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Limited time

$2200* $500 / send
  • One send to promote any email
  • Reach up to 75,000 Community members
  • Exclusively for new customers
  • Broad technology targeting
  • Low-risk pricing at ~75% off
  • *Standard price starts at $2,250 per send

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Why choose ViB Emails?

Simple and quick

Share any email (in an HTML format) and boost it through us. Sit back, and see leads engage with your landing page, in as little as a week.

Skip the list cleaning

Using your targeting requirements, we’ll curate a clean and targeted list of respondents from our engaged ViB Community. No list building, uploading or filtering on your part.

No deliverability issues

We’ll conduct the send from our email domain that Community members know and trust. That means no deliverability or authentication hiccups for you.


Generate leads for any campaign with simple blasts

500+ net-new event registrations

2000+ engaged contacts added to database

30% more event registrants over goal

Use cases

How to best use ViB Emails?​

Fill your funnel

Supplement low results in inbound campaigns with fresh, targeted leads and keep your salespeople busy.

Drive event attendance

Promote any upcoming event to thousands of new prospects to get quick and qualified sign-ups.

Promote content assets

When you have new content to share, reach beyond your database and organic search to access new readers.

Boost ABM results

Enter the inboxes of the high-value accounts you’re eyeing, or discover new and better contacts with similar profiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

ViB Emails gets your message to new contacts leveraging the ViB Community of millions of technology professionals. Each email reaches prospects who fit your ideal customer profile and have subscribed to ViB’s community to hear from companies like yours.

As a top-of-funnel tactic,  using ViB Emails can help you drive awareness, get campaign results, and push your existing work even further.

Your trial will consist of one send of your email of choice to up to 75,000 of the broad technology contacts in our community. 

An Email offer includes:

  • 1 email send
  • To up to 75,000 contacts


A couple of terms to note: Due to the limited term nature of an offer, audience targeting is limited to broad technology contacts in our community. Offers are also limited to new customers only.

If you have a question we didn’t answer, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Instead of relying on conventional lead sourcing methods, ViB uses a proprietary community-based approach. We actively source, segment, and nurture a community of high-tech professionals who are interested in discovering emerging technologies through us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tech professionals voluntarily sign up to join our community
  • These members provide their full profile information and interests
  • They freely opt-in to a range of programs to meet with vendors or to receive emails and content on specific topics that interest them
  • We match them to clients through demand generation services
This way, we’re able to find the best leads who are accurately segmented and most importantly self-qualified.

Quality and speed! We rely on our engaged ViB Community instead of public and possibly sketchy sources on the web that could contain non-compliant B2B data lists

Plus, instead of selling B2B contact lists, we take a white-glove approach to help you run each email campaign. This helps you skip all the steps around list cleaning, brand training, launching campaigns, and worrying about email sender domain reputation, which is a common concern when buying lead lists from B2B data providers. You’ll simply go straight to seeing engaged email leads.

In terms of customer segmentation and targeting, our community is filled with a diverse range of managers to C-level executives, from B2B high-tech industries such as software, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and more.

You can see our full targeting breakdown with the media kit, or simply reach out to us with your unique targeting requirements — we’ll resolve your concerns in no time!

For a ViB Emails trial, your next steps are:

  1. Identify and verify if we can effectively capture your ICP, and set your campaign and contract up.
  2. Provide any email in a HTML format. We usually recommend a top-of-funnel campaign or message. The email should also contain a CTA with a landing page. We’ll also give you some tips if you’re not sure which email to use.
  3. That’s mostly it! We’ll conduct the send, and you’ll get to see new leads engage on your landing page once members open and interact with your email.


If you’re still exploring or have more questions, we’d love to help you simplify your research.