Generating Demand Through Your Network

Featured guest

KP Peck

Director, Propeller

“Every time we meet someone, we have an opportunity to create a memory they can reflect back on.”

KP Peck is a multi-talented product and marketing professional who has worked in-house with giant brands like Clif Bar & Company and SC Johnson. Today, they work as a director for the management consulting firm Propeller, where they focus on building and securing demand, maximizing revenue, and solving problems of all sizes.

On today’s episode, KP joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to discuss the power of relationships, reflection, mindfulness, and integrity in creating demand. They also share how they’ve created revenue for their company by fostering their network over time.

Key points

  • KP’s three-pronged approach to identifying demand gen opportunities [4:54]
  • How to create a daily mindfulness practice (and why it matters for business)  [13:32]
  • The ripple effect of building integrity and trust within your relationships [17:20]

Recommended resources

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Traction: The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance — This book was written to help professionals at every level of leadership understand the mechanics of the human brain, engineer change, and support others’ change too.

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