Exploring Effective Strategies to Find Sales Leads for B2B Tech Companies

June 26, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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According to recent stats, 49% of B2B marketers say their biggest priority is finding out new ways on how to find sales leads and continuously generate a steady influx of  MQLs in 2024. 

Consistent B2B lead generation fuels sales growth. No qualified leads mean no sales opportunities, and ultimately, no revenue. 

A steady flow of new prospects also ensures a healthy pipeline, even when customers leave.

That’s why sales and marketing budgets prioritize finding new leads.

Challenges B2B marketers face in keeping their sales pipeline full

Keeping your B2B tech sales pipeline overflowing with qualified leads is easier said than done. Around 41% of B2B marketers say figuring our how to find sales leads is their biggest challenge this year, because of:

  • Volatile buying cycles: Market fluctuations and lengthy B2B tech buying cycles can wreak havoc on our forecast.
  • Data dilemmas: We struggle to find valuable leads and lack timely insights to move them through the funnel.
  • Resource Constraints: Many of us marketers don’t have the bandwidth to create enough high-quality content or staff to nurture leads effectively.

Let me show you some methods that can get rid of this issue and help you gain high-quality leads 🔽:

Analyzing the best methods to find sales leads for B2B tech sectors.

As B2B marketers, we want to get leads really fast. That means we have to prioritize working on the most effective sales lead generation methods out there.

Let me dissect the top approaches for you and show you what makes them such effective lead-generation tools: 

   1. Content syndication

Content syndication can help you repurpose your existing content to give you the most value. With this approach, you can repost whitepapers, reports, eBooks, and other conversion-oriented content on relevant platforms.

This can help you expand your reach, build brand awareness, and attract fresh leads — all from a single content piece.

With ViB Syndication, you can amplify your content through our millions-strong community of tech professionals.


   2. Account-based marketing (ABM)

This laser-focused approach targets high-value accounts that perfectly align with your ideal customer profile. ABM offers you highly personalized outreach and messaging that packs the most punch.

The main USP of ABM is tailored campaigns with a higher chance of closing deals with key accounts.

   3. Appointment Setting

B2B appointment-setting solutions can connect you with ready-to-buy prospects, which accelerates sales and boosts quotas.

You can achieve this while partnering with a demand generation service that focuses on finding highly qualified leads who are looking for your solution. 

With ViB Appointments, you can target clear segments according to job titles, revenue, and even ABM lists. Your prospects will decide themselves whether they want to meet with you. This is highly likely since we target only those professionals who need your solutions.

The best part is you only pay for successful meetings held 💃!

“ViB delivered what they promised. We were blown away by the quality of the leads, the quality of our meetings, and the high rate of conversions.”

How to Use Lead Generation Tools to Attract Qualified B2B Sales Leads?

Finding qualified leads is as much science as it is an art. Methods like content syndication and social media outreach are important, but how do you make the most of them to gain qualified leads?

Let me show you some effective strategies that we use:

   1. Utilizing buyer intent data

Imagine someone searching online for a problem your product or service solves. Buyer intent data tracks this online behavior.

This data then helps you find prospects and accounts actively looking for solutions like yours, making them hot leads.

For example, Abnormal Security, a fast-growing cybersecurity company, needed high-volume, qualified leads. Traditional methods simply weren’t delivering.

ViB helped them solve this problem by identifying people who expressed the buyer’s intent. ViB identified tech professionals actively looking for solutions like Abnormal Security, resulting in high-quality leads ready to buy.

The results were dramatic: Abnormal secured all initial meeting goals and dramatically increased lead volume. With ViB, Abnormal Security found a scalable solution to fuel its impressive growth.


   2. Use outsourced email marketing to amplify messages

Email marketing for lead generation allows you to reach out to a vast pool of leads through intelligent emails. It helps you introduce your company and tell your brand story so you can drive top-of-funnel engagement or even make a specific offer to your prospects.

With ViB Emails, you can get your messages out to the right clients outside of your known database and in front of real IT and tech decision-makers 🙌!

We do this by leveraging our millions-strong community of tech professionals who opt-in to receive news and updates on the tech products and services that you offer!

   3. Use primary market research to create fresh content

Perform primary market research like surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gain a deep insight into your clients.

ViB Research helps you build custom surveys by sending them to a B2B professional community. This gives you valuable and real sales intel.

You can use this data to create content that converts. This includes gated content like original guides, whitepapers, case studies, and more which position your product as the solution.

For example, a cybersecurity company used ViB to create a state of industry report and a new content library. The result: $5 million in content-driven sales 🪙! 

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   4. Host interactive experiences to get warm leads

Engage your prospects with interactive experiences like webinars, demos, or focus groups. This helps them see if your product fits their needs, moving them down the sales funnel.

Also, monitor post-event actions (polls, emails, calls) to gauge interest and identify leads ready for your sales team.

For example, ViB Webinars uses a focus group approach for deeper engagement and valuable feedback.

   5. Use SEO to get organic leads

You mustn’t miss out on organic leads. SEO helps your content rank higher in search results, showcasing your expertise. 

Target keywords that your ideal customers look for and create value-adding content around those topics. Over time, you’ll attract qualified leads who need your help!

   6. Nurture your warm leads through sales calls

Don’t let warm leads go cold! Make targeted calls to those who’ve engaged with you, downloaded gated content, or attended events. 

The right technology helps manage this process, keeping reps informed and saving time.

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on unqualified leads?

You can get a steady stream of ready-to-buy prospects with ViB Appointments!


ViB connects you with a community of pre-qualified professionals who want to invest in tech solutions. This helps maximize your outreach and shortens your sales cycle.

This means your leads are more likely to turn into sales and you get the most ROI 💰!

Ready to find sales leads and fill your pipeline?

Chat with our team members today!

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