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  • Exclusively for new customers
  • Broad technology targeting
  • Low-risk pricing at ~35% off
  • *Standard price starts at $30 per lead

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Why choose ViB Syndication?

Get 100 guaranteed leads

Our unique Community based approach helps us offer a qualified download guarantee. With your trial, you’ll get 100 downloads with 1 asset, all contractually guaranteed.

Easy set up

No need to learn how to use complex editorial or bidding platforms. Give us your asset, and we’ll run the campaign until we hit your lead goal. That’s really it!

More engaged and targeted

Skip the idle researchers who never convert. Instead, be seen by tech professionals who join our community exactly to discover new tech and vendors, just like you.


Get leads to your content to drive real pipeline

4x more pipeline produced than other providers

100% lead acceptance rate for over a year

$800k in pipeline
every month

50% higher conversion rate than other providers


Frequently Asked Questions

ViB Syndication promotes your work to targeted decision makers in the ViB community — a network of millions of high-tech professionals. They’re with us because they’re actively learning about tech solutions, and so they’re eager to read content like yours. 

Your trial will consist of one piece of content of your choosing being syndicated to broad technology contacts within the community and delivery of up to 100 downloads of your asset. 

A Syndication offer includes:

  • 1 piece of content
  • And up to 100 downloads delivered


A couple of terms to note: Due to the limited term nature of an offer, audience targeting is limited to broad technology contacts in our community. Offers are also limited to new customers only.

If you have a question we didn’t answer, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Instead of relying on conventional lead sourcing methods, ViB uses a proprietary community-based approach. We actively source, segment, and nurture a community of high-tech professionals who are interested in discovering emerging technologies through us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tech professionals voluntarily sign up to join our community
  • These members provide their full profile information and interests
  • They freely opt-in to a range of programs to meet with vendors or to receive emails and content on specific topics that interest them
  • We match them to clients through demand generation services
This way, we’re able to find the best leads who are accurately segmented and most importantly self-qualified.

There are quite a few ways ViB Syndication stands out from other B2B content syndication platforms.

For one, other platforms primarily use a native advertising model that targets a general audience of readers segmented by vague readership patterns like location, time, and browser type.

Meanwhile, ViB’s audience is made up of tech end users who have opted in to receive content that matches their business needs. Each user is carefully targeted, using a range of B2B customer segmentation strategies like firmographics and psychographics (interests).

Another key difference is our pricing model. With ViB, we follow a pay-per-qualified-download model. It’s a more specific type of pay-per-lead model, where you only pay for the leads that meet your criteria. This is different from other platforms that function more like ads and use a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model.

Our approach ensures that you get the most out of your investment and only pay for qualified leads that are actually interested in your content. No wasted clicks or impressions here!

Lastly, paid content syndication vendors might require you to use complex bidding platforms, which could take some time to onboard. With ViB, we’ll simply need your asset, targeting criteria and lead goal, and we’ll handle the rest so you can focus on what you do best.

With ViB Syndication, you can promote all types of assets and formats, including whitepapers, case studies, webinars, blogs and eBooks. 

In terms of topics, work backwards from your ideal customer, and think about how to best hook them and open a potential conversation.

Generally, we recommend promoting B2B technology content that is informative and educational, as well as relevant to our ViB Community’s interests. 

In terms of customer segmentation and targeting, our community is filled with a diverse range of managers to C-level executives, from B2B high-tech industries such as software, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and more.

You can see our full targeting breakdown with the media kit, or simply reach out to us with your unique targeting requirements — we’ll resolve your concerns in no time!

For a ViB Syndication trial, your next steps are:

  1. Identify and verify if we can effectively capture your ICP, and set your campaign and contract up.
  2. Provide any asset that you’d like to syndicate. If you’re torn between choices, we’ll also offer guidance on what best works with our unique community.
  3. Now it’s over to us! We’ll build a dedicated landing page to host your asset, and promote that to your identified target segment until we hit your lead guarantee. 
  4. Once that lead goal is met, you’ll get a report with detailed contact information of members who downloaded your content.


If you’re still exploring or have more questions, we’d love to help you simplify your research.