webinar.

Our speakers

Speaker Circle headshots-34

Bruce Gibson

VP Sales, North America


Speaker Circle headshots-41

Christopher Mitchell

Digital Marketing Manager


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Kristy Morris

Marketing Leader


David Morrision

David Morrison

Director of Global Lead Generation

Automation Anywhere