How Does Pay Per Lead Work? [6-step PPL Model Explained]

February 15, 2024

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Have you noticed that there are more and more lead generation pricing models popping up online?  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to figure out which model is the best fit for their needs. However, a highly successful model for acquiring leads these days is the B2B pay per lead model.

The great thing about this model is that it allows businesses to pay only for qualified leads generated through a specific action, such as filling out a contact form or registering for a webinar.

Unlike pay per click models that charge for every click, regardless of whether it results in a lead or sale, pay per lead programs enable businesses to build an active and qualified customer base cost-effectively.

So, if you’re looking to acquire high-quality leads,  then the B2B pay per lead model might be worth exploring!

Let’s dive deeper into the B2B pay per lead model and how it works, and at ViB. 

The basics of B2B pay per lead marketing

B2B pay per lead marketing is a model in which businesses pay a predetermined or fixed price for every lead acquired. This is different from conventional lead generation agencies which require retainers or a percentage of ad spend.

The beauty of pay per lead programs is that you are charged solely for the actual data received – your qualified leads.

Leads can be acquired through any predefined actions including filling out a contact form, downloading an ebook, or registering for a webinar. The payment is tied to the generation of a qualified lead.

Did you know that companies often pay for these leads only if they meet certain qualifications? 

This is pretty common with the B2B appointment setting services for example. 👇

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Key differences from other marketing pricing models

Based on what we mentioned before, the pay per lead B2B model specifically focuses on lead generation and you only pay for qualified leads that you actually receive.

This gives you a more relevant and predictable ROI than other pricing models.

For example, pay per click models pay for pay for each click on their ad. This is regardless of whether it results in a lead or a sale. 

As such, pay per lead programs are particularly suited for marketers who want to create an active and qualified customer base cost-effectively.

It’s a great option for businesses looking to acquire high-quality leads without breaking the bank 🏦

To summarize, these are the key differences of the B2B pay per lead model:

  • This model is a cost-effective way to acquire high-quality leads.
  • It guarantees success through community segmentation, organic interest generation, and fostering an environment that naturally draws interest toward the clients’ offerings.
  • Businesses only pay for qualified leads they receive, making this model more predictable and relevant than other pricing models.
  • This model is particularly suited for marketers who want to create an active and qualified customer base without breaking the bank.

The ViB B2B pay per lead model explained

As a B2B marketer, you’re probably wondering whether lead generation is worth the cost. Here’s something to ponder:🤔 

Approximately 85% of B2B marketers believe lead generation is the secret sauce to their business success.

So, how can you get leads that are targeted and qualified and give you the best ROI?

ViB helps tech marketers acquire the highest quality leads through our one-of-a-kind demand generation solutions.

Let me break down how pay per lead works at ViB:

So how does pay per lead model work with ViB?

1 – We understand your ICP

Before starting to work on your pay per lead generation campaign, we will work closely with you to understand your ICP.

We’ll identify the specific traits and characteristics of your target audience to tailor your marketing campaign effectively.

2 – We define requirements around your pay per lead campaign:

Upon kick-off, we’ll agree on a couple of things:

  1. Minimum of leads ViB will deliver
  2. Qualification criteria, so only leads that meet the criteria will be conisdered in your contract
  3. Cost per lead, which will determine your final campaign cost

3 – We leverage our ViB Community:

Our community is where we promote your offerings, and generate your leads. This ViB Community consists of millions of tech professionals who are actively seeking emerging technologies.

We segment the community’s high-tech members based on firmographic and behavioral data.

This highly targeted approach allows us to promote your offerings to a highly relevant audience -one that is already warmed up to receive them.

4 – Community members opt-in

Via the ViB Community’s self-service portal, members can opt-in to learn more about tech solutions through a demo, or view content like guides and webinars. That’s how we market your high-tech solution. A win-win!

5 – Double vetting process for validity:

To ensure the quality of leads meet your pay-per-lead criteria, we implement a double vetting process. This first involves only inviting your ideal customer profile segments in our community to view your solution and content.

After they opt-in, ViB further verifies that all the targeting information is accurate, and your leads are truly qualified.

Through this collaborative approach, we match you with highly targeted tech professionals who are self-qualified with a relevant need.

6 – We meet your lead guarantee

Finally, we do the handoff. We deliver your specified volume and quality of leads, and our predetermined cost. No surprises or hidden fees!

How the ViB Community supports our pay per lead model​

ViB offers a unique B2B pay per lead approach that goes beyond traditional methods. We ensure our clients not just get meaningful leads but also engagement and connections that drive real results.

Let me show you how we guarantee success for our pay per lead campaigns 🏆:

Reason 1: Segmentation of our Community

One key element that guarantees the success of our pay per lead campaigns is the segmentation of our ViB Community. We know that not all leads are created equal.

By categorizing our community members based on firmographic and behavioral patterns, we ensure that each marketer is connected with a highly targeted and relevant audience.


Reason 2: Generating organic interest

Organic interest is at the core of our approach. Rather than relying solely on outbound methods, we foster an environment within the ViB Community that naturally draws interest toward our clients’ offerings.

This interest is also what we call zero and first-party data. I.e. data that is actively shared by professionals within the ViB Community. Since the data is obtained directly from prospects, it is highly accurate.

This ensures that marketers are not just receiving leads but are content with the precision and relevance of the targeting.

Professionals within our community voluntarily opt-in to learn more about tech marketers’ products or services.

This self-driven interest ensures that the leads generated are not only organic but also more likely to result in purpose-driven interactions and conversions.

Reason 3: Keeping our solutions affordable

It’s through our ViB Community that we can provide an affordable pay per lead pricing model, that also fetches qualified leads.

Here’s why:

By creating an engaged and vibrant community of tech professionals who are actively looking for emerging technologies, we make it easy, agile, and fun to assess tech solutions for them. 

That also makes it easy for us to source for your leads. 

At the same time, the opt-in model is operationally lean, helping us transfer those cost-savings to you!

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