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Expert Panel: B2B Marketing Hacks for More Leads in Less Time

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Do you want to know the secret as to why some B2B companies enjoy stellar brand awareness and a steady influx of leads while others struggle?

Join us to learn how to accelerate lead generation. With guest speakers from Royce Brook Media and ChaosSearch, we’ll be sharing different tactics across parts of the B2B marketing funnel to generate more qualified leads in less time.

At the end of the session, you can expect to learn about various lead generation strategies you can deploy, catered to your own risk appetites, marketing budget, and urgency.

Key insights from the webinar: 

  • Underperforming B2B marketing strategies—where do marketers go wrong?
  • Tips to evaluate B2B lead generation strategies against budgets and risk appetites.
  • Putting together a comprehensive strategy across the funnel that works for your business.
  • How to fine tune existing B2B marketing strategies to optimize time to conversion?

Our speakers

Lisa Hackbarth

Integrated Marketing Consultant

Cloudberry Marketing

Jeremy Sporn


Royce Brook Media

Mariah West

VP of Marketing