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Sam Chapman

Content Director, April

“Video is a major and massive undertaking at times. Beyond the effort and dollars that goes into it, you want to be able to say – what are we getting out of this?”

Often underutilized or misused, video content, and content marketing in general, can be valuable in delivering your message but more difficult in measuring direct ROI. In today’s episode, Sam Chapman shares valuable insights and lessons learned from his 10+ years as a content strategist, particularly as it relates to video content. 

Listen as he shares the best approaches to content marketing, including the importance of the human element, tailoring content to its place in the sales funnel, as well as the latest video format trends. Finally, Sam discusses his approach for framing ROI in video content and determining when it makes sense from the perspective of time and effort.

Key points

  • Sam’s experience in video content marketing – 1:30
  • Personal story of a video campaign – 4:45
  • Determining return on effort and return on investment – 8:30
  • Consumer’s experience with video content through the sales funnel – 17:25
  • Recommended Resources – 20:00

Recommended resources

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