Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Get Meetings with B2B Tech Prospects

March 17, 2023

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Despite being one of the best-educated cohorts in modern history with access to some of the most sophisticated communication tech ever invented, today’s sales pros are struggling to connect with prospects.

And it’s not due to a lack of skill or effort.

The truth is, B2B tech buyers are overwhelmed. Like you, they’re spread thin in their roles, and they’re inundated with messages from brands and service providers promising to solve their biggest challenges. While your offering may be lightyears ahead of your competitors, it seems impossible to cut through the noise long enough to show prospective customers that you’re the best.

But why, exactly, is it so hard to even land a meeting these days? And what can you do to change that fate in time to make this one of your most successful years yet?

Here’s the lowdown:

Get the full infographic here. Otherwise, let’s break each of these down a bit further.

Getting a foot in the door

Field reps are having a hard time getting access to new accounts and filling their sales pipeline, and that’s primarily because it’s harder than ever to get an “in.” Senior decision-makers have multiple layers of gatekeepers in place, and their email and LinkedIn inboxes are chock-full of poorly personalized junk mail.

If you want to get time with the right B2B buyers, one method is to access a space they trust and spend their time — like an online community. Because this is a place where they’re already engaged, it’s easier to earn their interest and attention.

Growing outreach

Sales is a numbers game. The more people you connect with, the greater the number of opportunities you’ll achieve (theoretically). Unfortunately, today’s sales pros or outsourced SDRs aren’t getting in front of enough buyers. This is partially because prospecting can be brutal and laborious, and you can only take so much rejection before it affects your morale — but it’s also because identifying new audiences can be tricky.

Outsourcing demand generation to a trusted partner helps overcome both of these obstacles. You can increase your market exposure and, as a result, boost the number of meetings on your calendar.

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Hitting your target market

Too often, marketers and sales pros are missing their target market — or at least a crucial segment of their market. This means a portion of the time, money, and other valuable resources you’re spending to attract and convert prospects is wasted on the wrong audience. And no amount of sales prowess can help if you’re talking to the wrong buyers.

In many cases, this comes down to data. Sales reps can waste valuable time prospecting to out of date data, like when someone moves from one role to another, or downright incorrect data. 

With an experienced and reliable marketing partner, especially one that offers a pay-per-lead model in appointment setting, you can ensure you’re getting the right messages in front of the right people at the right times, so your marketing funds can yield a better ROI.

Taking back your time

Just over one-third of a sales team’s time is spent talking to prospects, and the rest is consumed by administrative tedium. Tasks like hunting down and parsing through information, crafting personalized messages for each contact, scheduling calls, and manually entering data into CRMs take up a lot of time.

Fortunately, you can offload some of these efforts to a B2B appointment setting partner so you can get more time back in your day to establish and grow genuine connections with existing prospects.

Making calls more effective

Here’s the truth: cold calling can be effective, but it’s also extremely time-consuming. We covered this topic in length in our Art & Science of Appointment Setting webinar. And time isn’t a luxury most sales reps have (see above). If you’re going to spend your time on the phone, wouldn’t it be more worthwhile if you knew you were speaking with a highly qualified buyer who is not only in your target market but already interested in your offering and familiar with your brand?

By cutting down on the number of calls you have to make and leveraging B2B appointment setting services, you can spend more energy doing what you do best: converting opportunities.

If you’re ready to fill your pipeline fast and hit your 2023 revenue goals, it’s time to partner with a demand generation partner who already has a relationship with your ideal buyers.

Learn more about what VIB can do for your team.

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