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ABM Unplugged: Ask the Experts Anything

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In a sea of resources and recordings on account-based marketing (ABM), what many of us B2B marketers really need is a way to iterate on what we already know and troubleshoot our current ABM challenges. 

For the finale to our B2B marketing optimization miniseries, we’re taking an “ask the experts anything” approach to ABM. We want to hear from you — where are you in your ABM journey, how do you want to improve, and what challenges do you face? 

In “ABM Unplugged: Ask the Experts Anything”, we’re bringing on board two ABM gurus from both the agency and big tech landscapes, who will share their expertise and answer your most pressing questions in areas such as:

  • Driving ABM results with your contact data, budget, and resources
  • Orchestrating the different roles and responsibilities in ABM
  • How to master collaboration and buy-in for your ABM campaign

Our speakers

Circle headshots-29

Kristy Morris

Senior Marketing Leader

Circle headshots-7

Jeremy Sporn


Royce Brook Media

Circle headshots-24

Mariah West

VP of Marketing


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