Carving New Partner Channels

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Kasey Payne

Independent Consultantr

“It’s important when starting a new marketing program, really doing that one-to-one work where you are talking to your target customer, whether they are using your product or not.”

How can today’s marketers break into some of the most traditional industries with fresh, new solutions? Today on Generating Demand: Stories from the B2B Trenches, Kasey Bayne shares her personal story of rocketing accounting software Freshbooks from the sidelines of the accounting world to the front lines and building a lasting, successful marketing strategy. 

Kasey shares her tips for best approaches to building your lists from scratch, finding your way into publications your target audience reads, and seeking out thought leaders and changemakers in your target industry. Listen as she provides insight on what to avoid and what to embrace in carving your way into new markets and building real momentum. 

Key points

  • 00:56 Introductions
  • 4:10 Building Lists for Freshbooks
  • 9:10 Lessons Learned Along the Way
  • 18:05 The Results
  • 20:40 Recommended Resources

Recommended resources

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