The Impact of ABM Quantitative Research on ROI

June 21, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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When it comes to getting highly-targeted accounts for your marketing campaign, traditional B2B marketing approaches just don’t cut it.

Why’s that?

Traditional B2B marketing casts a wide net. This means you spend money on irrelevant prospects who aren’t likely to convert.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), on the other hand, focuses laser-like on a select group of high-value accountsThis targeted approach helps tailor your messaging to create deeper relationships, boost ROI, and drive superior results 🦸. 

Let’s explore how using ABM quantitative research can boost your B2B marketing game, leading to better ROI with maximum effectiveness.


The power of data: quantitative research in ABM

Since account-based marketing thrives on precise targeting, this is where quantitative research shines. By gathering measurable data through surveys and polls, you gain a deep understanding of your target accounts.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits of quantitative research 🫰 :

  • Solid foundation: Quantitative research provides the numbers and statistics that underpin your ABM decisions. This means you don’t have to fly blind anymore. You’ll have solid evidence to support which accounts to target and why.
  • Identifying ideal customers: Surveys and polls can pinpoint the firmographics (company size, industry) and technographics (software used) of your ideal customer profiles. This allows you to focus resources on the accounts with the most potential for success.


  • Understanding needs & pain points: Quantitative data can show you the key challenges and frustrations faced by your target accounts. This insight helps you to craft messaging that directly addresses their pain points, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

What are the ways to carry out ABM quantitative research?

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Customer data is the key that can unlock the secrets of your ideal customer account. By using special research methods, you can crack the code and fine-tune your ABM strategy.

Let’s look at some of the methods that can help create data-based ABM campaigns that will get you results 🥳:

   1. Survey tools

Quantitative research often relies on structured surveys to gather hard data. You can conduct these surveys in various ways. However, online surveys offer a winning combination of benefits for B2B marketing research.

Some popular survey tools are SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Typeform. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces to build and share surveys, allowing you to gather data directly from your target accounts.

   2. Analytics & business intelligence platforms

Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) platforms transform raw data into actionable insights. They collect information from various sources, analyze it, and present it in clear dashboards. 

This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, boost customer experiences, and ultimately drive growth. Some features of ABIs include data storage, easy-to-build dashboards, advanced analytics, and even AI-powered predictions.

Some great examples of ABI platforms are Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and SAP. If you have existing customer data, these platforms help you identify patterns relevant to your ABM strategy.

   3. Market research services

For a deeper dive and access to a wider audience, I suggest partnering with a professional market research service. This way, you can benefit from targeted surveys specifically designed for your ABM audience.

They also have larger sample sizes, which helps you reach a broader respondent pool within your target accounts. Plus, they offer expert data analysis that gives actionable insights tailored to your ABM goals.

ViB Research is a leading market research service that offers you all these benefits and more in an affordable way. We leverage our millions-strong community of B2B tech professionals to conduct targeted surveys for your ABM needs.


You can check out our real-world example to see how successful ViB Research is 👇:

Illumio boosts market leadership with ViB Research


Illumio’s Marketing Programs Manager, Mandy Skroupa, sought to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Traditional research wasn’t ideal, as results were unpredictable.

By using ViB’s research solution, Illumio conducted targeted surveys among IT security professionals. The resulting “Security Risks 2021” report got high downloads and media mentions, positioning Illumio as a thought leader

ViB’s collaborative approach and on-time delivery ensured a successful campaign, driving significant ROI.

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Refining your ABM strategies based on quantitative research

Quantitative research equips you with valuable data, but transforming it into actionable insights takes the right approach. 

Let me show you some key tips to optimize your ABM strategies based on your research findings:

  • Focus on quality, not quantity: Don’t overload your surveys. Prioritize questions that directly address your ABM goals and target audience.
  • Use the right tools: Make use of online survey platforms for ease of distribution and data collection.
  • Offer rewards for participation: These can be access to gated content like ebooks or webinars to encourage completion.
  • Data cleaning and validation: Make sure all your data is correct before analysis. This prevents misleading conclusions.
  • Segment your data: It’s a good idea to analyze response categories within your target accounts (e.g., job title, department). This can help you get deeper insights.
  • Use data visualization: Present findings in charts and graphs to easily identify trends and patterns.
  • Make improvements: Regularly revisit your data and adapt your strategies based on new findings and market changes.
  • Track KPIs: Make sure you monitor important metrics like engagement rates and conversion rates. This can help find out how effective your ABM efforts are.
  • Close the feedback loop: As you make changes, you should gather more data to assess how your audience responds. This creates a continuous cycle of improvement.

These tips can transform your ABM strategies from a static plan to a data-driven approach that gets you results.

Power up your marketing strategies with ABM quantitative research

Ready to transform your ABM strategies from guesswork to guaranteed success?

ViB Research is the key. Our affordable research solution gives you targeted insights to create laser-focused campaigns that resonate with your ideal accounts.

We offer a unique and affordable solution compared to traditional research methods.

Want to learn more about how our research process works? Download our ViB Research datasheet, or chat with a team member today!

Get started with ViB Research!


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