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Featured guest

Will Thompson

Marketing Programs Manager, InsightSquared

“Theres a lot you can do wrong, but when you get it right, the program can really sing.”

Content syndication in the world of B2B demand generation is a polarizing topic of campaigns, channels or tactics that work. On this week’s episode, hear from Will Thompson of InsightSquared on best practices for B2B content syndication, important advice on avoiding blunders, and making the most efficient use of your marketing budget. Will shares his approach to optimizing content syndication programs by personas and pain points, as well as ways to drive results with his top 5 tips for content syndication, including:

  • How to better align with your sales team
  • The follow-up process
  • Designing programs around personas and pain points

Key points

  • Will’s background and experience – 3:00
  • Content syndication struggles and solutions – 7:56
  • How to pursue generated leads – 16:48
  • Sales follow-up best practices – 27:40
  • Review of key points – 33:29

Recommended resources

This blog from contains great best practices, tips and tricks on writing followup emails. It’s important for sales and marketing to work together in order to maximize your content syndication program results!

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