What is the Pay Per Lead Process for Marketers? Steps and Tips To Get Started

February 16, 2024

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Are you looking for ways to get more guaranteed and predictable lead generation results? You may have heard of the pay per lead process and model to get you there.

There are billions of businesses out there looking to grab customer’s attention similarly. While you have amped up your marketing efforts, getting leads with a limited budget can be challenging.

That’s where pay-per-lead programs  a wallet-friendly way to gather leads — come in.

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Pay per lead programs come in many different types and can be kinda overwhelming sometimes. That’s why, in this article, I’ve broken down the pay per lead process for you. In addition, I’ve also added strategies to optimize your pay per lead campaigns.

Let’s take a look at what the pay per lead generation process is.

Overview of the pay per lead process

ViB B2B demand generation solutions - pay per lead process

The pay per lead model is a performance-based marketing approach focusing on getting leads. And not just any leads — but qualified leads with the most chance of converting into sales.

As such, this method matches marketing expenses with real, cost-efficient results.

Key steps of the process:

Together with a lead generation vendor, you’ll:

  1. Determine a lead volume
  2. Define the lead qualification criteria 
  3. Set a pre-determined price per lead (CPL)
  4. Have the vendor execute the lead generation campaign
  5. Vet and approve the leads
  6. Receive the final set of leads after meeting all contractual requirements

The best part is that the pay per lead model prioritizes quality over quantity. This helps businesses to target leads that can be easily turned into customers. Don’t you think it’s a stress reliever for all marketing and sales teams?

But here’s the catch. Vendors seldom provide this model because it’s expensive to absorb the “risk” in lead generation. 

Or, if vendors do offer a pay per lead model, there might be very minimal guarantees around quality and approval. So how can we overcome some of these issues?

What's ViB's B2B pay per lead generation process for marketers?

At ViB, we do things differently than traditional demand generation companies. We aim to connect marketers with already warm prospects, from the ViB Community, who are actively seeking their offering. This means our leads are already nurtured, reducing the sales cycle.

Picture this: leads willingly share their info or take it a step further by asking for detailed information about the product or service.

Our ViB Community is what powers our ability to offer a pay per lead model, that still guarantees qualified leads. 

Let me break down ViB’s specific B2B pay per lead process for marketers:

1 - Identify your ideal customer profile and goals

ViB collaborates with you to match our demand-generation solutions with your business goals. We do this by locating your specific ideal customer profile segments within our community. 

These clear-cut targeting requirements then become the qualification criteria that the campaign must address.

At the same time, we also set a lead goal, which we’ll contractually match or exceed. 

2 - Run the campaign with the ViB Community

Next, we launch your campaign, through a range of demand generation solutions in our ecosystem. 

For example, to promote a piece of content, we’ll take your asset and leverage our Syndication solution to generate qualified and guaranteed downloads. 

Why we say ‘we do what we do best’ is because ViB has a millions-strong community of tech professionals actively exploring cutting-edge technologies. 

These tech professionals willingly provide their details, express their interests, and opt-in to connect with solution providers like yourself.

And so, we simply take your offering to our Community, to kickstart the lead generation process.

3 - Facilitate the perfect matches

Our demand generation solutions connect you with technology professionals in our community. This win-win approach enables us to discover highly targeted leads looking for technology solutions like yours.

This means the leads are self-qualifed. They’re already warm and have a high chance of converting. 

However, after leads opt in, ViB further vets and approves if they are legitimate profiles with the right targeting fit and interest. Only then, we’ll do the handoff to you, and contractually count only the qualified leads generated.

And that’s really it! Each campaign runs until the lead goal is met, with qualified leads, at a fixed price.


How long does the pay per lead generation process take?

You can expect anywhere between a few weeks to a few months to get leads through a traditional pay-per-lead process.

Unlike fixed-term arrangements, our pay per lead process is ongoing and dynamic. It goes on until the marketer receives the guaranteed leads. This means that pay per lead generation companies focus on delivering results rather than sticking to a fixed timeframe.

The duration can vary widely depending on various factors, including the industry, the complexity of the product or service, the target audience, and the effectiveness of your pay per lead generation efforts. 

Let me show you some general considerations for how long the process takes:

Industry type: Certain industries may have longer or shorter sales cycles. For example, B2B sales cycles are longer than B2C (business-to-consumer) ones.

Product/service complexity: The lead nurturing process may take longer in some cases. For example, if you’re selling a complex offering that requires significant consideration from potential customers.

Target audience: Understanding your target audience is vital. If your offering addresses a pressing need for your audience, the conversion process may be quicker.

Lead generation channels: The channels you use for pay per lead generation can impact the time it takes to get leads. For instance, inbound marketing strategies may take time to build momentum. Outbound methods like cold calling may give you quicker results. 

Follow-up and nurturing: Regular follow-up with leads is very important too. If you have a well-structured lead nurturing process in place, it can help quickly convert leads into paying customers.

Quality of leads: The quality of leads matters. High-quality, well-qualified leads genuinely interested in your product or service are more likely to convert faster than low-quality leads.

This is the standard time duration, but as you know we do things differently! Let’s check how ViB favors you and your campaign priorities effectively.

How long does pay per lead generation take with ViB?

Because our approach focuses on organic interest, the process depends on how quickly ViB Community members respond to your offering.

However, here are a few things we help with to ensure campaigns run smoothly:

  • Speedy set up: Unlike traditional hourly or retainer-based approaches, ViB’s model requires no in-house training. Because we help to match your solution to members, we’ve a quicker setup phase, often taking just a few days.
  • Consultative support: Our team works with you to frame your solution or offering accurately and enticingly, to attract the right community members
  • Precise customization: Your campaign is only seen by members who fit your targeting requirements. So, members always see what they need, and there’s a higher chance they’ll convert!
  • Accelerated promotion: Through targeted emails, we help to promote your campaign actively, until we meet your lead guarantee.

2 tips to running smooth pay per lead generation campaigns with vendors

Here comes the main crux of the whole process. Starting a successful pay per lead B2B campaign requires a collaborative partnership with vendors. I can help you explore the key steps that streamline the process and maximize your ROI.

1 – Know your audience

To run a successful pay per lead campaign, you need to really know your audience.
So, let’s take the time to understand your target audience by looking at their age, preferences, behaviors, and demographics.

This helps you create a detailed Ideal Customer Profile, giving you a clear picture of their needs and challenges. 

With this insight, you can fine-tune your outreach strategies and make them more relatable to your audience segments. 

Craft tailored messages that resonate with each group’s unique needs and interests. This approach leads to personalized communication. It improves engagement and builds stronger connections by addressing individual needs and preferences.

2 - Monitor lead quality

You should make sure your leads meet the standards you have set. This is where a strong lead validation process comes in, especially if your vendor doesn’t have a robust one in place.

Regularly going through the leads helps you catch any issues early on. Setting up a feedback loop with your vendor is equally important. This ensures open communication and a speedy resolution of any concerns that pop up.

By being proactive, you keep your lead pool in top shape and build a strong relationship with your vendor.

This way, you can make adjustments swiftly and optimize your campaign’s performance for better results.

Optimizing the pay per lead process for maximum ROI

Discovering effective strategies to fine-tune the pay per lead journey can improve chances of success. It also ensures every resource invested results in profit for your campaign.

Let’s look at how you can optimize the pay per lead process for maximum returns:

Clear objectives and KPIs: Set up clear campaign objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). This ensures you and your vendor have the same goals, making it easier to measure success.

Continuous communication: Maintain open and regular communication with your vendor. Provide feedback, share insights, and discuss any necessary adjustments to the campaign strategy. 

Real-time analytics: Set up real-time analytics tools to track the performance of your pay per lead campaign. This ensures quick identification of successful tactics and areas requiring optimization, enabling agile decision-making.

Budget allocation: It is a good idea to allocate your budget based on the performance of different channels and segments. Keep a check on this to ensure you are directing the resources to the most effective avenues.

By implementing these strategies, businesses can enhance the effectiveness of their pay per lead campaigns.

The numbers don’t lie!

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Want more details around the pay per lead process?

If you have unique goals or more questions, we can definitely help

Explore the tailored solutions and expertise offered by ViB. Maximize your ROI and discover the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Join us as we optimize the pay per lead process for you, paving the way for a higher ROI, pipeline growth, and sustainable campaign success. 🤝

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