How to Choose the Right Content Syndication Agency for Your B2B Tech Needs

May 6, 2024

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to level up your B2B tech game with some content syndication. That’s a smart decision!

Content syndication is a game changer for companies trying to promote content. 

If you’ve ever read an article about let’s say…  tech that looks written by, chances are that it was syndicated by a brand or content creator to reach the 126 million readers who visit their website each month! 

Content syndication is all about boosting your content’s visibility far beyond its initial posting. 

But with all the options out there, finding the perfect content syndication agency can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

The fact is choosing the right content syndication agency is crucial for maximizing your B2B tech marketing efforts. ☑️

So, let’s dive into this guide on picking the perfect content syndication agency. This way, you can take your B2B marketing to new heights. 

What is B2B content syndication?

Think of content syndication as strategically placing your best work across various high-traffic spots to maximize exposure and engagement. It’s like cloning your top-performing content to work double—or even triple—duty. 🔊

Essentially, you’re using other platforms to enhance the reach of your content. While at it, you’re also making sure it connects with a wider, yet targeted, audience. 🗣️

This approach is key for B2B marketers looking to make a significant mark in the tech industry.

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What does a content syndication agency do?

So, what’s the role of a content syndication agency? These agencies are like your behind-the-scenes champions. 

Content syndication agencies have the expertise, the tools, and the connections to propel your content beyond its usual limits. 🚀

These companies carefully craft strategies to place your content in front of the ideal audience across various platforms. This means selecting the right channels that align with your target market’s preferences and behaviors. 🔎

The experts also manage the distribution, track the performance, and optimize the reach based on real-time data. 

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It’s like having a dedicated team with just one focus: making sure your content travels far and lands well. By doing this, they maximize every opportunity to engage potential customers. 📈

In short, a content syndication agency makes sure your voice is heard loud and clear in the crowded industry. 📢

What services are offered by a B2B content syndication agency?

Ever wondered what content syndication companies offer besides just pushing out your content? These are some of the content syndication services they offer.🗣️

  • Content Distribution: First off, they offer content distribution, which means they get your articles, white papers, and blogs out on sites where your ideal customers spend their time. 🌍
  • Content Creation: Then, they also offer customized content creation to ensure what goes out really resonates with the audience.
  • Content Syndication Lead Generation: And we can’t forget about lead generation. They’re not just about views; they aim to turn those views into leads. 
  • Content Syndication Analytics: These companies also offer analytics-level insights. They don’t just send your content out into the wild and forget about it; they track everything. How’s it performing? Who’s engaging with it? This info is gold—it helps tweak strategies to be even more effective. 📊
  • Content Syndication Library: Finally, these companies provide press release syndication services. They can turn a single research report into different types of content such as press releases, infographics, eBooks, email, and more. 

So, you’re not just spreading content; you’re spreading the right content. 

This mix of services ensures your content isn’t just seen—it’s seen by the right people and makes a real impact.✔️

What are the questions to ask a content syndication agency when picking one?

Choosing the right content syndication agency can feel like a big step. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of questions to ask to make sure you’re teaming up with the best. 🤝

What’s your experience working with companies in the B2B industry?

First things first, ask, “What’s your track record?” It’s crucial to know how long they’ve been in the game and the kind of clients they’ve wowed before. You want someone who’s not just familiar but fluent in navigating the B2B tech landscape. 👨‍💻

Can you share insights on how B2B companies can create successful campaigns?

Dive into their strategies by asking, “How do you create campaigns for clients in a way that helps them achieve their goals? Each piece of content should hit the mark, tailored to specific audiences and goals. You need to know whether the experts can help you deal with challenges that are unique to your business and industry.💡

How do you measure success?

Understanding their approach to delivering returns on investment is key. Ask, “What metrics do you track?” You’ll want detailed insights on engagement and lead generation to gauge the campaign’s impact. 

What about customization?

Lastly, don’t forget to inquire, “How customizable are your services?” Whether it’s tweaking content to better fit different platforms or creating something unique, flexibility can be a game-changer.

Armed with these questions, you’ll be ready to pick a partner who not only shares your goals but can also help you smash them! 

How ViB Tech Helped Google amp their Lead Generation Game with B2B Content Syndication

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Yup, that’s right. ViB Tech worked with Siemplify (now acquired by Google), and it was facing a challenge! They needed to amplify the reach of their cloud services among B2B tech audiences. 🙌

Why? 🤔 Because their content wasn’t getting pushed beyond their own website.

The goal should be to reach the right people. These are the decision-makers and influencers who control budgets and have the power to champion your solutions. That’s where content syndication excels.

What was ViB Tech’s strategy to help Google?

So, what did ViB Tech do? We rolled up our sleeves and crafted a tailored syndication campaign that wasn’t just a shotgun blast of content but a laser-focused effort to hit the right targets. 🎯

Using our expertise to pick the perfect platforms, we made sure Google’s content was landing right in front of its target audience beyond Google.

What was the impact of our approach?

And wow, did it work! Out of the 15 different content syndication campaigns with different companies Google used, ours worked the best!

Screenshot 2024-05-06 094949

The best content syndication tools and services for B2B marketers

For the VP of Demand Generation at Google, Mike Hardwicke Brown, our work justified the cost of his team’s marketing efforts.

Here’s what Mike had to say about working with us :

“We use four content syndication providers per quarter. We always recycle at least one to two [underperforming] vendors. But in two years together, we haven’t experienced any audience exhaustion with ViB, and we haven’t rejected a single lead in more than a year.”
Read the complete case study.

Wrapping It Up!

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So, we’ve toured the world of content syndication together! Remember, the right agency can catapult your B2B tech content from hidden gem to center stage. 🌟 It’s all about reaching those key decision-makers and making your message stick.

Navigating content syndication can be daunting, but ViB Tech is here to help. We specialize in B2B content syndication, tailoring it to your audience and goals.

By syndicating within the ViB Tech community, we ensure your content reaches interested clients. With detailed tracking and reporting, we offer insights for your syndication success.

Let ViB Tech amplify your message for accelerated B2B growth. Choose ViB Tech to amplify your voice loud and clear.

Ready to boost your reach? Let’s make it happen! Connect with us to get a quote today.🚀

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