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The Science of Segmentation Using Your B2B Data

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Know of demographic, firmographic, and technographic segmentation? Or the big-five personality types, also known as the OCEAN framework? Or what about segmenting by behaviors, needs, and goals?

B2B data segmentation might have become overly complicated and inconsistent. Different segmentation approaches rely on their own mix of B2B data sources, including various parameters, or even use fictitious abstractions. 

Instead, is there a surefire way to make sense of all these approaches — and create valuable segments that best fit the types of contact data you have on hand, to get the job done?

Join Mariah West, B2B marketing enthusiast, and VP of Marketing at ViB, to uncover a more structured and practical approach to building the right targeting foundations with “The Science of Segmentation Using Your B2B Data.

In this short 20-minute session, we’ll cover the following concepts:

  • Building the right B2B data foundations based on zero-party and first-party data

  • How to approach segmentation parameters following a practical hierarchy

  • Four easy steps to create an ICP using any contact data you have

Our speakers

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Mariah West

VP of Marketing