How the ViB Community Keeps Lead Generation Inexpensive — Yet Powerful

March 16, 2023

ViB Editorial Team


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If you were to ask Google, Quora, or Alexa, “Where can I find effective, but inexpensive lead generation lists, the responses range from “nowhere” to “good luck with that.” The only sources that might try to convince you they can sell you cheap lists are scammers. 

The fundamental problem is that when it comes to leads, cheap can be a dangerous criterion to add to the search criteria. 

Expecting to find lists of leads that are both affordable and effective can seem like a pipedream.

However, obtaining lead generation services that are both priced fairly and are effective at actually generating quality leads is a combination that is alive and well with ViB clients. They are benefiting from this rare advantage thanks to ViB’s unique approach to sourcing leads

If you’re conducting research to help choose the right B2B lead generation agency, then this short blog post will explain all you need to know about how ViB conducts demand generation as a service using our ViB community.

So what is the ViB Community?

Think of ViB as two entities. One of which is our demand generation arm, where we partner high-tech companies and offer lead generation services to source warm leads for their business. 

The other entity is the ViB community — a massive virtual network of professionals such as tech decision makers and practitioners. And by massive, we mean millions!

Our community comes to us to get curated updates about emerging tech companies and solutions. This is possible because each contact is carefully surveyed and segmented upon joining, which creates hyper-targeted profiles that capture their interests.

More importantly, each member joins the community by opting in, so they can get curated updates about emerging tech companies and solutions

Profiles in our hyper-targeted ViB community

The hyper-targeted profiles of ViB members include professionals in IT, engineering, marketing, sales, legal, operations, and HR departments, broken down into these roles:

  • 68% IT and technical roles
  • 48% manager level and above (VP, CEO, Director)

Targeting criteria is also highly specific and includes:

  • Geographic location (where is the company headquartered?)
  • Titles (any and all relevant)
  • Job level (from individual practitioners to the C-suite)
  • Company size (by revenue or employee count)
  • Verticals (only acceptable industries)
  • Technologies (if any)
  • Or by ABM lists (1,000 company minimum)

Upon joining, members are accurately labeled according to this targeting criteria

It’s also the same criteria list we use when partnering with tech companies who use our services. This makes it super easy for marketers and sales professionals to identify their ideal customers from our community. 

Checklist for choosing a lead generation agency

To sum up, look for a great lead generation service that checks all these boxes to positively impact your lead acquisition initiative. In fact, ViB is the only service that checks all of them:

  • Large database — millions-strong
  • Quality leads — verified active and engaged decision makers 
  • Hyper-targeted — represent our customers’ buyers and end-users
  • Inexpensive — 1/2 the price of standard agency rates

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Our ViB Community becomes generated leads for your business

If you put two and two together, it becomes clear how our ViB community works synergistically with our demand generation arm to form a win-win model.

In other words,

  • Our community members come to us for curated tech finds based on their interests
  • And our customers get to access to that warm, opted-in community

When our clients come to us, ViB acts like matchmakers, connecting B2B marketers and salespeople with specific decision makers from our community. 

We suggest a solution or company to the community, and they view the material or agree to meet through a range of demand generation services we provide — including everything from content syndication to appointment setting.

We can deliver high-quality results for one primary reason — our community trusts us. Based on years of experience, they know that whatever company, service, or solution we suggest is something worth looking into. 

What makes ViB’s lead generation approach affordable?

Compared to reputable lead generation agencies, ViB keeps its cost up to 50% lower – and it all boils down to our lean approach.

By providing mutual value to our community and our clients, ViB keeps operational costs lower, which then gets transferred as cost savings to our clients as affordable lead generation services.

Besides that, ViB uses a leads as a service approach for many of our services. 

Take content syndication marketing for example: instead of simply posting the syndicated piece on our platform for a fixed price, ViB actively promotes the content to get targeted downloads, which are then delivered as leads to the client.

If we’re looking at appointment setting for instance, most agencies use a team of outsourced SDRs. They must first get trained to understand your market and offering, and then personally reach out to potential leads through approaches like cold calling. It’s laborious work.

On the other hand, ViB’s appointment setting is done by promoting a meeting request to selected community members who fit the client’s targeting criteria. Members who opt in are screened by us, then handed over as appointment leads, and boast 50% appointment to opportunity conversion rates.

To find out more about our pricing, talk to us for a quote or subscribe to get updates for a detailed pricing guide we’re launching soon!

How did ViB create our unique model? Here’s our story

This one’s for the curious folks. We’re often asked: “How did ViB create such an engaged community of active buyers, something that is totally unique in the industry?”

Here’s how: Decades ago our CEO, Sean Shea founded an online technology publication, which was ahead of the curve. In fact, it was the first ever virtualization and emerging technology news platform at that time. 

For the publication, Shea interviewed subject matter experts and developed content. That organic value exchange saw his audience grow, forming the first few members of the community.

Then he entered email marketing, acquiring quality lists that engaged with the email content he wrote. Before he knew it, he had inadvertently formed a highly engaged community. This ViB community soon became Shea’s full-time venture.

Today, the community includes millions of IT professionals who trust ViB with finding curated opportunities to discover technologies

We are continuing today to build and nurture our ViB community to ensure our clients gain access to the quality leads they need to reach their sales goals and be successful. 

For example, we’ve built partnerships with all the large and reputable data companies, like Zoominfo and Salesintel. We use these systems to routinely clean our community and ensure we have only the most up to date contact information — who become quality leads for your business.

ViB Community vs. other lead generation lists

There are three primary differences between ViB’s community and other inexpensive lead generation agency lists:

1—Trust: We nurture our leads, and they trust us.

  • Being a part of the ViB community is voluntary — they opt-in to hear about the latest solutions and companies.
  • We actively engage with our community members in our exclusive ViB community portal — and nurture them so they are further down the sales funnel right out of the gate! 

2—Savings: Operational cost savings are transferred to you.

  • Unlike an outsourced SDR service that’s resource-intensive, we provide a simple matchmaking service that’s operationally efficient and inexpensive.
  • Expect to pay 50% less than a standard agency rate.

3—Targeted: We serve the needs of today’s high-tech B2B companies.

  • The right community-client fit is important to us, so we can always deliver affordable quality leads and reliable results.
  • More than 8 out of 10 of our high-tech clients come back to us as returning customers.
  • Our high-tech clients have given the ViB community a rating of 4.7 out of 5!

In our clients’ words

Ready to experience the ViB Community?

So is the ViB community the right fit for your company? Let’s find out in a quick, no-pressure call.

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