How B2B Email Marketing Services Convert Prospects to Customers

March 16, 2023

ViB Editorial Team


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Even though email technology has been around for half a century, it is still one of the most effective B2B marketing tools at your disposal, especially when converting top-of-funnel prospects into loyal, long-time customers.

But how, exactly, does B2B email marketing help you achieve this goal? And what sorts of strategies can you employ to increase your success rate?

Today, we’re covering how organizations like yours are successfully leveraging B2B email marketing services to nurture leads down the funnel toward a conversion and why it works so well.

Reach several prospects at once

While there are many ways companies can reach a large swath of their target market at once, not all of these solutions are as effective as B2B email marketing services. Targeted digital advertising, which marketers have long relied on to reach hundreds or thousands of prospects through one campaign, is becoming more difficult. And soon, Google will end the use of third-party cookies for good.

Email marketing allows you to make a genuine connection with prospects and deliver a relevant message that feels personal. And unlike other one-to-many marketing channels, recipients can easily respond to emails to begin a one-on-one conversation. Over time, email allows you to deepen relationships with prospects and ensure they have a good grasp of the value you can provide.

Keep in touch with leads who may otherwise fall through the cracks

B2B email marketing services also allow you to connect with prospects who may not be as receptive to other forms of marketing, like social media or digital ads. That’s because most people already spend a great deal of time in their inboxes. According to OptinMonster, 99% of email users check their inbox daily, and some check their inbox 20 times per day. In fact, many people check their work email before checking social media, scrolling through the news, or even getting out of bed.

It’s also helpful for keeping in touch with leads who haven’t been passed over to sales and thus don’t yet have a primary point of contact. With well-timed emails, you can carefully nurture prospects with relevant content until they’ve reached sales-qualified status.

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Get a tailored message to each segment of your prospect list

By dividing your prospects into specific segments based on their buyer persona (firmographics, pain points, purchasing habits, and where they are in the journey, for example), you increase the effectiveness of your email. Once you’ve segmented your list of recipients, you can personalize your emails to prospects’ needs and tailor the content accordingly.

For example, here are a few ways you might customize emails based on segments:

  • Provide solution-based content that addresses known pain points (i.e., a video conferencing app might share a blog post on team bonding for distributed workforces)
  • Revise messaging based on industry (i.e., a project management software company might highlight different features for a legal office than a manufacturing firm) 
  • Highlight upcoming new features to prospects to incentivize prospects whose deals have stalled, or existing customers nearing the end of their contract

Additionally, you might send the same offer to your entire list but with a slightly different angle. For example, if you’re hosting a webinar, you might highlight different topics you’ll cover to different audiences based on what’s most likely to resonate with each persona.

Reach prospects at each stage of their buyer journey

By staying connected with prospects along their buyer’s journey, you’ll help maintain the momentum. B2B email marketing services can help ensure you connect with prospects at the right time and with a meaningful message that will help usher them onto the next phase.

For example, you might send new prospects educational content. Then, as they become more engaged, you move to mid-to-lower funnel material, like tips on choosing the right solution, offers for a demo, or time-bound discount codes. Finally, once a prospect converts into a customer, you can move them over to a retention email flow in which you regularly share tips to help them get the most from their investment and surveys to gather feedback for your product and client satisfaction team.

And if you’re looking to earn more leads and grow your audience, B2B email marketing services can help you with that too. For example, ViB’s email marketing service helps you amplify any message. So whether you want to boost event registrations, announce a new product or service, or promote a powerful content asset, we can help get that message in front of new, in-market buyers.

From engaging new buyers to converting prospects into customers — and keeping them happy long term — B2B email marketing services provide value throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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