What Is Demand Generation Looking Like in 2024? 8 Strategies To Ditch, Keep or Start

February 6, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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Doesn’t it feel like, one moment, marketers are happily launching flawless email newsletters. Then suddenly it’s 2024 and nothing seems to be working anymore. And you’re left wondering, what is demand generation becoming in 2024? 

How do I even stay on top of it?

Or more specifically, what are the demand generation strategies that no longer work, still work, or are starting to emerge?

I reached out to a ton of marketing and thought leaders to answer the question. And here we have it. 8 demand generation strategies that you should either ditch, keep or start. 

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A quick primer: What is demand generation?

Demand generation is a marketing approach aimed at creating interest in your company’s offerings. The goal? To strategically build long-term customer relationships and awareness, unlike more direct sales tactics that are more bullish about lead capture. A demand generation strategy typically involves reaching new markets, promoting features, creating buzz, and re-engaging existing customers. It’s a long-term, education-focused strategy prioritizing “out of market” buyers to keep the company top of mind. So that when buyers are actually ready to buy, your company becomes a natural choice.

8 demand generation strategies to ditch, keep or start in 2024

With all that said, demand generation is changing in 2024. 

Yes, strategies change all the time, and the new year has been kicking us, hard. 

New 2024 spam updates and data privacy regulation are taking effect. Bounce rates are climbing, open rates are declining. Compliant data lists seem impossible to find.

So what is demand generation becoming today, and what are the strategies we need to know?

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1 - Keep: Continue developing your content strategy, but ramped up

Heading into 2024, marketers should continue to develop a content strategy as a key part of their demand-generation efforts. 

We’ve seen in the past few years that demand generation heavily depends on the content created to educate audiences and build brand awareness. Next year, this approach will remain critical, perhaps even more so, as Google increasingly prioritizes high-quality content. 

That’s why crafting a strong content strategy is essential. By planning your content creation and publishing in line with your target audience’s interests and behaviors, you increase the likelihood of generating quality leads and boosting sales.

A majority of B2B marketers already leverage content marketing to convey their message. Developing a clear plan for your content ensures that all materials produced are relevant and aligned with your goals. 

For an effective content strategy, it’s crucial to define several elements: your audience, your unique voice and style, the purpose of your content, the response you aim to elicit, the content you’ll create, the timing and platforms for publishing, and your promotion tactics.”

Contributed by:
Marketing Director, Softlist

2 - Ditch: Leave outdated mass marketing tactics behind

“In contrast to the importance of personalization, marketers should ditch traditional marketing tactics as a demand-generation strategy in 2024. 

This includes tactics such as mass email blasts, generic advertising, and cold calling. With the rise of digital marketing and social media, consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to these outdated methods. Instead, marketers should focus on building meaningful relationships with their target audience through personalized content and targeted campaigns. 

This not only helps to create a stronger brand image but also allows for more effective lead generation and higher conversion rates.”

Contributed by:

3 - Ditch: Limit the overreliance on outbound marketing

Using only outbound marketing strategies without combining inbound approaches is one method that marketers should abandon in 2024. Conventional interruptive tactics, such as mass emails or cold calling, may become less successful as consumers look for more genuine and personalized encounters. Alternatively, a more well-rounded strategy that prioritizes inbound methods like relationship- and content-building may produce better outcomes.

In 2024, voice search optimization could become even more of a focus for marketers. Content optimization for voice search queries is becoming increasingly important as speech-enabled devices become more common. By using long-tail keywords and customizing content to meet conversational questions, one might gain a competitive advantage in reaching consumers through voice search results.”

Contributed by:

4 - Start: Leverage AI-driven predictive analytics

As we step into 2024, one demand-generation strategy marketers should keep is leveraging data-driven personalization. In our experience, tailoring content and campaigns to specific audience segments significantly boosts engagement and conversion rates.

Marketers should forget about generic email blasts. With the increasing sophistication of spam filters and the rising demand for personalized content, these blasts are often less effective and can even harm brand reputation.

A strategy to start, which we’ve found immensely fruitful, is the integration of AI-driven predictive analytics. This approach involves analyzing consumer behavior to not only respond to current trends but also to expect future needs. This proactive stance positions a brand as a market leader and creates a more dynamic and responsive marketing strategy.”

Contributed by:

5 - Keep: Invest in different forms of personalized, interactive content

“Marketers should start focusing more on personalized and interactive content for demand generation. With the increasing importance of personalization in marketing, creating content that speaks directly to the individual needs and interests of your audience can significantly boost engagement and conversions.

Interactive content, like quizzes, polls, and interactive videos, can also increase user engagement and provide valuable insights into customer preferences. Marketers might consider ditching generic, one-size-fits-all content strategies that no longer resonate with today’s savvy consumers.”

Contributed by:
Einav Biri
CEO, Faruzo

6 - Ditch: Give up cold calling for personal outreach

“Marketers should ditch the traditional cold-calling approach.

In an era of personalized marketing, cold calling can often be seen as intrusive and ineffective. Instead, marketers should start leveraging artificial intelligence and automation tools to personalize their outreach efforts.

By analyzing customer data and behavior, businesses can deliver targeted messages and offers that resonate with their audience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, in a world where information overload is the norm, creating valuable and engaging content will continue to be a powerful way to attract and retain customers.

By providing helpful insights, solving problems, and showcasing expertise, businesses can build trust and credibility with their target audience.”” 

7 - Ditch: Replace aggressive emails with interactive content

“In 2024, marketers should start embracing more interactive content, like quizzes, polls, and infographics for demand generation. This approach engages users more effectively, providing deeper insights into customer preferences. 

For example, an interactive product recommendation quiz can significantly boost engagement and conversions. Meanwhile, consider ditching aggressive email marketing tactics, which can be off-putting in an era increasingly focused on privacy and user consent. Balancing interactive content with respectful communication strategies will lead to successful demand generation.”

8 - Keep: Create immersive experiences

“The one demand-generation strategy that marketers should undoubtedly keep is creating immersive experiences. From my journey as a sportswear business founder, I’ve observed how impactful these experiences are. 

For instance, when we launched an interactive campaign where users could virtually try on gear and take part in online fitness challenges, engagement soared. This approach boosted our sales and strengthened our community’s connection with our brand. 

It’s a vivid reminder that in an increasingly digital world, personalizing and enriching the customer experience is key. Marketers should continue leveraging technology to create these memorable, immersive moments that resonate deeply with consumers.”

Wrapping up: What is demand generation to you?

What do you think? Agree with all these incredible thought leaders? anything  resonated strongly with you?

If I had to sum it up, demand generation in 2024 is about leveraging the perfect timing. 

Timing in terms of capturing audience interest, and presenting them with exactly what they need, to move down your funnel. So, you’ll need to figure out your formula, which includes the right channels, the right content, all timed to address the right audience.

Concurrently, artificially stimulating audience interest, or “spraying and praying”, will be penalized more and more. Whether that’s by regulatory bodies, or the dwindling trust of your audience.

Keep your marketing genuine and value-focused, and you should be in a good spot.

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