How to Increase Sales Pipeline in B2B Tech

June 20, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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As B2B marketers, we can agree that getting qualified leads and figuring out how to increase sales pipeline are some of the hardest tasks you have to do. It’s not as though we don’t try hard enough or don’t have the skills.

It’s just that funneling leads into the sales pipeline is a very exhausting and overwhelming process!

After all, we know you have to deal with a whole number of challenges like:

  • Unpredictable buying cycles and changes in market conditions that lead to lost sales
  • Unable to gain access to key decision-makers
  • Not being able to get in front of the eyes of enough buyers
  • Limited staffing and a lack of resources, timing, and expertise
  • Inaccurate target audience and outdated data

Of course, we know that these issues can be tough to tackle. That’s why, I’ll show you some effective strategies that can help you learn how to improve your sales pipeline.

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The latest trends in the B2B sales space

It wasn’t that long ago when B2B marketers used to make endless cold calls, hoping they would make a connection. Fortunately, the days of this frustrating (and often futile 🥹) exercise are past.

The B2B sales trends we are highlighting today will be mainly focused on the high-tech sector.

So, let’s take a look at them:

   1. Account-based marketing

Instead of bombarding messages everywhere, ABM lets you target high-value accounts with personalized messages. You can reach them through multiple channels like email, events, webinars, and social media. It also lets you keep track of their response through marketing tools.

This ensures you only spend time on the accounts that are most likely to become your clients.

   2. Tech-powered prospecting

Sales teams are now using AI-powered tools to find your ideal customer and source qualified leads. They can even improve your data to target these leads perfectly!

This means you waste less time and spend more time closing deals with just the right clients 🤝 

One popular option is HubSpot’s AI tool called ChatSpot. It can help you with tasks like:

  • Identifying ideal customer profiles based on your existing customer base
  • Researching potential leads and providing insights into their needs
  • Generating personalized outreach messages


   3. Mobile-first experience

B2B buyers are mobile first! 7 out of 10 B2B buyers use their phones to research products. Companies that make their content mobile-friendly see over 40% of their revenue come from phone users.

The bottom line? If your website isn’t easy to use on a phone, you’re missing out on tons of potential customers. 

   4. The “Nearbound” methodology

Focus on your existing happy customers! The “Nearbound” approach is all about building stronger relationships with them and finding new ways to help them succeed.

Imagine you sell software to a company. Maybe they’re only using one feature, but you have others that could be a perfect fit. With this methodology, you can discuss these new features with your existing clients and create new revenue streams without having to find entirely new customers. 

It’s a win-win 🥂!


   5. AI for account intelligence

Data overload is used to cripple sales efforts. Now, AI can help you access insights hidden within huge datasets. Thanks to this, companies using AI for account intelligence see 10-20% higher sales ROI.

B2B marketers are now using AI tools to analyze customer and market data. This helps them uncover patterns and target the right clients that can make the most impact on sales.

What are some effective strategies to generate leads in sales B2B

We B2B marketers know how hard it is to fill the sales pipeline on repeat with qualified leads

The good news is that we have three effective strategies that can help you generate more B2B sales opportunities.

So let’s look at them:

   1. Appointment setting

A great strategy to get more leads and reach your monthly quotas faster is through B2B appointment setting services

It helps you find potential customers who are a good fit for your product. You can schedule meetings with them for your sales team so that your team can focus on closing deals.

This not only saves time but also means you’ll have a steady flow of qualified leads. This makes it much easier to reach your sales goals each month.

“ViB delivered what they promised. We were blown away by the quality of the leads, the quality of our meetings, and the high rate of conversions.”

   2. Content syndication

Content syndication is a great way to help you make the most of your existing content. It allows you to repurpose and repost your original content like ebooks, reports, and guides on other websites. This exposes your work to a whole new audience, boosts brand awareness, and attracts new clients interested in your offers.

It’s an effective way to get your content seen by more people and become a thought leader, without having to create entirely new content.


   3. Outsourced email marketing

Email marketing allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to potential clients. These messages can introduce your company, share your brand story, and even offer special deals.

When email marketing is done right, it keeps your sales funnel overflowing with fresh leads.

Our very own ViB Emails solution allows you to reach millions of IT professionals outside your existing contacts list. But the real advantage is the quality. ViB Emails only connect you with verified decision-makers actively looking for new technology solutions.

You can deploy your campaign in just days and at an affordable price, thanks to their community-based approach.

Want to find out how we increased the sales pipeline for a company?

Check out a great example below:

Case study: DataCore supercharges pipeline with targeted appointments

DataCore Software needed qualified leads to meet their sales goals. They sought a partner to identify the right buyers and schedule meetings with decision-makers.

ViN used its network of IT professionals to target DataCore’s ideal customer profile, focusing on specific industries, job titles, and current needs.

Within months, ViB generated over $1.2 million in qualified leads for DataCore. This helped DataCore reach its sales pipeline, opportunity creation, and revenue targets. 


How to generate leads in sales B2B: Best practices for filling your sales pipeline

The face of B2B sales is changing as we know it! Nowadays, it’s all about focusing on what the buyer wants and using technology to make the process easier and smoother. 

Let me show you what the best practices in lead generation are and how you can use them to increase your sales pipeline:

   1. Adopt omnichannel marketing

The sales journey is not linear anymore. B2B buyers now use tons of channels, including phone, email, web search, podcasts, apps, chats, and more to research. Companies with an omnichannel presence and selling across multiple channels win bigger!

That’s why I suggest you syndicate your content (ebooks, research reports, etc.) across multiple platforms so buyers can find you wherever they search.

   2. Use effective data management

About 65% of B2B marketers say poor data management hinders their online sales. Inaccurate and incomplete product data prevents customers from finding and buying products online.

B2B product marketers can now use advanced data management tools to organize their product data. This makes it easier for customers to find and buy what they need online, without needing help from a salesperson. 

This means more sales for B2B marketers and happy, self-sufficient customers!

   3. Leverage personalization

Blasting generic messages is no longer effective. Today’s buyers expect a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

B2B marketers can provide personalization by offering dynamic content through gated assets, creating targeted email campaigns, and one-on-one outreach.

   4. Share conversion-focused content

Great content is king 👑! 

Focus on creating original content that helps potential customers solve their problems. This could be guides, research reports, or success stories of how others used your product successfully. This valuable information builds trust and shows them you’re the solution they need.

Doing primary market research like surveys and focus groups is a great way to create high-quality content that directly addresses your customers’ needs!

   5. Partner with a B2B demand generation agency

I highly recommend partnering with a reputable demand generation agency that specializes in B2B tech lead generation.

They’ll keep you updated on the latest strategies so you’re always ahead of the curve. They help you access targeted lead pools in niche sectors and free up your internal resources to focus on closing deals.

The best part is that the best ones, like ViB, offer a much more affordable rate than other similar services.

Want to find B2B sales leads and generate repeat sales meetings?

ViB Appointments can help!

Our B2B appointment service helps cut down the number of calls you have to make so that you have more time to close real deals.

Here’s how:

Flow chart of how appointment setting services work
  1. List your offering: Showcase your solution on our trusted tech platform.
  2. Target the right audience: Define your ideal customer and expose them to your offering.
  3. Warm leads request demos: Interested buyers reach out for demos or chats – no cold outreach needed!
  4. Pay only for results: You only pay when you meet with qualified leads who fit your profile.

This means you get a minimum number of guaranteed demo-ready leads at a fraction of the cost of other appointment agencies!

Want to know more about ViB Appointments?

Chat with our sales team today, see the specs, and start a ViB Appointments trial!

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