What is Pay Per Lead Sales Generation?

February 16, 2024

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Imagine this: rather than paying a fee for every click or view, you only pay for a promising sales ready lead. It sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s the pay per lead sales generation model, and here’s how it all works to help sales leaders get guaranteed, qualified, sales-ready leads. 💰

Defining pay per lead in sales context

In simple terms, pay per lead sales generation refers to the traditional pay per lead model offered by vendors and partners, but applied for sales operations. Meaning, you pay for sales leads and opportunities, instead of just leads with basic contact info.

Additionally, unlike paying a fee for service or various types of contracts, you pay per sales opportunity. This helps you curate a low-cost model for you to focus on targeted sales leads.

With a trusted partner that offers this model, it’s definitely a win-win – you can invest in potential customers who’ve shown genuine interest in your offering by sharing their information or taking a specific action.

How does pay per lead sales generation impact your sales strategies?

Firstly, how often have you fallen short of your sales quotas? Well, you are not the only one. 

In fact, about 25% of all organizations struggled to reach their sales lead target. But don’t you worry, you’ll have a clearer way out by the end of this blog.

Graph of reaching lead targets in 2022 from ViB B2B Marketing Trends research

Pay per lead sales generation can transform the sales landscape. We know that traditional models result in upfront costs but will not guarantee outcomes. Interestingly, Pay per lead, on the other hand, aligns expenses with actual results. 

This has a huge impact on how businesses approach their sales effort.

Let me break down the significant ways in which pay per lead can impact your sales strategy:

1) Quality Over Quantity:

Pay per lead sales generation makes businesses focus more on quality sales leads than just sheer volume. It helps you aim for people who are more likely to make a purchase.

2) Highly Targeted Audience:

Businesses can quickly refine their targeting strategies with pay per lead sales geberation. It helps identify and reach out to the right audience interested in the product or service. This results in more precise sales efforts and directs resources to the most promising segments.

3) Result-Driven Approach:

With pay per lead sales generation, businesses pay only for actual sales leads. This creates a direct link between investment and outcomes. The model encourages a focus on performance, which helps to optimize sales strategies.

This means smart and efficient use of the sales and marketing budget, will give you quantifiable results for every dollar spent. Now do you believe in the magic of pay per lead? 🪄✨

4) Real-Time Adjustments:

Additionally, pay per lead sales generation allows for real-time adjustments to sales strategies. Since businesses pay per lead, they can quickly adapt their approach based on the campaign’s performance.

This agility allows us to refine your tactics quickly, adjusting to the evolving market dynamics.

Types Of pay per sale lead generation models

B2B pay per lead sales generation companies offer a faster way to get qualified sales leads than your competitors. 

There’s quite a few different pay-per-lead models; I’m here to break them down for you.

1 – Pay for performance

In this model, you will receive payment based on its job performance set through pay per lead strategy as decided. They aim to give you top-notch leads, but the catch here is you must be clear about your key performance indicators.

In addition, the pay for performance lead generation model is good for businesses with smaller budgets. Well that’s not only the case it can also be done on a project-by-project basis.

2 – Pay per qualified lead

However, I feel this model focuses on leads that have the most potential to get converted. At ViB, you need not worry we will thoroughly vet your leads before delivering them to ensure they meet your specific criteria.

Additionally this model engages the big decision-makers and offers the highest chance of turning your leads into customers.

3 – Pay per appointment

What do you think when you read pay per appointment? This term defines itself. In simple language Pay-per-appointment involves paying only for leads who have shown interest in your offering and have requested an appointment. This model reduces client risk as appointment-setting campaigns typically target more qualified leads.

Another feature of this model is that it effectively generates SQLs and leads to a high conversion rate.

ViB specializes in promoting tech marketers’ campaigns to our ViB Community through our Appointments solution.

ViB Appointments enable marketers to connect with high-tech buyers who are genuinely interested in their product, and request a meeting with them.

The best part is that you only have to pay for successful meetings held.

So why not take the next step and try ViB Appointments today?

What about other pay per lead generation models?

There are other pay per lead options, like for downloads, attendees and impressions.

These are considered more top-of-funnel tactics, and you can tell the difference between those and pay per lead sales generation models we just covered. 

Basically, the ones below focus more on marketing instead of on sales operations, and target awareness level leads.

1 – Pay per download

Pay per download is a pricing model designed for content syndication. Marketers only have to pay every time someone downloads their content. As such, this model results in measurable content exposure and audience engagement.

Through ViB Syndication, we can promote your high-value content to your ideal customer profile. You also receive regular contact information from your leads and can monitor the progress of your campaign.

2 – Pay per impression

Pay-per-impression charges are based on the number of views. It’s a top-of-funnel tactic for brand awareness at a low cost.

This is a great lead-generation model for improving website traffic and increasing brand awareness at a low cost.

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3 – Pay per attendee

In the pay-per-attendee model, marketers pay for each person attending their online event or webinar. As such, this model guarantees a minimum number of attendees within the target audience.

This makes it a very cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Thanks to ViB Webinars, you can now get a guaranteed number of attendees to your session.

Our team actively markets your webinar to our highly-targeted ViB community members until you have the desired number of registrants. We can also host the webinar on the event day under your name. 🤩

Advantages of pay per sale lead generation for sales teams

A pay per lead model offers several benefits for improving sales efficiency and effectiveness. Let me show you some of them:

  • Cost-efficiency: Pay per lead ensures cost-effectiveness by aligning expenditures directly with results. Businesses only pay for qualified leads, optimizing the marketing budget and avoiding expenses on leads that may not convert.
  • Targeted approach: Pay per lead allows businesses to focus on their target audience. By paying for leads that meet specific criteria, sales teams can direct their efforts toward prospects most likely to convert. This leads to more effective sales campaigns.
  • Quality over quantity: Pay per lead sales generation emphasizes lead quality over quantity. This encourages a more strategic approach to customer acquisition. Each lead has a higher potential for conversion, resulting in improved sales efficiency.
  • Performance-based metrics: With pay per lead sales generation, you can measure success based on actual lead generation and conversion rather than mere engagement metrics. This results in optimized sales strategies.

In short, adopting a pay per lead model in sales operations contributes to increased efficiency, better-targeted efforts, and a more strategic and measurable approach to customer acquisition.

Case studies of successful pay per sale lead generation strategies

Is the pay per sale lead generation model proven? Let’s show you how it works at ViB.

Organic interest is at the core of our approach. Rather than relying solely on outbound methods, we foster an environment within the ViB Community that naturally draws interest toward our clients’ offerings.

By creating an engaged and vibrant community of tech professionals who are actively looking for emerging technologies, we make it easy, agile, and fun to assess tech solutions for them.

Professionals within our community voluntarily opt-in to learn more about tech marketers’ products or services.

This self-driven interest ensures that the leads generated are not only organic but also more likely to result in purpose-driven interactions and conversions.

This organic interest is exactly what fuels a successful pay per lead sales generation model.

Case Study 1: $100K average size of created opportunities for Ermetic

Let’s take Ermetic for example. As a young startup with limited brand awareness and internal sales resources, they needed a solution that could help them secure their first few customers.

Tactics like cold calls, cold emails, and hiring outsourced SDRs weren’t as effective, because of Ermetic’s lower market share, and the need for a long nurturing journey.

That’s why ViB’s guaranteed pay per lead sales model allowed Ermetic to generate a consistent number of meetings.

Key results included:

  • 50% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate
  • $100,000 average opportunity size
  • 20% higher opportunity size than internal sales or lead generation vendors
Supporting hyper growth requires a truly comprehensive inside sales program. Business leaders are pulled in a million directions and their inboxes are being inundated with messages from vendors competing to their time. ViB enables us to cut through the noise and meet these folks closer to where they want to be"
Bruce Gibson
AVP of Inside sales, Ermetic

Case Study 2: 20% reduction in CPL for Automation Anywhere 

Automation Anywhere, a top player in robotic process automation, needed more quality leads to boost sales. The challenge was finding a solution that aligned with their big sales goals.

Traditional methods were too manual, slowing down the sales process. So, they turned to ViB’s appointment setting service.

Our approach ensures leads actively want to learn about Automation Anywhere’s solutions, providing valuable insights. The results were impressive – over 75% of leads were eager to set up meetings. Plus, over half of those turned into new sales opportunities. 

I told you right, the magic keeps happening if you have correct sales lead generation technique in place with pay per lead strategy.

Well we want to share, ViB brought efficiency and delivered better returns on investment than expected, especially regarding the cost per pipeline.

"ViB delivered what they promised. We were blown away by the quality of the leads, the quality of our meetings, and the high rate of conversions"
David Morrison
Director of Global Lead Generation

Discover a different kind of B2B pay-per-sale lead generation with ViB.

At ViB Tech, we’re all about your growth. Our pay-per-qualified lead model ensures you pay only for leads likely to convert, making the most of your investment.

Tap into a large targetable universe of the ViB Community, our vast network of decision-makers and tech professionals.  ViB’s demand generation services are here to boost your results and speed up your pipeline.

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