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A Fireside Chat: Branding That Sells in the B2B Tech Jungle

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Just like how an immersive book hooks a reader to keep flipping, a compelling brand story can breeze a prospect through the funnel. Yet, most B2B tech brands get lost in today’s competitive jungle with a story that doesn’t connect.

Join our fireside chat to learn how to systematically craft a winning brand narrative that not only stands out, but converts your target customers. 

We’ll cover:

  • How to use the “12 Brand Archetypes” framework to consistently build a great brand
  • Proven tips to find leverage amidst the competition in your market
  • Ways to differentiate yourself if you’re an emerging company among industry incumbents
  • Methods to easily identify red and green flags in your current branding strategy
  • Next steps in making the sale using branding applications
  • Bonus: a comprehensive guide to creating a brand story that sells


Our speakers

Rachel Pepple

Head of Marketing

Carbon Direct

Mallory Busch

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

dbt Labs

Katie DeMatteis

Content Marketing Manager


Charles Waltner

Director of Content Marketing