Redefining Revenue Marketing

Featured guest

Nicole Fusilier

Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing, Matterport

“It’s really about how you look at operational efficiency that’s going to drive pipeline and revenue and stop focusing on MQLs, stop focusing on noise.”

When Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) fail to support your revenue goals, it’s time to rethink your KPIs and become more aligned with your sales team. On today’s episode, revenue marketing expert Nicole Fusilier of Matterport shares her story of how she transformed her marketing department from over budget and under performing to meeting or exceeding marketing goals 6 quarters in a row, and counting. 

Listen as Nicole shares her insight on how to adjust your KPIs, increase conversions, and improve customer acquisitions and budget efficiency. You won’t want to miss this invaluable advice on how to plan for your own marketing success.

Key points

  • 1:12 Introduction of Nicole Fusilier
  • 5:20 State of revenue marketing
  • 8:20 Unpacking the process to success
  • 13:50 Aligning to your end goal
  • 17:17 Planning for success
  • 25:20 Recommended Resources

Recommended resources

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