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June 26, 2024

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Are you looking for a quick and effective solution to maximize the growth of your startup? 👋

Outsourced sales for startups can be the perfect solution to kick-start marketing for your new technology venture and get the sales you need!

Startups face a ton of challenges from the get-go, especially when it comes to sales. Did you know that 72% of sales reps don’t expect to meet their annual quota?  😲

If you work with the right demand-generation company to outsource your sales, your startup will never face that problem!

What are outsourced sales, and why are they important for startups?

What does outsourced sales entail, precisely? Think of it as handing over your sales reins to a specialized team outside your company. These professionals handle everything from prospecting to closing deals. For tech startups, it’s like having an elite sales squad without the overhead. 🧑‍💻

What are the benefits of outsourced sales for startups?

If you’re the founder or an employee of a startup, you’ve worn more hats than you can count 🎩. But handling literally everything in-house can be more than a little overwhelming. By trying to do everything yourself, things can get harder than they need to be.

Nobody knows exactly how to handle your startup’s core operations. However, sales are a whole different deal. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of relying on an outsourced sales for startups partner that’ll paint a clear picture of why you should go for it.

  • Lowering your expenses and headcount: You can skip the hefty cost of hiring, onboarding, and training a whole new team. An outsourced sales development partner lets you tap into a ready-made pool of experts.  💰
  • Seasoned experts at your startup: With an outsourced sales partner for your startup, you’re getting seasoned experts who know the B2B tech industry inside-out. Thanks to them, you’ll get all the leads that are ready to convert!  🎯
  • Flexibility as you need it: One of the best things about partnering with experts is that you can scale up and down easily. When you want to adjust your B2B sales efforts to match your ongoing growth stage, they’ll streamline the changes without fuss!  📈
  • Faster and better results: With experts at the helm, you’re getting qualified leads much sooner for your company. They’ll set sales meetings with the right audience faster, while an in-house team might still struggle to find them.  😲 
  • Focus on what matters: Since your internal team’s great at developing your products and services, you get more time to prioritize that. Instead of struggling to understand B2B sales, your team can run the business while your sales partners handle lead generation for you.

As such, the right demand-generation partner can supercharge your business through their expertise in not only outsourced sales for startups but also on a bigger and broader scale with demand-gen tactics that can fill your pipeline.

How to find the right outsourced sales partner to supercharge your startup sales strategy?

While outsourced sales for startups can boost your business, working with the wrong company can easily become your worst nightmare. From budget overruns to conflicts and project delays, you can avoid all that by finding the right partner.💰

Here’s why I’ve put together some of the things you should consider before putting pen on paper with an outsourced sales partner:

  1. Experience in the industry: Considering how specialized your industry is, you’ll need experts. As a B2B tech marketer, you’ll need a well-versed partner who understands your niche to boost your startup’s sales.🔎
  2. Reliable track record: Never take a company’s word for it. If they’re saying they’re good at it, let them prove it to you. The right partner will have a ton of case studies and success stories that show they can deliver on their promises.✔️
  3. The ability to provide great leads: When you’re a startup, getting leads already prepared to convert will be the key to success.  For this, you need a partner for outsourced sales for startups already working with industry leaders and decision-makers. 💪 
  4. Scalability: As a startup, your B2B sales needs will change quickly as your company grows. You’ll need an outsourced sales partner that can offer contracts with the flexibility you need to scale up or down as needed. 📈
  5. Affordability: When your company is new, you need to be cost-effective. With an outsourced sales partner like ViB Tech, you get lower CPL rates than those of standard providers. Thanks to their community-based approach, ViB helps you target the right audience at a fraction of the cost. 📊 

The types of outsourced sales services you can get for your startup with the right partner.

Now, let’s talk about services. 🛠️ Not all outsourced sales are created equal. Here are some of the services that you can expect:

  • Full-cycle sales outsourcing: These partners handle everything from lead generation to closing deals. It’s an all-in-one package. 🎁
  • Cold calling: Focuses on reaching out to potential customers through direct phone calls, helping to identify and engage leads. ☎️
  • Email campaigns: Creates and manages targeted email outreach to engage prospects and nurture them through the sales funnel 📧
  • Appointment setting: They set up meetings with qualified prospects. It’s like having a personal assistant for your sales team. 📅

Each service can be tailored to fit your startup’s needs. It’s flexible and fits like a glove! 🧤

Best ways to integrate your partnership for outsourced sales for startups

Finding the perfect outsourced sales development partner is just the first step. For the best results, you’ll need to learn how to get the best out of your partnership. Here are a few tips I’ve listed to help you out:

  • Communication: Right off the bat, make sure you have clear and open lines of communication with your sales partner. 📞
  • Clear goals: Since you know what your startup needs, set measurable goals for your outsourced partner to meet. KPIs like conversion rates, number of appointments set, and lead quality can help things run smoothly.  🌱
  • CRM integration: Ensure their systems sync with your CRM to keep everyone aligned and data centralized. 🔄
  • Performance tracking: Define clear KPIs and regularly monitor progress to ensure your goals are met. 📊

What are ViB’s demand generation services?

At ViB Tech, we’re in pole position to help tech startups get the success they need with demand-generation services perfectly aligned with their needs. 🏆 At ViB, we specialize in community-powered B2B demand generation that complements your sales efforts in unique ways:

  • Appointment setting: We connect you with high-quality leads and set up meetings to drive your sales pipeline forward. 🤝
  • Email outreach: We’ll send your email to thousands of targeted, high-tech prospects in the ViB community for an instant amplification of your message, offer, or event.
  • Content syndication: Amplify your content’s reach and generate leads through our extensive distribution network. 📰

Each solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing sales strategies, providing targeted support where you need it most. 🚀

Examples of startups that experienced massive growth with outsourced sales through ViB

Here’s a look at a company that’s enjoying far more success with our help.

zLinq’s Rapid Success with ViB Appointments

zLinq, a telecom and technology lifecycle management company, had no marketing function until Stew Maurer, VP of Marketing, joined in February 2023. With ambitious goals to 10x their annual recurring revenue, zLinq needed to shift from a 100% outbound sales motion to a robust inbound strategy. 🚀

Challenges faced:

  • No prior marketing strategy or resources.
  • Needed rapid results to win over a seasoned sales team.
  • Goals to significantly reduce a lengthy 150-day sales cycle.

Key Achievements:

  • Closed-won deal within 2 weeks of launching ViB Appointments. 🏆
  • 75% reduction in the sales cycle, from 150 days to 38 days. ⏳
  • Achieved a 400% ROI on pipeline generated. 💰
  • 5 closed-won deals from ViB Appointments to date. 📈

“ViB Appointments is amazing. It’s like the perfect inbound marketing easy button. Our average sales motion before ViB was 150 days, and we got our first closed-won deal within two weeks!”Stew Maurer, VP of Marketing, zLinq

💡Want the full scoop? Download the full case study!

Ready to supercharge your company with outsourced sales for startups with ready-to-convert leads?

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Get guaranteed meetings with qualified leads through ViB Appointments and perhaps a combination of our solutions as a full-funnel solution.

Unlike traditional methods, our community of potential buyers reaches out to you, eager to learn about your solution.

With our targeted messaging, we attract real interest from the right audience.

To enjoy rates way lower than standard providers, with the benefit of only paying for successful meetings, chat with our team members today!

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