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How to Take AI-Assisted B2B Content Marketing From Creation To Conversion

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AI isn’t just hype anymore. It’s actually here, and it’s rapidly changing the game for B2B content marketing, promising to make the creation process faster and more efficient than ever before.

But let’s face it: It can also be a little intimidating to navigate this brave new world of generative AI while relearning what we already know about SEO, personalization and targeted promotion.

Hear from ViB’s expert panel and the latest research on B2B marketing trends in the AI age. Together, we’ll unpack how current marketing leaders are budgeting and formalizing their use of AI tools and how to bridge the gap between AI-assisted content creation and actual conversions.

Hash out some of your biggest concerns and questions on:

  • The latest research and statistics on how B2B marketers are approaching AI
  • Generative AI tools we should (or shouldn’t) use for ideation, personalization and writing
  • Bypassing SEO risks and ethical concerns with AI-generated content
  • New marketing roles, content types and budget reallocation strategies to stay ahead
  • Promotion and syndication tactics to drive targeted leads and sales

Our speakers

Circle headshots-26

Kelly Lindenau

Senior Managing Editor

Demand Gen Report

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Mariah West

VP of Marketing


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Katie Dematteis

Senior Content & Brand Leader

Amateurish Productions