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March 9, 2023

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While there are numerous B2B market research tools available, selecting the perfect one for your company and use cases can be challenging. Before deciding on which tools to deploy, it would be a good idea to have a clear understanding of your customers’ lifecycle to effectively utilize B2B marketing tools that support the buyers’ journey.

Distributing B2B survey questions to target customers may help companies uncover their pain points, as well as their value proposition and product benefits. To conduct high-quality B2B surveys that yield meaningful insights, coming up with the right business research questions and answers to select from is essential. 

Screening and profiling questions can help you achieve a better understanding of your audience’s demographics, allowing you to have a balanced mix of survey respondents.

Companies can learn more about their B2B survey respondents by asking demographic questions. This means asking respondents about their job title, line of business, main customers, and employee count are examples of demographic questions. Companies may also benefit from using a demographics survey template to save time and to simplify things for them.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to learn about your B2B customers’ purchasing habits. Market research questions for interviews might include asking about the factors that decision-makers consider before making a purchase, their budget strategy, the types of items and services they are looking for, and how long it takes for them to reach a final purchase decision.

This type of survey data is amazing fuel to help create high-value content. Creating engaging and credible content can help you get more high-quality leads. Great content that is relevant to your target clients can help your firm stand out from the competition and motivate your prospects to promote how your product provides the solutions that they are looking for.

Businesses can benefit from ViB Research by gaining insights that drive state of the industry decisions. With ViB Research, you can take advantage of expert research targeted to your decision-makers and is backed by a thorough understanding of your market space. 

ViB can assist you in creating credible content in a variety of formats, such as reports, webinars, blog series, and thought leadership articles, to help enhance conversion rates.

B2B organizations must have a solid awareness of their industry space and the current market trends to stay relevant in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

B2B market research companies

Organizations will benefit from conducting B2B research to better understand their target demographics, the value of their products and services, and why customers engage with their brand. Typically, B2B market research companies can provide invaluable and actionable insights based on data about customers, competitors, and other industry actors and forces, including business risks and opportunities.

There are a variety of free and paid B2B market research tools available to assist businesses in learning about their customers and growing their brand. Some of the prestigious market research companies are Gartner, Forrester, ESG etc which give a comprehensive view of emerging and established markets to plan better. 

International B2B companies with a broad geographic reach may choose to partner with B2B international business research companies, which can give them information on the country and market that they want to enter.

For companies with international operations, ViB  has an active global community of millions of professionals spanning various industries, as well as decision-makers representing B2B customers’ end-users. ViB can provide companies with the opportunity to showcase their offerings and acquire new insights from buyers and end-users represented in its highly engaged community.

Market research tools examples

Using online market research tools can bring cost-saving benefits. By deploying low-cost business research tools and methods, small business players can compete on a level playing field. 

Understanding how rivals perform in the marketplace, assessing customer loyalty and satisfaction, and knowing how customer attrition changes over time are all examples of inexpensive research practices that utilize B2B market research tools.

There are different techniques of marketing research that companies can use based on the type of data that they would like to collect. In particular, marketing research can enable businesses to gain valuable insights into the preferences and buying behavior of their existing and target customers. 

Here are a few examples of market research techniques that can help you identify your customers and understand their behaviors:

  • Conduct a market survey – Before conducting a survey, it is important to have a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of survey outcomes before rolling out your marketing plans. It is also helpful to determine your target respondent size to collect actionable responses that have statistical significance. Lastly, questions should be precise and detailed so that respondents do not misunderstand what is being asked.
  • Perform keyword research – By performing keyword research, you can interact with your customers and learn the keywords and key phrases they type in when they search for similar products online. As a result, you will be able to develop content that speaks their language while also conveying your brand personality.
  •  Do a competitor audit – If you are a newcomer to your industry and do not have a steady customer base yet, learning about your key competitors allows you to examine their audience demographics to see which client segments are most likely to buy your products. This way, you can customize your marketing strategies to effectively reach your ideal customers.

For many companies, working with a marketing agency that can help them promote their products and services to their target audiences helps them to compete with more established companies in their respective market space.

Businesses develop high-value content to enhance brand awareness and grow their pipeline with ViB’s market research program. ViB provides organizations with pre-survey consultation to assist them in determining their survey objectives and the right questions to ask. Businesses may benefit from ViB’s engaged experts’ ultra-compelling insights for thought leadership and demand generation.

Prove yourself as a market leader with ViB’s market research service

Organizations can acquire insights into their customers’ purchasing behavior, their competitors’ market strategy, and identify risks and opportunities to improve their business performance through B2B market research.

Why is market research important?

So, why is market research important? Market research allows companies to understand their customer sentiments and make informed business decisions. 

Market research can also help improve customer experience and satisfaction based on feedback from customers. By having the right market information, companies can better strategize their marketing efforts to turn leads into sales and generate higher profits.

By looking at successful market research examples, companies can generate ideas on how to conduct effective B2B qualitative research which requires the use of the right B2B market research tools.

There are various primary market research methods used in B2B qualitative research to collect first-hand insights and information from customers and target markets. One example is by interviewing target customers to learn about their needs, the solutions they might be looking for, and how to satisfy those needs. 

Another is by forming focus groups to understand more about the customers who patronize certain brands and why they do so, which could provide useful information when developing new products. Lastly, by observing customers, companies can better understand consumer behavior, both positive and negative, when customers interact with a brand.

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How to do market research

There are different market research method examples available online that companies can use as a starting point to learn how to conduct market research effectively. Enlisting internal teams to do market research can be challenging, since market research often requires niche expertise, or access to resources and data that organizations might not have.

Companies can obtain valuable information on how to generate captivating content to boost conversion rates by partnering with a firm that performs market research with a strong track record such as ViB.

Targeting decision-makers unique to each business, ViB can conduct high-quality research for B2B customers, which ViB can accomplish in six weeks for a fraction of the price of other third-party suppliers.

Techniques of market research

B2B market research tools and market research resources can help you learn more about your potential customers, either through quantitative market research or a qualitative one. Qualitative market research typically involves a small sampling of your customers to understand why they behave in a certain way and how they might respond to new product offers. 

When it comes to quantitative market research, this entails polling a large number of respondents to find out who your greatest customers are, what they typically purchase, and how your products and services can solve their problems.

Both qualitative and quantitative market research tools include customer surveys, polls, and questionnaires, but the data produced in quantitative research is evaluated numerically. 

Quantitative market research allows you to obtain representative samples from large datasets and break down data into chunks to illustrate buying trends across your consumer demographics. Through statistical customer segmentation, you can capture your customer profiles and make more effective business decisions.

Best Market Research Tools

Ideally, the best market research platforms should be easy-to-use and can support different types of survey research, including online surveys, SMS surveys, telephone surveys, and one-on-one interviews. 

A market research platform should also allow you to gather important insights while ensuring that customer data is securely protected and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

While there are many online market research tools available, the right business research tools should enable you to automate repetitive tasks and focus more on your core competencies and how they can lead you to success.

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