How to fight “webinar fatigue” and get a great ROI from your online events

March 16, 2023

ViB Editorial Team


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Are you experiencing “webinar fatigue”? You’re not alone! Yet webinars continue to grow in popularity with audiences and lead gen teams alike. The COVID-19 effect only increases the importance of webinars to your marketing goals, as most in-person events remain on pause. 

So how do you combat webinar fatigue, provide great content that audiences engage with, and create value for your company? Find out in this value-packed recorded edition of the Art and Science of Webinars conversation. This episode is part of the ongoing Success Series of webinars brought to you by the marketing experts at ViB

Get proven tips and techniques

In today’s episode, Tom Riddle, director of survey and research solutions at ViB, is joined by Gabby Torres-Soler, a senior marketing manager at DataCore Software, one of ViB’s top-performing customers. Gabby, a webinar veteran, shares her best practices to get the most out of your online production and promotion efforts. 

Listen in as Gabby offers proven tips and techniques, including:

  • Improving how you deliver online events
  • Building and engaging an audience 
  • Adapting to current events
  • Turning webinar fatigue into a competitive advantage 

Understanding webinar fatigue

So, what is webinar fatigue? “It’s a term that I’ve adopted in recent months,” says Gabby. “because everyone is doing a webinar right now.” People are being invited to far more webinars than they’re used to. 

She suggests taking a step back from too-frequent live events to avoid overwhelming your audience. One option is to “leverage other ways that you can use the same videos that you have been using for your webinars.”

Gabby also points out that not every webinar needs a slide show. “Just keep it conversational, keep it exciting and fresh, and… your engagement will increase.”

Streamline production for maximum results

Gabby suggests switching gears to streamline webinar production. “Our team is being pulled in so many different directions, so my first instinct was… how can I make it easier on everyone and still get similar, or even better results?”

Companies are now competing not only for the same audiences, but the same time slots. That’s why Gabby advises leveraging on-demand, rather than live, webinars. “Viewers actually prefer to watch it on-demand,” she notes. Testing out a new format that combines the live experience with the ease of on-demand production, Gabby started leveraging simulated live events.  With simulated-live recordings, companies can do more with less and drive truly successful webinar programs. 

An additional benefit? “Pre-recording helps you control day-of jitters,” says Gabby. “You have a little bit more control over what’s spoken, how the script flows, and the things that you really want to highlight.” 

Attract customers at any phase

Also in this episode, Tom provides expert insight into topics that engage audiences. 72% of ViB customers consider webinars the best way to develop quality leads across each and every phase of the buyer’s journey. 

But choosing creative and strategic topics is key: “There’s a webinar topic that can align with the attention phase, the consideration phase and also the decision phase — and that’s where the rubber meets the road.” 

When it comes to topics, remember to avoid the common mistake of talking about your solution, rather than explaining the business value it offers to potential customers. “If your story describes their problem,” notes Tom, “they’re going to automatically assume you have the best solution.” 

And Tom reveals the top-performing webinar subject line — it’s not what you might expect! 

Up your webinar game today

Find out more by listening to the entire episode, “Fighting Webinar Fatigue with Gabby Torres-Soler.” Learn from practicing experts and up your webinar game today. 

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