How to Write B2B emails? 10 Tips and Templates

March 16, 2023

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If you’re in the business world, you likely receive a lot of B2B marketing emails. There’s a reason why. Simply stated, they work really well. Too often, in the face of new shiny marketing tools, like social media, videos, and podcasting, email marketing does not get all the attention it deserves. However, it remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing available. 

Leveraging B2B email marketing services well can yield many significant benefits — including filling the top of the funnel with new leads, building stronger brand recognition, and boosting product and service sales. 

The smartest move you can make to produce the marketing results you want is to optimize your B2B email marketing campaigns. One way to do this is to write more impactful emails. If you’re wondering how to make sure your emails are optimized, these 10 email marketing tips will help take your email marketing lead generation to the next level. 

Effective email marketing can help you fill your funnel with qualified leads to keep your sales team busy. But not all email marketing is equal. Like most lead-generating strategies, email success requires a little finesse and a lot of expertise.

1— Personalize, personalize, personalize

The mantra in real estate is location, location, location. In B2B email marketing, it’s personalize, personalize, personalize. We put this tip in the number one spot for a reason. These days, you’ll likely never reach your marketing and sales goals with anonymous, cookie-cutter emails. 

Today’s consumers expect messages to be specific to their needs. Otherwise they have a special file for non-personalized emails — it’s called “the trash bin.” So whip out your personalization skills to tailor the subject line, email header, body copy, and offer — at the very least — to each individual email recipient. 

2— Telegraph your value proposition immediately

“What’s in it for me?” That’s the first question your prospects will ask when opening your emails. So, tell them — immediately. Use the subject line and intro to highlight the value proposition your prospects stand to gain.

3—Localize your email campaign

Leverage the power of localization in your B2B emails. In fact, when you make your emails more local, you also make them more relevant. For example, when you’re reaching out to prospects in specific locations, collaborate with local businesses or events to offer promotions. You can also expand this collaboration concept out to larger geographic regions or even industries. You’ll effectively double your opportunity to reach prospects. 

4—Write strong subject lines

Writing compelling B2B email subject lines can help increase the number of prospects who open your emails. Some of the keywords that help get your emails noticed and opened include improve, grow, receive, shop, and gain. 

5—Avoid spammy words

While there are strong words to use in B2B emails, there are also words to avoid. There are certain words and phrases that trigger the spam filters into thinking your emails are malicious or fraudulent. A few examples include cash, act immediately, great discounts, and free offers. Avoid them at all costs.

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6—Tell them a story

We’re not talking fairytales here. We’re talking about using the components of storytelling to make your emails more interesting. This includes having a hero (it’s your customer, not you!), a challenge, and a solution. Storytelling is the most powerful way to engage with your audience, elicit interest, and build trust. 

7—Send emails from a personalized email address

Along with personalizing your B2B emails with your recipients’ data, you also need to personalize the address from which you send the emails. If you use a generic email address, like, your email recipients may find the messages suspicious. If you use a real person’s name and a real company website address it will greatly increase the trust factor.  

8—Template: encourage people to buy

In this B2B email template, the goal is to elicit a purchase:

  • Title: Emphasizes the value of your offer 
  • Image: Make it eye catching
  • Content: Personalize it wherever possible
  • Offer: Make it clear and encourage immediate action 
  • Social proof: Add a customer testimonial or industry stat, if possible
  • Call to action: Make it short, clear, and action orients
  • Close: Make sure it’s also personalized

9—Template: encourage a content download

In this B2B email template, the goal is to encourage recipients to download something, typically a piece of content like an ebook, report, or infographic:

  • Offer: Speak to how your content can help them achieve their goals
  • Call to action: Communicate exclusivity for this special offer
  • Close: Tell them why they need it and how to get it 

10—Template: invite event registration

In this B2B email template, the goal is to encourage recipients to register to attend an upcoming virtual or in-person event:

  • Headline: Elicit curiosity 
  • Body copy: Make attendance sound easy and attainable
  • Close: Tell them what value they will receive in exchange for their time
  • Call to action: Make it clear, time sensitive, and exclusive 

Email marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing available to today’s marketers. If you leverage our email best practice tips and templates on how to write B2B emails, you’ll be that much closer to achieving your email marketing goals. 

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