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Find your most qualified leads with our community approach

Tap in to a large targetable universe of engaged community members. With ViB, leads qualify themselves. Tech professionals voluntarily join our community to find solutions that fit their needs.

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How It Works

Match with targeted community members who are also interested in you

The ViB Community is an engaged and targetable universe of millions of tech professionals actively seeking emerging technologies. Our diverse community spans various industries, and is carefully surveyed and segmented based on firmographic and behavioral patterns.

STEP 1 New members opt-in

High-tech professionals join our community to discover new technologies and emerging companies. They voluntarily share their information, interests, and opt-in to meet solution providers like you.

STEP 2 We identify your targets

We consult with you to align the demand generation solutions in our portfolio that best fit your goals, and identify your ideal customer profile segments in our community.

STEP 3 We make the winning match

Through our demand generation solutions, we match you with tech professionals in our community. This win-win approach helps us find the best leads who are accurately targeted, and most importantly self-qualified as having a relevant need.

Generate the best leads with our zero-party data

ViB's community approach

ViB uses zero and first-party data that are directly and actively provided by prospects through their interactions with the ViB Community.

Why it’s ideal:

  • Information is most accurate because it’s coming direct from the prospect
  • Contacts are self-qualified and ready to talk shop

Traditional lead sourcing methods

Traditional lead sourcing approaches primarily collect second and third-party data through tactics such as web scraping, external data brokers, or public sources.

Why it’s less optimal:

  • Contacts are cold because they have not directly expressed interest or opted-in
  • Data could be out of date or inaccurate
Our Solutions

Solutions we offer to engage the ViB Community


Generate targeted tech leads for your message, offer, or event

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Generate pipeline by meeting prospects who match your ideal customer profile


Generate new content downloads with leads who may never find you organically

Deal Discovery

Generate mid-funnel leads with prospects who have a confirmed project in your market


Generate a fully planned live or simulated live webinar with a lead guarantee


Generate custom research on your buyers to create data-backed content 

Community Specifications

Take the next step with our media kit

Get the full technology profile breakdown, plus more on our approach, case studies and B2B demand generation solutions through the 2023 media kit.


Learn more about B2B demand generation companies and B2B data providers

B2B demand generation is the process of identifying and acquiring potential customers for a business’s offerings, usually through a range of B2B lead generation tools and services. Here at ViB, we help tech companies generate highest quality leads through our on-demand B2B lead generation services which leverage the ViB Community.

We’re glad you asked! The ViB community is an active network made up of millions of technology decision makers and influencers from a wide range of industries, including software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. Each member is carefully sourced and segmented using a combination of firmographic and behavioral parameters that deliver quality leads with a higher chance of conversions into sales opportunities for our clients.

As you know, our ViB Community is made up of tech decision makers who have voluntarily joined us. They opt-in by providing their contact details through our community portal and expressing interest in discovering emerging technologies. Not only that, our community members also opt in again for specific programs, such as registering for webinars, meeting solution providers through appointment setting, or voluntarily downloading syndicated content. These actions are all considered opt-ins, ensuring that our community is engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

The simplest way to explain our difference is that we prioritize quality over quantity. Most B2B marketing companies and B2B data providers focus on lead volume. They’re able to deliver thousands of leads by relying on third-party data sources and techniques like web scraping and tracking, often without the prospect’s knowledge. Third-party data also has more inaccuracies and get outdated quickly, aka B2B data decay. At VIB, we leverage a direct network of zero-party data contacts. This network is called the the VIB Community, and consists of decision makers in tech companies, who actively join our community and opt in to discover emerging technologies. They’re fully involved in the process of providing their contact information and interests, which make them more qualified leads!

Yes, you can! Our focus is exactly on B2B SaaS marketing and digital marketing for IT companies. Our ViB community consists of IT professionals and decision-makers from industries like Cybersecurity, Cloud Management, Emerging IT, Finance, DevOps, and many more. If you’re in a niche industry, feel free to reach out and we’ll see if our B2B marketing solutions are a good fit for you.

Common issues include:

• SDRs facing challenges in understanding niche tech solutions and relaying technical details

• SDRs misrepresenting the client’s brand

• SDRs providing leads that do not align with your targeting criteria or buyer personas

• Time lag to onboard and train SDRs

• SDRs typically use a pay-per-service pricing model ViB Appointments leverages its community of millions of high-tech professionals.

With the service managed on the portal, clients stay in control of the message and targeting. The approach eliminates the need for training an SDR to learn about your product, so you can get your program up and running in days instead of months. Additionally, ViB offers a pay-per-lead pricing model, which lowers your risk and assures that you only pay for successful meetings held.