Communities in Demand Generation

Featured guest

EJ Montijo

Senior Manager of Digital Operations, ViB

“You have to fail. You have to fail a lot — and you have to be cognizant of that failure and learn from it.”

EJ Montijo is Senior Manager of Digital Operations at Virtual Intelligence Briefing and a longtime marketer with a focus on community building. 

On today’s episode, EJ joins host Amanda McGuckin Hager to talk about communities and share his story about one of his key “failures” and what he learned from it. He explains what makes community building so important to demand generation marketers and how to build and engage those communities. EJ also describes why constant experimentation is the key to success.  

Key points

  • What EJ learned when he tried running ads on Reddit [2:47]
  • Why an active community of real people is so important [7:00]
  • EJ’s recommended resources for marketers [12:35]

Recommended resources

  • The CMX Community — The Slack community, Community Managers, is a great place to understand the different advocacy tools available to marketers and the different strategies you can use to leverage those tools. 
  • Tribes by Seth Godin — This book explains the power of building stronger communities, how your own passion and participation matter, and why right now is the right time to become a leader.

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