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With ViB Research, you can easily survey targeted tech profiles to generate original research for all kinds of content, without the big price tag that comes with traditional analyst firms. 

Benefits & Features

Make better data-backed content, affordably

Generate quality research

Leverage the ViB community to generate original, credible research that helps you stand out with impactful, proprietary content that your end users will want to read.

Co-design each survey

Customize your research objectives and define your respondents’ targeting criteria to answer exactly what you need, with expert guidance from our researchers and analysts.

Create a content library

Turn a single research report into any type of data-differentiated content to attract different personas: blogs, press releases, infographics, articles, eBooks, emails, and more.

Get affordable research you own

ViB’s precisely targeted surveys create in-depth reports that are budget friendly, at a 1/3 the cost of traditional analysts, and provide you with the rights to the information we collect. 


See outstanding results like our happy customers

$5 Million in content attributed pipeline

10+ assets created from a single research report

$2 Million closed won revenue

6 earned media mentions

How It Works

Survey our niche tech community to generate insights

STEP 1 Tell us your goals

We’ll consult with you on your research objectives and target audience criteria to craft a program to meet your specific needs and the story you want to tell.

STEP 2 We craft your survey

We’ll work in collaboration with you to design a comprehensive research survey that helps capture the information you need. We conduct your survey in our community over six to eight weeks and compile the data.

STEP 3 We deliver in-depth reporting

You’ll receive a complete research portfolio including all source data, an executive summary, key insights, notable qualitative (open-ended) responses, charts and graphs, commentary where appropriate, and guidelines for content creation.


Think it through with our one-page datasheet


Access expert support and resources


Access expert support and resources


Access expert support and resources


Learn more about B2B market research

B2B market research is like detective work — you gather insights and data on a target market to make informed business decisions. One of the best ways to turn any b2b research into leads is to create robust, data-backed content. If you’re wondering how to conduct a market survey, the main steps are to figure out what you want to know, find the right audience, and ask the right questions. Some of the best market research tools are online survey platforms and data analytics tools. They’ll help you generate B2B survey insights that can lead to big wins for your business.

At ViB, we take pride in being more affordable and marketer-friendly than major market research survey companies and analyst firms. For example, all surveys are a 100% customizable to fit your sales and marketing objectives. Any data we produce is entirely yours to keep and repurpose too. Our specialty is in IT market research, with a focus on the niche tech industry. With our tech-based ViB Community, we’re able to find respondents that meet your exact targeting requirements to be your research participants. And our favorite perk — our methodology is simpler and more efficient, so we don’t have to charge six-digit price tags like standard analyst firms and survey research companies.

We use Qualtrics to power our b2b market research surveys. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to design a range of quantitative and qualitative questions and supports many types of survey formats. Plus, it’s easy to edit and analyze findings, making it a great choice for our research needs.

We’re a B2B demand generation partner for tech companies and market research is just one of the solutions we offer. We’ve got a ton of other solutions to help you generate leads and grow your business. So whether you need help with B2B email marketing, virtual events, appointment setting, or demand generation in general, ViB has got you covered.

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