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ViB Syndication: Get Leads, Not Just Clicks

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Creating content (with the help of AI) is getting easier by the day. But now, the real challenge is pushing your content through the noise and turning it into targeted leads for your B2B tech business.

Yet, most B2B content syndication vendors use native ads or publisher networks. They’re great at driving impressions and clicks from casual readers — but miss the mark in delivering quality downloads from active buyers.

Catch our replay, along with special guest Mariah West, VP of Marketing at ViB. Discover how ViB Syndication can help you generate guaranteed leads with your high-value content.

During the short session, we’ll cover:

  • How ViB Syndication’s opted-in community of tech end-users beats publisher networks
  • Tips for identifying your target audience and choosing the right content types
  • An exclusive starter kit to help you get hit the ground running

Our speaker

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Mariah West

VP of Marketing