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  • Includes Post-Meeting Intelligence
  • Exclusively for new customers
  • Broad technology targeting
  • Low-risk pricing at ~55% off
  • *Standard price starts at $900 per meeting

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Why choose ViB Appointments?

Get 3 guaranteed meetings

Under your trial, we’ll help to set up 3 meetings with prospects who freely opt in to see your demo. Plus, we’ll only count qualified meetings held. No risk, lengthy contracts, or time wasted on nurturing cold leads.


No training or cold calling

Simply tell us about your offering and we’ll promote it via our community portal for members to opt in to meet you. No disruptive cold strategies that may generate under-qualified prospects or waste time (and $) for training SDRs.

See higher conversions

Not only are prospects self-qualified, our Post-Meeting Intelligence add-on is also included in your trial. This add-on gives you unbiased prospect feedback about your pitch and product — critical info to help you nail the follow-up.


Turn meetings into outstanding ROI

$1.2 Million in new pipeline

10X ROI per closed opportunity generated

60% conversion from lead to opportunity

20% bigger opportunity size than other sources


Frequently Asked Questions

ViB Appointments is a B2B appointment setting solution with a twist: because potential buyers voluntarily opt-in to meet with you. Unlike pushy pitches and cold calls most competitors use, we share your solutions-based message with our community and they autonomously apply to your program if they are interested.

This innovative method taps into the ViB community — a network of millions of high-tech professionals — to source qualified and targeted prospects. It gets you a higher chance of conversion, without hefty price tags.

Your trial will consist of us booking up to 3 prospect meetings for you with broad technology contacts in our community. After each meeting we will also deliver you post-meeting sales intelligence which provides prospect feedback on your sales performance and product presentation.

An Appointments offer includes:

  • Up to 3 prospect appointments
  • Post-meeting sales intelligence survey data provided for each individual meeting during the trial period


A couple of terms to note: Due to the limited term nature of an offer, audience targeting is limited to broad technology contacts in our community. Offers are also limited to new customers only.

If you have a question we didn’t answer, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Instead of relying on conventional lead sourcing methods, ViB uses a proprietary community-based approach. We actively source, segment, and nurture a community of high-tech professionals who are interested in discovering emerging technologies through us.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tech professionals voluntarily sign up to join our community
  • These members provide their full profile information and interests
  • They freely opt-in to a range of programs to meet with vendors or to receive emails and content on specific topics that interest them
  • We match them to clients through demand generation services
This way, we’re able to find the best leads who are accurately segmented and most importantly self-qualified.

Post-Meeting Intelligence is a unique survey-based service where we collect unbiased feedback from prospects. It’s offered as an add-on only to appointments generated via ViB Appointments. Post-Meeting Intelligence helps to address fill post-meeting data gaps such as:

  • What product/service features best resonate with my prospect?
  • How can the sales call be improved?
  • What are the biggest hurdles to overcome to close the deal?
  • What next step best suits the prospect’s pace and interest?
  • Does the prospect have budget for my product/ service?


Instead of leaving reps to rely on guesswork for post-call follow-ups, ViB acts as a neutral third-party, and surveys prospects who’ve attended the meeting. We collect primary data to help close the feedback loop, providing accurate insights to improve processes and increase the chance of winning the client.

We see ourselves as an alternative to generating leads without cold calling, because we don’t use it at all!

Traditional B2B cold calling services options typically find contact data through a variety of sources. They include company directories, business databases, trade shows, industry events, social media, and referrals. They may also buy targeted leads, rent lead lists from B2B data providers and third-party vendors. With the contact data in hand, reps will then use cold outreach methods to manually deduce if the prospects are good fits and set up appointments.

On the flipside, ViB’s community-based approach taps into a network of millions of high-tech professionals to source qualified and targeted prospects. ViB promotes each client’s solution on the community portal, and members of this community voluntarily opt-in to meet with a company. Because members self-qualify without any hard-selling or pitching, they typically express greater interest in each solution, resulting in a higher chance of conversion.

An outsourced sales development representative (SDR), sometimes called a business development representative (BDR), are the ones who deliver the B2B appointment setting service. During the process, SDRs need to effectively pitch the brand and solution to the prospect and manually qualify them – which poses room for error.

Consider an outsourced SDR carefully, as they are challenging to onboard for clients in the high-technology industry. It requires weeks of training to ensure that the SDRs learn about the niche tech solutions, and relay the technical details and brand accurately. This process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, increasing the risk of meeting with prospects who may have a different impression of the solution and brand.

Common issues include:

  • SDRs facing challenges in understanding niche tech solutions and relaying technical details
  • SDRs misrepresenting the client’s brand
  • SDRs providing leads that do not align with your targeting criteria or buyer personas
  • Time lag to onboard and train SDRs
  • SDRs typically use a pay-per-service pricing model


ViB Appointments leverages its community of millions of high-tech professionals. With the service managed on the portal, clients stay in control of the message and targeting. The approach eliminates the need for training an SDR to learn about your product, so you can get your program up and running in days instead of months. Additionally, ViB offers a pay-per-completed meeting pricing model, which lowers your risk and assures that you only pay for successful meetings held.

If you’re hiring on a fee-for-service basis, i.e. to work with a rep, contractor, or team, rates are around $6,000-$10,000 per rep every month. This is usually before any 3-4 digit one-time set up or training fees too.

If you’re outsourcing on a pay-per-lead or pay-per-appointment basis, typical rates start around $500 to $2000 or more, per meeting generated. Yep, you’ll also see many reps sell meetings for as low as $50, or as high as $3,500 — remember, you get what you pay for.

In terms of customer segmentation and targeting, our community is filled with a diverse range of managers to C-level executives, from B2B high-tech industries such as software, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and more.

You can see our full targeting breakdown with the media kit, or simply reach out to us with your unique targeting requirements — we’ll resolve your concerns in no time!

For a ViB Appointments trial, your next steps are:

  1. Identify and verify if we can effectively capture your ICP, and set your campaign and contract up.
  2. Tell us about your solution by filling up a content template. This will help us understand your solution, pain points addressed, benefits and more, to help us generate your landing page.
  3. Next, we’ll prepare your campaign by leveraging our Community and portal. We’ll build a dedicated landing page that describes your solution, and promote that to your identified target segment.
  4. When members apply to meet you, we’ll hand over their detailed contact information to you, for you to then schedule a meeting. Only meetings held with leads who fit your ICP will be contractually counted. This means we’ll keep running your campaign until we hit that lead goal.
  5. Finally, after you take the meeting, we’ll survey each prospect to understand their thoughts about your pitch and product. That information will be sent to as a detailed report, to help you inform your next steps.


If you’re still exploring or have more questions, we’d love to help you simplify your research.