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March 10, 2023




Ultimately, most businesses have one central goal: growth. We all recognize that the best way to get this growth is organically, through sales. That’s why so many organizations are always on the lookout for lead generation tools that allow them to get more sales than anyone else. Over the years, various strategies and services have arisen that have been designed to accomplish this goal. 

One example of a strategy for demand generation is outsourced SDR teams. SDR stands for sales development representatives, although they may also be referred to as business development representatives (BDRs) or account development representatives (ADRs). Their lead generation process is simple; they generate new leads by cold calling or emailing potential clients and moving them through the funnel. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of a service like this, as well as other options for taking your lead generation to the next level. Also know that there are alternative options to hiring an outsourced SDR team, like the complete suite of services provided by ViB

ViB is a trusted partner by many for B2B demand generation. We help businesses turn prospects into pipelines and provide marketing services to assist companies in boosting their brand awareness and product demand. We offer a wide variety of lead generation services, from appointment setting to email marketing and content syndication

Plus, we even feature a ViB Research solution that can help you to create impactful content and run insightful vendor-neutral surveys. With an engaged community that includes over 2 million IT professionals and decision-makers, ViB can ensure that your marketing content reaches the right people, driving top-of-funnel leads to your business.

Outsourced sales companies

In general, B2B sales outsourcing companies enable businesses to tap into new or underserved markets by outsourcing part or the whole of their sales function to a third-party team of agents. By partnering with the best sales outsourcing companies, many businesses hope to gain access to a pool of skilled professionals who will jumpstart their sales cycle. The best outsourced SDR companies provide great service but are also  very affordable. 

When trying to identify the best SDR companies, it can be tempting to go with the most affordable option, but we don’t recommend price being your only consideration. Sales outsourcing pricing can look really good, but affordability may also bring a lack of results, making the entire strategy a failure. 

There are some benefits to working with outsourced sales companies, which is why this is one of the lead generation strategies that has become common. An outsourced SDR team can help companies speed up their B2B lead generation process, as well as attract prospects to their business by generating brand awareness. 

In addition, for startups or companies with a tighter cash flow, using an outsourced SDR team can be more affordable than trying to set up their own team in-house. 

However, businesses should evaluate their needs to determine whether SDR lead generation would be an ideal option for them. As with anything, there are pros and cons when it comes to this strategy. For example, most outsourcing companies apply the same kind of lead generation campaign across all industries. 

This can be highly inefficient in certain fields. Outsourcing can be cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are many vendors out there that just don’t provide great quality work. Also, an outsourced SDR team may not be properly trained to record important data in your CRM; this can result in missing data and a lack of full visibility into the sales process.

Businesses should evaluate their needs to determine whether SDR lead generation would be an ideal option for them. Explore lead gen services without outsourcing to SDRs

Outsourced SDR company

The best SDR companies will hire the best agents who know how to do their jobs well and consistently deliver high-quality leads. It’s important when comparing companies that outsource sales to look at reviews and try to figure out what kind of results they can actually deliver for the money. 

One specific number to look at is conversion rate. What is the percentage of leads that they delivered that were actually converted? This will give you a better idea of the value of the outsourced sales solutions you are looking at. 

You should also try to find case studies that demonstrate the outsourced SDR company providing real value to real companies. This is often better than a simple review because there will be factual data that you can use to calculate the potential ROI of hiring the team. 

Companies that outsource sales are going to do so for a variety of reasons. It may be cheaper than other methods for generating leads. It may also be easier to work with an outsourced sales team for startups because it can be harder to find experienced salespeople with the skills to successfully generate leads through cold calling.

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SDR as a service

Using SDR as a service allows any available in-house teams to focus on meeting the demands of existing customers and providing more personalized sales pitches to prospects that have already been nurtured. The whole goal of hiring an outsourced sales team is to generate more leads. 

That means that the best SDR companies should be adept at identifying prospects, qualifying leads, and establishing connections with relevant decision-makers. This is a task that requires skill and experience. 

Another aspect of an outsourced SDR strategy is outbound SDR teams. These teams focus on gathering information about target prospects to fill your customer database with prospects that can be pushed along the customer journey to conversion. Another service that many SDR outsourcing companies offer is SDR on demand.  

Lead generation services shouldn’t be hard to use. Finding a great outsourced SDR team that is also conversant with how your CRM works and delivers highly convertible leads is no easy task. Plus, you’ve got all the hassle that always comes with outsourcing in terms of dealing with communication issues and training. 

ViB is the hassle-free alternative to effective lead generation. We help organizations enhance their performance metrics by offering a suite of marketing solutions that are all specifically designed to help you gain more leads.

For example, our Appointment Setting service can help you reach out to our verified, buying-ready audience of over 2 million professionals with your value proposition. We then empower members of your target audience to respond to you and set up a meeting to discuss how your product might be able to help them. 

The meetings are easy-to-coordinate, and the program has proven results. Furthermore, because you should only ever have to pay for results, ViB will only charge you for real meetings held with real prospects.

Outsourced sales development

Outsourced sales, meaning hiring third-party agents or seasoned professionals to assist in sales processes and business promotion activities, can help companies accelerate their expansion plans and develop strategic corporate goals. 

In B2B sales outsourcing, an outsourced SDR company can be hired to oversee the sales process from the initial contact with a prospective business customer through to the closing and finalizing of the sales deal.  

Having outsourced sales and marketing functions might be a strategy that makes sense for some companies, allowing their teams to focus more of their efforts on their core competencies. 

Managing sales operations in-house can be difficult because it requires educating, nurturing, and maintaining internal sales personnel to generate new income. In some instances, companies may need to invest in the sales enablement process, practice, and infrastructure from the ground up to ensure that their sales teams are well-equipped to accomplish their target goals.

An outsourced sales management company may already have the necessary tools, technology, and proven expertise in sales management best practices. The costs of employing and training internal salespeople can also be reduced through outsourced sales management.

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Outsourcing sales

Initially, an outsourced SDR team will often bring a big boost of new leads to the company, rapidly accelerating the lead generation process flow. However, these leads may or may not be of high quality. 

High-quality leads are easily convertible leads, requiring companies to spend the least amount of money in getting them from the awareness stage to the repeat customer stage. In order for outsourcing sales companies to be profitable, they need to systemize the sales process, applying the same services to each client. This one-size-fits-all approach can work for some industries fairly well but not so well in others.

When it comes to sales outsourcing pricing, there are various factors to consider, including the type of service being availed, the number of cold calls required each month, the complexity of business requirements, and the duration of the contract. 

There are many benefits of outsourcing sales, but there are also downsides. It’s important for businesses to do their research carefully, looking at lead generation examples and considering whether outsourcing sales is right for them.

Outsourcing strategies

Some outsourcing sales and marketing companies will use different outsourcing strategies. This means some companies might offer a cold calling service, while others might rely more on email marketing. When comparing sales outsourcing pricing, you should look for pay-for-performance sales outsourcing. 

This model means you’ll only pay for results. Some businesses may find that they can accelerate their growth by outsourcing the sales department. Others may prefer not to outsource B2B sales. Hiring outsourced inside sales teams can free up in-house sales teams to focus on higher-value outside sales.

In the end, however, you may decide that it really isn’t worth the bother to go with an outsourced SDR team as your lead generation strategy. It may be easier and more affordable to start working with ViB. We provide expert B2B marketing services and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality leads and a great return on investment. If you’re curious to learn more, check out our case studies here.

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