Defining the MQL

Featured guest

Jamie Feigenbaum

Demand Generation Manager, RFPIO Inc.

“Having a strong MQL definition — one that’s enough to get a sales rep’s attention — is really important. Otherwise, you’re closing the door on a lot of opportunities.”

Jamie Feigenbaum was pursuing a master’s degree in sociology (urban studies) when she first discovered her passion for marketing. Today, in her role as a demand generation manager for RFPIO, she leverages her unique skillset to straddle both big-picture strategy work and granular analyses.

On today’s episode, Jamie joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to share how and why even the most exciting short-term marketing wins sometimes don’t translate to results — and what to do about it.

Key points

  • How demand generation marketing and sociology intersect [1:55]
  • What happens when sales and marketing fail to align on defining MQL criteria [3:42]
  • The one question every marketer should ask before planning a campaign [20:22]

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