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June 24, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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Whether you are a startup or run an established business, you want to see your business grow.This means you have to look for new ways to generate more leads.

If so, you need a steady pipeline of qualified prospects. So, you have two options: 

  • You can do this in-house. But for this, you will need a big team, which can be quite expensive and time-consuming.

The good news is that you will find no shortage of lead-generation companies in the market. The bad news is that not every company may give you high-quality leads.

To help you with this complicated decision-making process, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top B2B sales lead generation companies that can help you get the sales you need:

Top B2B sales lead generation companies that drive sales

Generating high-quality leads is not just a goal, but a necessity for sustainable growth and success of a business. Lead generation companies can help you identify, attract, and nurture potential customers.

So, which are the best B2B sales lead generation companies that can help you drive sales and improve the bottom line? 


homepage of ViB - B2B demand generation partner


ViB is a leading demand generation company that is committed to client growth. Our unique pay-per-lead model makes sure you only invest in leads that have the most chance of converting.

We do this through our network of millions of tech professionals and decision-makers. We’ll help you find the right leads, schedule meetings with them, host webinars, share your content with a wider audience, and create email campaigns.

We focus on quality over quantity, which means we give a guarantee of minimum leads. Plus, we have a great record of helping successful tech giants, including Google, which means we can help you skyrocket too 🚀! 




Cognism is a UK-based sales intelligence company with a huge privacy-compliant B2B contact database across the globe. It allows you to search for companies and people in Europe, North America, and Asia with ease.

Cognism is a great service to help you find verified business contacts and get in-depth research on companies. They go beyond basic info and offer insights into a client’s technology and decision-makers.

Plus, Cognism keeps you informed about potential clients and their buying habits.




RocketReach is a sales intelligence company that helps IT businesses and startups build the right outreach campaign.

Their global database offers verified email addresses and phone numbers, so you can contact the right people within your target companies. The service lets you refine searches by industry, title, location, and company size.

You can integrate RocketReach with your CRM and track email performance to improve outreach. Plus, it offers flexible pricing to fit your needs.


Lead Pronto

Screenshot of pronto les of pay per lead generation companies

Lead Pronto is a lead generation company that delivers sales-ready leads while also expanding your audience reach. The company serves over 13 different industries and has a network of 65,000 clients.

The company prides itself on speed and creative solutions, even in “stale” markets. Plus, it can help jumpstart your campaign with 150+ digital assets at your disposal.

They also offer flexible payment options with both pay-per-lead and retainer models.




Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead generation agency that targets B2B leads through strategic social media advertising and LinkedIn marketing. The company offers website design, and compelling copywriting, and helps convert leads into sales.

Their core service includes building targeted LinkedIn contact lists and crafting effective cold outreach sequences. 

Cleverly can also help you find great new hires. They’ll build lists of qualified candidates and write job descriptions that are proven to attract the best people through A/B testing.

It also provides a dashboard with key metrics for data-driven decision-making.

Keep in mind that different lead generation companies cater to different needs. If your focus is on qualified leads (and it should be!), you should consider all options before deciding which one works best for you 👍

Here is how you can do that:

Questions to ask when choosing the best B2B sales lead generation companies

We know that not all lead generation companies give you what you want. Some may not be relevant to your industry, others may offer B2C services where you want B2B — and yet others may give unqualified leads.

If you want the most value, you should assess your lead generation partner based on the following questions 👇:

  1. Who are your ideal customers, and does the company specialize in reaching them?
  2. Do you want highly qualified leads with a lower volume, or a larger pool of prospects with a low chance of conversion?
  3. Does the company offer lead generation methods that align with your target audience and industry?
  4. Does the company have a pre-qualified database of potential leads?
  5. Does it offer marketing automation tools and CRM integration?
  6. Does it offer reliable contacts and lead data?
  7. Does the company offer some level of lead qualification, or solely provide contact information?
  8. How does the company generate its leads, and what data does it collect?
  9. Does it have a record of success stories, case studies, and industry reports?
  10. Do you send the same leads to other clients at the same time?
  11. Do you offer a minimum number of lead guarantees?
  12. Do you have ownership of the leads, and can you use them as you want?
  13. How much does the service cost and is the pricing flexible?

The best companies will welcome any questions you have. So, make sure you carefully consider the answer to these questions before shaking hands with your lead-gen partner. 

Remember, only the right B2B sales lead generation company can help you get the results to propel your business forward.

ViB ticks all the boxes!

Here’s an example of a successful case study by our lead generation company

⚡ViB generates $1 million pipeline for DataCore in months


DataCore, a software company, faced a critical challenge: finding qualified buyers for their solution and generating sales-ready opportunities. 

Their ideal prospect? 

Decision-makers actively consider similar solutions, and with a buying window within the next 12 months.

ViB used DataCore’s specific criteria to target IT professionals in the right industries with the right needs. ViB did all the calling and initial qualification, saving DataCore time and effort. 

The results were impressive. In just a few months, ViB generated over $1 million in potential sales opportunities for DataCore, putting them on track to meet their overall growth goals.


Getting started with ViB Tech!

As marketers, we want qualified leads that convert into customers. Working with a reputable B2B sales lead generation company can give you that and so much more.

ViB’s proven approach can help you find and connect with the right decision-makers, saving you time and resources while generating qualified leads that are most likely to convert into sales 💲.

So, don’t wait any more!

Talk to our team members who can help you find out the best ways to gain warm and nurtured leads.

Start with a ViB Trial!

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