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January 26, 2024

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B2B email marketing services can be that crucial lifeline when we marketers are grasping for extra budget or another pair of hands. Yes, we simply can’t do it all. And outsourcing to various types of email services is a big part of our work marketers.

But with so many types of B2B email marketing services to choose from, what’s really needed for each specific use case or goal? 

For example, do you want to use email services to generate new but targeted contacts? And further keep them neatly segmented in your CRM?

Or, maybe you need more email optimization support, to improve deliverability and reduce bounces? Maybe you might also need creative services to enhance engagement?

That’s what this blog is for. We’re going to talk about four key categories of email marketing services, to help you master lead generation, nurture clients, and grow your business.

Quick refresher on B2B email marketing

It is crazy to think that the first email was sent more than half a century ago

And even though we’ve since gotten more “modern” channels like social media and video marketing, emails continue to remain the most powerful mode of B2B communication.

Basically, email marketing works whether you are marketing to other businesses or your consumers — aka B2B vs B2C. Yup, email is universal. 

A person typically spends approximately 28% of their workday reading or answering emails.

Graph of Importance of marketing channels - B2B Marketing Trends Report ViB

This makes it quite clear why every company, and the marketers behind it, is eager to grab hold of your email address. 

In fact, 83% of B2B marketers perceive email marketing to be the most important channel in their strategy, putting email right at the top of the list.

Benefits of email marketing

Successfully reaching a prospect’s inbox opens gateways to numerous possibilities. Email is a private, intimate mode of communication and allows you to:

  • Create relationships and establish an authentic connection
  • Cultivate trust faster and establish a reputation for innovation and expertise
  • Generate demand and create an optimized strategy to market offerings.

What are some of the best B2B email marketing services?

But I hear you. If you haven’t quite figured out what the most effective email marketing services are for different types of goals, let me help.

So, to help make things clear, I’ve have listed the four major types of B2B email marketing services. These can revamp your approach to prospect engagement and conversion.

Let’s look at them below. 👇

1. Lead generation and list expansion services

You can determine how successful a B2B marketing campaign is by finding out how much demand it generates. 

Acquiring quality leads is not just a fancy element of your analytics. Lead generation is about targeting the right prospect at the right time. The zero moment of truth. With the perfect message that seems to be designed exclusively for them.

How lead generation services help

  • Expanded reach and targeting: These services empower businesses to spread out their reach and target audiences that are actively looking for your service and have the most likelihood of buying from you. By filtering leads based on industry, job title, company size, or geographical location, marketers can acquire contacts that closely match their ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Improved conversion: these services allow marketers to access a pool of high-quality leads, leading to better conversion. As I mentioned, these prospects will be genuinely interested in these offerings and are more likely to purchase from you, resulting in better sales outcomes.
  • List expansion and activation: Expanding your contact list becomes a breeze with this service. Each email campaign helps activate new contacts in key accounts or unexplored areas, tackling challenges in meeting demand generation goals and accessing vital contact details within key accounts.

See the 10 B2B data providers we trust

  • Increased volume of qualified leads: With demand generation services, you can get an influx of fresh, qualified leads. This leads to a more efficient sales pipeline with a steady stream of leads for conversion and nurturing.
  • Enhancing campaign results: Have goals to enhance brand recognition, drive event registrations, acquire content asset downloads, or target specific departments? These methods amplify the impact of any offer, campaign, or content. They offer the most benefit for campaigns struggling to achieve expected results.
  • Brand control: B2B email marketing services maintain total control over brand messaging by delivering results directly to your email and landing pages. This keeps your brand integrity safe. In contrast, traditional third-party services often compromise brand consistency by using their own templates and pages, resulting in delays in lead acquisition.

List expansion with ViB Emails

Take ViB Emails for example, a email marketing demand generation service. The service helps to amplify an email message, whether you need to:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Acquire new mailing list contacts
  • Drive event registrations
  • Secure content asset downloads,
  • Target specific departments within accounts and reach ABM targets.

What makes our leads more qualified than others, is that we tap into a network called the ViB Community.

Essentially, this community is full of tech professionals, who’ve voluntarily joined the community exactly to hear updates from tech providers! Aka you. 

Afterwards, by working with marketers like you, ViB disseminates your emails to thousands of precisely targeted recipients. 

Because these emails link directly to your landing page, it ensures direct visibility into the results as leads and engagements funnel through.

This leads to impressive precision targeting, rapid lead generation, and amplified campaign performance.

Discover everything you need to know about ViB Emails, including how it works, the challenges it solves, and its success stories, through our comprehensive video walkthrough.

2. Email deliverability and optimization services

Email deliverability, optimization, testing, and analysis are vital for every successful  B2B email marketing campaign. 

They ensure your message reaches the intended prospect’s inbox, so that you can then drive engagement and conversions.

Email deliverability

So let’s break these concepts down.

Email deliverability refers to an email’s ability to successfully reach the intended recipient’s inbox without being filtered into spam or junk folders. This reliability builds trust, establishing your credibility as a sender who consistently delivers valuable information. 

Subsequently, your campaigns show improved results as more people open and interact with your emails due to better delivery rates. Moreover, good deliverability prevents emails from being marked as spam, ensuring uninterrupted communication channels. 

By consistently reaching your audience, your campaigns become more effective, generating better outcomes. Additionally, regular and dependable emails foster stronger connections with your audience, nurturing trust and loyalty over time.

How Vib Email Service Works

Email deliverability is a major concern, especially when buying lead lists that might have “dirty” contacts. 

That’s why, unlike conventional lead rental services, ViB Emails executes each email campaign for you. This way, we address any issues with deliverability and domain reputation.

Optimization tools and email testing

Optimizing emails for maximum impact is another key aspect of B2B marketing. 

Here, we like tools like Litmus provide an all-inclusive platform for email testing and optimization. Litmus enables marketers to test emails across various devices, email clients, and browsers. These all ensure consistent rendering and functionality. 

Subsequently, improving conversion rates and overall performance leads to a better return on investment.

3. Messaging and creative email services

The average person gets an average of 121 emails every day! So, it makes sense that crafting eye-catching and attention-grabbing emails is super important for the success of your B2B email marketing campaign.

Messaging and creative email services can help marketers by making your emails look and sound amazing! This is a big help for small marketing teams that need expert help but have a tight budget.

Benefits of creative email marketing services

  • Professional brand representation: These services ensure that even smaller companies present themselves professionally through well-designed, visually appealing emails, creating a positive brand image.
  • Enhanced engagement: Engaging email copy and visually appealing designs increase reader interest, resulting in higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement.
  • Access to expertise: Small companies gain access to experienced professionals who specialize in crafting effective email copy and designs, leveraging their expertise for optimal results.
  • Improved conversion rates: Compelling and well-crafted emails can potentially increase conversion rates, driving more leads or sales for the business.
  • Scalability: As the company grows, these services can adapt to the evolving needs of marketers, supporting scalability without compromising quality or branding.

An example of creative email services is InboxArmy, which offers specialized messaging and creative email services. They focus on crafting captivating email content and visually appealing designs. 

They work hand-in-hand with businesses, understanding their brand essence and values, target audience, and campaign objectives. The final result is customized B2B email campaigns that yield maximum impact.

4. CRM and segmentation services

Undeniably, your customers all look, think, and act differently. At the same time, many of your customers may have overlapping interests even if they live on the other side of the globe and may be dealing with different pain points.

This is where CRM and customer segmentation come into play.

In particular, for B2B businesses, customer segmentation is even more essential. It allows for a more in-depth understanding of buyers, their challenges, and, ultimately, their buying journey.

How CRM and segmentation services help

  • Data organization and segmentation: With services, marketers can segment their B2B contacts based on industry, company size, geographical location, and past interactions. This helps tailor cold email campaigns to specific target groups, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Integrate email marketing tools:  You can integrate your CRM with email marketing tools or software, allowing seamless communication between the two systems. This integration helps marketers to track email interactions, automate follow-ups, and maintain consistent messaging across all communication channels.
  • Personalization and customization: Marketers can use the rich data stored in their CRM to personalize cold emails. This allows them to incorporate personalized details like the recipient’s name, company name, or previous interactions to make emails more relevant and engaging.
  • Automated workflows and follow-ups: Marketers can use CRM services to set up automated workflows to trigger follow-up emails based on their B2B contacts’ actions or inaction. It also empowers them to create sequences of emails tailored to specific stages of the buyer’s journey to nurture leads effectively.
  • Compliance and management: CRM systems assist marketers in managing opt-outs and unsubscribes, ensuring compliance with email marketing regulations like GDPR or CAN-SPAM. This maintains a clean and engaged contact list while respecting recipients’ preferences.
Thumbnail of B2B Ideal Customer Profile Template ViB
Simplify your targeting strategy with the one-page B2B ideal customer profile template, designed to help you define your best audience and communicate your targeting needs.

Examples of email marketing services that handle this job are Hubspot and Zoho CRM – which are tools you likely already have in your marketing tech stack!

With these tools, you can categorize leads based on their lifecycle stages. For instance, leads in the initial stage receive educational content to create awareness. And those in the decision-making stage receive case studies or product demos tailored to their needs. 

As a result, this targeted approach streamlines the conversion process and accelerates sales cycles.

How ViB Emails can help you with B2B demand generation

If you had to take away one thing, remember to start with high quality data. And that’s where we can help!

ViB specializes in delivering only the most qualified leads through our community-based approach.

By leveraging your existing email, we resend it to our community of tech professionals that aligns with your ideal customer profile (ICP). That results in an instant spike in awareness and increased CTA engagements. Typically, clients observe approximately 30 CTA engagements per email.

How it works

  • Technology professionals voluntarily join the ViB Community, opting to receive relevant emails from martech solution providers.
  • ViB collaborates with marketers to generate results and leads through email campaigns.
  • Marketers provide targeting specifications and existing HTML content to be sent to thousands of targeted recipients matching their ideal customer profile.
  • Results such as downloads or registrations come directly through your linked email and landing page.

There’s an easy way to get guaranteed (and targeted) leads to your webinars, on repeat.

Benefits of ViB

  • High lead quality & precise targeting within our community.
  • Effective mailing list expansion by activating engaged contacts.
  • Versatile use cases, enhancing campaign impact for better results.
  • Full control over brand messaging & immediate result delivery.
  • Swift and easy deployment within a week, ensuring agility for urgent goals.

There’s a better alternative to buying lead lists and tedious list cleaning. Try ViB Emails’ unique community-based approach to lead generation — and reach up to 75,000 contacts with a low-cost trial.

Get in touch with us to discover more about ViB Emails, our potent B2B email marketing service, and how you can use it to power up your marketing strategy.

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