How To Get Started With Content Syndication for Qualified Leads

April 11, 2024

ViB Editorial Team


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The content marketing landscape is so saturated that creating content that stands out is becoming more challenging than ever. But that is just the first step. Getting your content in front of the right people — the eyes of potential B2B clients ready to do business — and using content syndication to obtain qualified leads is another story!

In this blog, you will learn the basics to craft a well-rounded content syndication for qualified lead generation plan.

What is content syndication?

Here’s the thing: it won’t matter how terrific your content is if it’s buried within your company website and no one can see it.

For B2B marketers, this can mean a whole lot of wasted budget and resources, and a ton of disappointment.

Content syndication for lead generation is a powerful strategy that can transform your B2B marketing efforts. The tactic involves repurposing your existing content and strategically sharing it on other websites or platforms.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You create great content like blog posts, infographics, or whitepapers.
  2. Instead of just keeping it on your own website, you find third-party websites or platforms where your target audience hangs out.
  3. You then partner with these content syndication platforms to get your content published there. This can be done for free or through paid syndication services.
  4. You get leads that download your content. The best demand generation solutions like ViB offer a minimum number of qualified leads!
Graph of benefits of b2b content syndication

Content syndication qualified lead generation examples

Here are some real-world examples of content syndication lead generation in action:

  • Industry news websites: Getting featured in a leading tech publication can amplify content reach, boost your credibility, and attract high-quality leads interested in relevant topics and solutions. This positions you as a thought leader.
  • Social media groups: Sharing your blog post on industry-specific social media groups allows you to spark discussions. This can attract potential leads. However, it can be difficult to get noticed on such platforms.
  • Paid content syndication platforms: If you are wondering how to get content syndication qualified leads, though, your best bet is a paid B2B content syndication. These platforms offer guaranteed, highly-targeted qualified leads that have the most chances of conversion.

Understanding the types and levels of qualified leads

Generating leads is like sifting for gold – you need to find the shiny nuggets, not just a pile of pebbles! 🪙

Surveys show that 50% of marketers see lead generation as their top priority. No surprise there. But the problem is that many marketers focus on just getting any leads they can, like a game of quantity over quality.

The issue? Just getting leads isn’t the win – it’s about converting them into customers.

Picture sales drowning in a flood of low-quality leads lost in a sea of wasted time and frustration. Amidst the chaos, they might overlook the rare gems hidden within the clutter.

To prevent things from spiraling out of control, let’s delve into strategy. It’s crucial to grasp the driving forces behind our lead generation engine (the sources) and the diverse spectrum of leads available.

How do we distinguish between them? And why does this differentiation hold such significance?

Let me explain further:

graphs of types of leads in b2b marketing and lead generation - cold targeted warm sales ready leads

Leads vs. qualified leads (cold vs. targeted)

We know that not all leads are made equal. Here’s the difference between a qualified and unqualified lead: 🎯

Anyone who downloads your ebook or whitepaper is a lead. They might be interested in what you do, but you don’t know for sure yet. They’re cold.

Qualified leads, on the other hand, are those who fit your basic target requirements. They have more potential to later develop interest in your product or service. 

At this point, they might ask specific questions, mention a current problem your solution addresses, or even exchange contact information for a follow-up conversation.

These are the people you want to focus on because they’re more likely to become paying clients.


Marketing qualified leads vs. sales qualified leads (warm vs sales-ready)

In B2B marketing, we can further separate leads into two main groups: marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads:

Marketing qualified lead

An MQL is a prospect who has engaged with your business, showing interest without being fully ready for a sales pitch.

Nurturing is crucial at this stage. Offering informative content with clear calls to action helps educate MQLs and position your brand as a valuable resource.

Crafting compelling content that addresses their specific needs can significantly influence their final decision.

Sales qualified leads

Once an MQL decides on a specific brand or product, it becomes a sales-qualified lead (SQL). SQLs are aware of their problem, understand the solution they need, and are leaning towards buying from you. All that’s left is for them to make the final purchase decision.

Discover everything you need to know about ViB Syndication, including how it works, the challenges it solves, and its success stories, through our comprehensive video walkthrough.

How does content syndication help you attain qualified leads?

Let me show you how you can attain qualified leads through smart content syndication:

  • Cast a wider net and attract new audiences beyond your existing network.
  • Generate a steady stream of qualified leads who are actively looking for what you offer.
  • Increase your visibility and establish yourself as an industry authority.
  • Nurture qualified leads and convert them into paying customers.

By placing your content in front of the right audience, you can tap into new growth opportunities and fuel your business success. 📈

Evaluating content syndication and lead qualification outcomes

So, you should be wondering, “How should I evaluate the outcome of my content syndication program?”

Measuring the success of your content syndication and lead generation efforts goes beyond simply counting website visitors. The true value lies in identifying qualified leads with a genuine interest in your product or service.

Let me show you how to assess your content syndication’s effectiveness:

1 – Number of qualified leads: 

You want to focus on the number of marketing qualified leads coming in. MQLs are those who have shown a deeper level of engagement, such as downloading white papers, attending webinars, or requesting demos.

2 – Effective evaluation of sources for generating qualified leads:

Marketing tools can tell you which syndication channels are generating the most MQLs. This helps you identify the best-performing platforms so you can focus your energy there.

3 – Quality over quantity:

A flood of leads is nice, but are they the right kind? Look at the demographics and behavior of your MQLs. Do they fit your ideal customer profile (think job titles, company size)? Aim for quality, not just a big number.

To filter out quality leads, I recommend you implement a lead scoring system. This can help you figure out which leads you want sales to reach out to first.

This means a more efficient use of the sales team’s time.

4 – Lead conversion rate: 

Track how many marketing qualified leads turned to sales qualified leads, who are ready to engage with your sales team. This shows how well your marketing efforts are nurturing leads down the sales funnel.

Plus, you can see how your syndicated content, like whitepapers, reports, ebooks, or blog posts, performs. This shows which content types are best for your audience. This helps you create even better content in the future.

By tracking these key metrics, you get a real picture of how your content syndication is doing. Remember, we want a steady flow of high-quality leads, not just a random splatter. This data helps you refine your strategy and squeeze the most value out of your content syndication lead generation campaigns.

Nurturing B2B content syndication leads

Content syndication, when done smartly, allows you to target your ideal customers with the content that they are actively seeking. But the follow up is crucial.

Firstly, only start nurturing after you review if your leads you receive from any syndication vendor are qualified. For example, B2B qualified leads could be C-suite executives and decision-makers. This means they are much more likely to convert into paying customers than other prospects who have never heard from you .

Then, by prioritizing personalized experiences for leads, you can build trust and new relationships. This, in turn, boosts engagement levels and enhances the chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

Strategies to convert interest into sales

After receiving the leads that downloaded your content assets, B2B marketers can use various strategies to nurture leads, such as:

Personalized welcome emails: These emails create a connection and offer further value by highlighting content relevant to the lead’s interests.

Targeted offers: By leveraging the data collected during lead generation, you can personalize offers and promotions for each lead’s specific needs.

By making leads feel valued and unique, you can create trust and build stronger relationships. This ultimately builds engagement and increases the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

B2B content syndication vendors: maximizing intent qualified leads

The main goal of B2B content syndication is to generate qualified leads – individuals who show real interest in your products or services.

Content syndication allows you to strategically share your content (think blog posts, white papers, infographics) on relevant third-party platforms frequented by your ideal customer profile.

When choosing a vendor, the key is to go for a content syndication vendor that doesn’t just offer vanity metrics like website visitors and impressions, but generating intent-qualified leads

These are leads who have shown they’re actively seeking solutions, making them much more likely to convert into paying clients.

Why partner with a B2B content syndication vendor like ViB?

Imagine having access to a vast network of relevant B2B professionals –millions strong! ViB grants you precisely that, connecting your brand with the ideal audience across diverse channels.

ViB Syndication goes beyond simply casting a wide net. We understand different content syndication methods and tailor strategies for each piece. This means your content reaches the right eyes at the right time, maximizing lead generation and brand awareness.

With ViB, you can forget empty promises. Generate qualified leads, increase brand awareness, and get valuable market insights.

Numerous B2B high-tech companies trust ViB to deliver exceptional content syndication services, propelling their marketing efforts forward.

Let me show you some proof!

Here’s a content syndication lead generation case study that shows exactly how effective content syndication can be in generating qualified leads:

Content syndication for Abnormal

ViB teamed up with Jon Moody, Director of Demand and Digital Marketing at Abnormal Security. Jon aimed to capture the attention of high-ranking executives and senior personnel for cloud-based email security solutions—a challenging audience to engage.

With ViB’s Content Syndication, Abnormal is reeling in a solid 1,000-1,500 leads every quarter. That’s around $800,000 in lucrative opportunities each month! 💲

What’s more, Abnormal showed some serious benefits over other syndication services. They’re getting higher-quality leads, boasting a 50% conversion rate, and getting great feedback from sales. 🕺

Screenshot 2024-04-11 114154

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