Scoop up summer leads with ViB

300 guaranteed leads and a $20 Cold Stone gift card

Are you ready to beat the summer slump and scoop up some quick leads? We’re making it easier (and more delicious) than ever with a summer special: 

  • A Full-Service Webinar with 100 guaranteed attendees
  • Content Syndication of 3 assets with 200 guaranteed downloads
  • 3 follow-up Email blasts to all leads 

Fill out the form and you’ll not only get the tools you need to serve up new pipeline, but you’ll also receive a $20 Cold Stone gift card for your time!

Build your ultimate marketing sundae

Full Service Webinar

Get a fully-planned and hosted webinar with 100 ICP attendees guaranteed.

Content Syndication

A new research report packed with original data plus two content pieces of your choice circulated with 200 guaranteed downloads.

Targeted Follow-Up Emalls

Three (3) emails to all webinar leads to nurture your engaged audience.

Here’s what ViB adds on top:

  • Full contact information for all attendees, registrations, and downloads
  • Which leads were most engaged (leads w/ multiple downloads)
  • Which pieces of content resonated most (based on # of downloads per asset)
  • Which topics each lead cared most about so sales can follow up accordingly