5 Better Ways to Buy Targeted Leads in B2B Tech

July 10, 2024

Gabriel Sbrigata


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B2B marketers — how many of us have been tempted by this shiny idea of going to an external partner to buy targeted leads? 

You know what? I’m with you. The tactic makes a lot of sense in all honesty. 

With time and resources dwindling, buying targeted leads may seem like the best, most efficient way to fill your sales pipeline. All while you stay busy tackling other channel strategies.

But, while buying targeted leads is an effective way to quickly fill your funnel, it does pose its fair share of challenges. There could be serious consequences to your lead quality, which 36% of marketers say is their top goal.

What are the roadblocks we are dealing with? And what are some better ways to generate leads if buying leads isn’t a tactic we can trust any longer?

I hear you and I’ve got you covered — with not one, but five legit tactics to generate targeted leads.

What’s the issue if I want to buy targeted leads?

The primary concern? Quality over quantity

1 - Poor targeting 

Lead gen partners and data providers often prioritize volume , sourcing from numerous third-party databases. This approach can dilute the quality of leads, leaving you with contacts that aren’t interested in you or your offering. 

So, despite being marketed as “targeted leads” they might not be well-targeted at all. This means they’re less likely to convert.

2 - Leads with little interest in you

Plus, blindly reaching out to purchased leads can come across as intrusive and may harm your brand’s image in the long run. 

Usually, some brand awareness — or a trusted mediator — is needed to get the conversation started and warmed up.

3 - Regulatory compliance

Beyond the obvious quality and interest issue, there’s the effort required to clean and segment the list you buy. You’ll need to sift through and remove any data that’s decayed — outdated, irrelevant, or incorrect information. Failing to do this can lead to increased bounces and unsubscribes, potentially harming your email domain reputation

Then, there’s compliance. With stringent data privacy laws like GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California, mishandling data can lead to severe penalties. For example, in 2021, Amazon faced a hefty €746 million GDPR fine for non-compliance — a stark reminder of the risks involved.

So, while it may seem that buying targeted leads is an easy path, you’ll still need to be super careful. It’s a lot of work! 

Or, these alternatives might do the trick.

5 better alternatives to help you generate targeted leads

So, the true effectiveness of B2B lead purchasing is highly dependent on the partner you work with, the quality of leads supplied, and whether or not the goal you set out to accomplish was achieved.

As 34% of marketers set their sights on lead growth in 2024, partnering with an effective partner is critical.

Let’s take a look at some demand generation alternatives. Alternatives that help you see better results than if you were to buy targeted leads from a cold database. That leave you a steady stream of MQLs and even SQLs. 👇

1 - Buy engaged email contacts

There are few truly effective shortcuts in marketing.

If you want to buy targeted leads for email marketing, make sure they’re engaged.

Buying engaged email contacts opens the door to an enthusiastic and responsive audience, laying the foundation for dynamic campaigns, increased brand awareness, and a streamlined path to fostering meaningful connections with your ICP (ideal customer profile).

Here’s how it works. Instead of buying a lead list (first clean and segment) and then running an email campaign, you skip straight to the end result instead — engagements with your emails.

The solution is ViB Emails, where we take your existing email and targeting requirements, and then help you do the rest.

How Vib Email Service Works

We’ll curate a segmented list of targeted tech professionals, and then send your email from our domain — absorbing any risk to your email domain reputation. Plus, our respondents already know and trust who we are, making it way more likely for you to see an uptick in open rates. 

The end-result? You can directly track any engagements with the CTAs in your email.

Let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits of buying engaged email leads 👇

  • No time and resources are wasted on executing email campaigns
  • Immediate and broader reach to our engaged tech community
  • Enhanced campaign performance and increased conversions
  • Additional testing and optimization support

The benefits are endless. And when you work with a demand generation partner like ViB, you have access to millions of tech professionals looking for solutions like yours.

From building your audience to managing the email sends, your team wins back valuable time lost.

Your responsibility?

Track engaged contacts and watch your sales funnel grow. 

🚀 Interested in testing this B2B email marketing approach?

Thumbnail of ViB guide: Enhance your marketing results in 2024
Conquer B2B email marketing like a pro! In this guide, you’ll understand the factors that may be impacting your email performance, and get tips and frameworks for email marketing success.

2 - Buy webinar attendees or registrants

Webinars are one of the best ways to unravel the intricacies of your tech solutions and offer live demos to a large audience at once.

But, creating buzz around your webinars can be challenging. 

For B2B marketers in tech, their average webinar attendance rate is 37.5%

Thankfully, you can buy targeted leads specifically for events and webinars. This works by simply promoting an upcoming event to a network of prospects – the ViB Community.

With ViB Webinars, packing your virtual conference room is a breeze. From planning and promoting to delivering and tracking, solutions demos have never been easier. 

Fulfill your targeted registration and attendance goal easily with eager, decision-making tech professionals. 

Even better? If you’re not interested in presenting live, provide an existing recording and ViB will promote and host it as a live event. All you have to do is engage your newly qualified leads afterward.

Oversee the strategy, and leave the complex planning to ViB.

Not looking for a comprehensive B2B webinar service? ViB emails help drive attendance while your team seamlessly plans and manages your event. 

Don’t take our word for it, see what other tech marketers have to say 👇

All I did was show up and present and afterward ViB provided metrics and event data. ViB was able to act as a bridge: they have the audience and we have a solution that many of them need. It’s a win-win.


Parker Pearson

VP, Marketing and Business Development

3 - Buy content syndication leads (aka downloads)

Putting out one valuable piece of thought-leadership content in the right place at the right time can attract countless prospects. 

However the content marketing space is increasingly saturated. So the real question is, can you be sure your content is going to the right eyes, and actually generating leads

There’s a way to buy targeted leads just for content marketing.

Through demand generation solutions like ViB Syndication, you can target your ICP and promote your best assets for members to voluntarily download through the ViB portal. 

Unlike other syndication platforms that charge by impressions or clicks, and promise nothing more than content placement, ViB charges per download and ensures your content reaches the right people and converts.

ViB promotes your content until it reaches your lead guarantee, so you’ll never miss a goal. 

Get regular delivery of the contact details of your new leads, and monitor your results with them as you go.

Seems too good to be true? See what Google’s VP of Demand Generation has to say about it 👇

ViB will get you quick results with immediate opportunities. We always recycle at least one to two [underperforming] vendors. But in two years together, we haven’t experienced any audience exhaustion with ViB and we haven’t rejected a single lead in more than a year.


4 - Buy sales qualified leads (aka meetings)

Can I skip the campaigns and just buy qualified sales meetings? Wouldn’t that be ideal?

Fortunately, we understand lengthy campaigns aren’t feasible for everyone anymore.

While lead nurturing through the funnel shouldn’t be overlooked, finding a partner with an already highly engaged audience can turn your qualified lead dream into a reality. 

With ViB Appointments, marketers have the opportunity to meet with potential buyers who have already shown interest in their solutions. 

No pushy sales pitches… 

No cold calling…

Only true, qualified leads, who are ready to see a demo.

And, unlike traditional appointment service providers, you only pay for the qualified appointments that happen. No show? No problem!

ViB ensures you reach your intended appointment goal every time.

But, how big of a difference does it make?

Let the numbers speak for themselves 👇

Data from Clients

🚀 Skip the campaigns and get qualified leads ready to talk shop!

5 - Buy B2B intent leads

We, marketers, want to know if our customers are here to buy — not just casually browse. That’s how we sieve out the high purchase intent and qualified leads, from the noise.

But we marketers also want our customers to shoot that info to us straight. Are they really looking to purchase now? Are they the decision-makers?

That’s the problem with traditional B2B intent data providers, who usually detect “intent” through readership patterns and web-behavior. They’re inexplicit and inferred

Is there a way to bypass the challenges with intent data, and buy targeted leads with only self-provided intent data?

ViB’s Deal Intent does just that. 

With ViB’s Deal Intent, you can connect with prospects with explicit purchase intent. ViB delivers sales-ready leads actively considering a solution in your market. During the process, we survey them about their purchase timelines, budget, and decision-makers involved. That’s information collected directly from your prospect, handed right over to you.

In other words, you’re identifying only hyper-qualified prospects. They’re specifically seeking a solution like yours, and should have the right budget and timing to get started with you — allowing you to allocate your time more efficiently and effectively.

Graph of intent data points collected as part of ViB Deal Intent's unique zero-party data collection approach

The top reasons customers enjoy using ViB Deal Intent?

Interested in getting hot leads sent your way? Get everything you need to know about Deal Intent with the on-demand webinar, or chat with a team member today!

Discover everything you need to know about ViB Deal Intent, including how it works, the challenges it solves, and its success stories so far, through our comprehensive video walkthrough.

Buy targeted leads with ViB’s full-funnel demand generation strategies

Targeting is a core element in all of ViB’s demand generation solutions. And we see it done in two ways: targeting at the company level, and qualification level.

How do we do it? The ViB Community.

The ViB Community is a millions-strong network of B2B tech professionals, who come to us to discover the latest technologies and vendors, curated to their interests.

By telling us who they are and what they’re interested in, we’re able to match them to a range of relevant vendors (like you), to save them time in vendor research and tech procurement.

ViB Community Decision Makers

Targeting at the company level (ICP)

By carefully segmenting our members by parameters including:

  • Job title and role
  • Company and size (by revenue and employee count)
  • Company status
  • Decision making level
  • Industry
  • Geography

And because it’s the community members who are providing and updating their personal information, you can trust the quality and accuracy of all contact data.

This way, you’ll know that you’re only reaching the right leads who perfectly match your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Thumbnail of B2B Ideal Customer Profile Template ViB
Simplify your targeting strategy with the one-page B2B ideal customer profile template, designed to help you define your best audience and communicate your targeting needs.

Targeting by lead qualification level

Beyond targeting your leads by their firmographics and demographics at the company level, there’s also lead qualification – i.e. interest. 

Meaning, there are lead-generation solutions for every stage in your funnel.

Looking to increase brand awareness and drive noticeability? ViB’s top-of-funnel strategies are not only fully customizable but also tailored to achieve your specific KPIs.

Looking to convert warm or hot leads? ViB will not only identify those qualified leads, but also promise a pay-per-qualified-lead guarantee.

ViB provides a seamless and cohesive lead generation strategy that covers every aspect of your funnel.

Whether it’s boosting brand awareness, engaging with leads at the top of the funnel, or converting warm prospects, ViB’s comprehensive approach to buying targeted leads ensures success at every stage, setting your business on a trajectory of sustained growth and success.

Screenshot of ViB trial options - B2B email marketing, B2B appointment setting, B2B content syndication

Want to test our unique approach to B2B demand generation with a low cost trial?

Getting started with targeted lead generation

Whether you’re a startup without a well-defined funnel or a billion-dollar tech company, ViB has the proven expertise to fill your funnel with targeted leads and prospective customers, ensuring a steady stream of growth opportunities.

Want more info about how buying targeted leads works? Get a copy of our media kit, or chat with a team member today!

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