Need Attendees? Here’s How Webinar Promotion Is Done

May 22, 2023

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One crucial factor that makes or break a successful webinar? Attendance

Businesses know that they can get the attention (and sometimes participation) of their customers, as well as the general public, through webinars. There are a number of webinar success stories that helped get businesses some much-needed brand awareness and website traffic and there are tons of platforms out there that you can use to create and host your own webinars.

During your webinar, you’ll advertise a discussion you plan to have on a topic(s) at a specific date and time, and invite people to that session so that people who are interested in the topic or brand can join the event. 

But, if you are looking to host your own webinar, you’ll need to know how to advertise your event and how to get webinar registration in order to have a successful webinar. The first thing that can be helpful in finding inspiration for how to advertise your webinar is to ensure that you have a solid caption for a webinar post.

One extremely effective step to increase webinar attendance is to make sure that you are advertising your webinar to the right audience. This can be tricky at times because you may not have access to a large enough or diverse enough audience to market to. 

This is where ViB’s service can come in handy. ViB knows exactly how to get more registrations for webinar events and helps you to market your event to maximize webinar attendance.

There’s an easy way to get guaranteed (and targeted) leads to your webinars, on repeat.

Webinar promotion services

Promoting a webinar can be a time-consuming and daunting task, which is where webinar promotion services come in.

Webinar promotion services can help businesses reach a wider audience and increase attendance by promoting the webinar through various channels, including email marketing, social media, and paid advertising. These services can also help businesses create effective landing pages and registration forms to capture leads and gather valuable data about their audience.

One of the key benefits of using webinar promotion services is their ability to target specific audiences. For example, a B2B marketer targeting C-suite executives in the cybersecurity industry can use a webinar promotion service to reach out to relevant professionals in that field to register and attend the event. Working with a partner in this way can boost attendance rates.

Webinar promotion services can also help businesses track the success of their webinar and gather insights about their audience. By analyzing data such as registration numbers, attendance, and engagement, businesses can learn what works and what doesn’t and use this information to improve their future webinars.

In addition to promoting the webinar, webinar promotion services can also help businesses with the logistics of hosting the webinar, including setting up the platform, handling technical issues, and providing support to attendees.

Overall, webinar promotion services are a valuable resource for B2B marketers looking to generate leads and engage with their audience through webinars. By taking care of the promotion and logistics, these services allow businesses to focus on delivering valuable content and building relationships with potential customers.

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Webinar promotion examples

The popularity of more customer-centric or customer-inclusive business models is continuing to rise as customers continue to become more and more involved in brand communities. Additionally, the rise of social media influencers and the communities surrounding them has dramatically shifted the way that many businesses conduct their business. 

With this increased inclusion of customers and communities, comes an increased desire for many businesses to host more interactive virtual events — such as webinars. 

Now, no matter what industry your business is in, a webinar needs the proper promotion to be successful. This usually entails a webinar announcement sample as well as a webinar invitation message to  invite the public to your virtual event. 

The announcements for your webinar can come in many different forms, from emails, blog posts, or even as a webinar announcement social media sample. 

The invitations can also be similar. You could create a webinar invitation poster with the date, time, topic, and other relevant information about the event on it, send out an email invitation to your customers, make a social media post about it, or even base yours off of one of the many webinar invitation email examples you could find online. 

If you are looking for inspiration on how to send invitations to your webinar you could do a web search for webinar invitation subject line examples to get a good idea of what to include in your invitations. 

Another extremely easy and effective way of promoting your webinar is to use ViB’s platform. When you use ViB, all you need to do is share your target audience criteria and an invitation to your webinar and they’ll send it out to their community of millions of professionals who can then decide if they want to attend your webinar. This helps you to reach a much wider audience than you may be able to if you’re simply relying on your customers to attend and share with others.

Get amazing end-to-end webinars with targeted registrant guarantees, done for you

“ViB is able to provide a service that goes both ways: they help us connect to their audience, and they help their audience by connecting them to solutions ViB thinks they should know about.”
– Parker Pearson
VP Marketing & Business Development, Donoma Software

Webinar listing sites

As webinars become more popular, more and more online workshop or conference listing sites and websites to find events are becoming available (either free or paid) for businesses to list their webinars. Some of these listing sites will upload your webinar links for free, while others require you to be on the platform before listing your webinar’s link. 

The free versions of platforms to promote webinars are often less effective than paid versions because paid versions will oftentimes have a better way of targeting your preferred audience. 

For example, with ViB’s platform, you share the targeting criteria for your desired audience as well as your webinar link, and then ViB sends that invitation out to their curated community of millions of technology professionals. 

Additionally, ViB will help you to understand how to host online webinar events that are more than just boring slideshow presentations. ViB helps you to create virtual networking forums that focus on two-way dialogue and active participation rather than a slideshow.

Webinar promotion on social media

Since social media is so prevalent in many people’s lives today, it is important for businesses to know how to use it to their advantage. So many people spend hours scrolling through their social media feeds each day and businesses can use this as an opportunity to promote their events — like webinars or other virtual events — to their communities and even gain some new interested parties as well. 

Webinar promotion on social media is quite different from how you would promote a webinar on your blog. 

On social media, you’ll want to have a clear and concise webinar announcement social media caption. People are scrolling through their feeds, if they see a large block of text, chances are they’ll keep scrolling. So, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got clear and interesting imagery and talk about the most important points of your webinar. 

For example, ViB can help you create a more engaging and participation-focused webinar with live commenting and two-way dialogue that could be an amazing way to pitch your webinar as a collaborative experience on social media. 

Another important thing to do when using social media to promote your webinar is to create an after webinar social media post that highlights some of the questions, comments, and conversations that came up. This can build intrigue and make people who missed this webinar want to attend the next one!

How to promote a webinar

Just like any other type of event, there are plenty of different ways that you can use to promote your webinar. These different promotion strategies range from direct messaging methods — like email and social media direct messages — to large-scale methods — like blog posts and pop-up advertisements. 

Finding out the best way to promote your webinar can seem challenging when there are all of these options available, but the great thing about promotion is that you can do multiple methods at the same time. 

Of course, before you start promoting your webinar you want to make sure that you have all of the webinar content ideas for the virtual event figured out. Not only is this going to make sure that you are actually prepared for the event but it can also help you to better understand how to promote your event on different platforms. 

It is also important to realize that there is a difference in how to promote a webinar on social media versus how to promote a webinar on something like a blog post. While initially, these may seem similar, social media tends to require a lot more thought and careful planning and designing to effectively serve as a promotion.

This is because if someone is already reading your blog, chances are they are already someone who would like to attend your event without much convincing. 

On the other hand, someone on social media may just be scrolling through their feed and have your webinar advertisement pop up. This is why you want to ensure that it is eye-catching and interesting-looking — so the person stops scrolling and wants to attend your event.

In order to help you promote your event, there are many different webinar promotion sites or platforms that offer marketing services, such as ViB, that can help you get your webinar advertisement to a larger audience of people who would want to attend it. This can help your business grow and gain more popularity in other spheres as well.

Webinar social media posts examples

Today, it is essential to know, as a business, how to use social media to advertise the events and news going on in your business — for example how to promote a webinar on LinkedIn. One way that you can do this is by creating a webinar announcement social media caption to advertise the virtual event your business will be hosting. 

Think about how you can post webinar social media post samples or a creative social media announcement example that highlights the topic, date, and time of your next webinar on your business’s social media page to get your community excited and interested. 

When advertising events or news on social media, make sure you are using creative social media posts examples to hold the interest of your audience.

And once your webinar is over you can create an after webinar social media post that addresses some of the highlights, best questions, or even comments that happened during your webinar so that people who were not able to attend can see what they missed out on. 

This also helps to show the people who follow your business that you care about them and you want them to feel like they are part of your community.

Webinar promotion video

Video marketing platforms can be incredibly helpful for helping businesses to better market their events — such as webinars — because many people today prefer watching videos as opposed to reading long, informational blog posts or advertisements. Because of this, it can be a good idea to try using short videos. You can make short videos on sites like:

  • Tik Tok 
  • Youtube Shorts 
  • Instagram Reels 
  • Snapchat 

While traditionally these are B2C tactics, B2B marketers may benefit from using traditionally consumer-centric tactics. Using these types of short videos can also help your webinar (and your brand in general) to appeal to a younger audience as well. 

You can also use these video advertisements as a sales video creation method as well as even create a webinar teaser template that you can use to market a future webinar. 

Using a partner like ViB can help you not only get your content and webinar advertisement out to a wider audience but also help you transform a basic webinar into a lively and interactive experience that people will want to be a part of (and want to come back to).

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