B2B Lead Generation Examples: Highlighting Successful B2B Marketing Strategies

March 15, 2024

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Have you ever wondered how the Goliaths of B2B, like cybersecurity and high-tech giants, turned cold contacts into coveted customers? How can you transform your B2B lead generation strategy from simply functional to unequivocally fantastic? 🚀 These B2B lead generation examples will show you how.

B2B lead generation example: Email marketing with Nutanix

Picture this: Sheila Madrigal, the Senior Manager of Global Email Marketing at Nutanix, worked her magic with ViB B2B lead generation powerhouse – the ViB Emails solution. The mission? To elevate email engagement that not only captures attention but converts like never before. 📧✨

What Sheila unearthed was more than just a strategy; it was a revelation in resonating with the right audience at the right time with the right content. This isn’t just a success story; it’s a blueprint for B2B growth in the competitive terrain of cybersecurity marketing that we’re about to unfold. 

We really get bang for our buck with ViB. Not only is the cost per MQL low, but the MQL to SAL conversion rate is one of the highest of all of our paid channels. ViB’s results have far exceeded the other vendors we’ve used the last few years.


Sheila Madrigal
Sr. Manager, Global Email Marketing

Sit tight as we decode the alchemy of turning prospects into profits through influential B2B lead generation examples that have redefined the rules of engagement. Grab your notepad (or tablet), because class is in session, and these lessons in lead generation are pure gold. 📈

Understanding B2B lead generation services

To shed more light on B2B lead generation and to be able to dive into the examples, let’s start by understanding what B2B lead generation services are. 

Essentially, B2B lead generation services are personalized outsourced solutions that help businesses identify and connect with potential buyers. The main goal is to build a strong pipeline of qualified leads for their products or services, ultimately boosting sales opportunities and business growth.

They cover various services, like email marketing lead generation, B2B appointment setting, and more…

If you’re looking for more sales meetings, a B2B appointment setting is a great service.

On the other hand, email marketing lead generation works wonders if you’re looking to increase the volume of contacts.

There are three main lead generation funnel stages: Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. To choose the right lead generation services, consider which part of the funnel you want to address.

This way, you can get the best bang for your buck by choosing services that align perfectly with your needs. 

What are the B2B lead generation companies and agencies that are really great at what they do?

Lead generation is tough. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially when you feel like you don’t have any avenues effectively set up to reach new customers. According to some recent B2B marketing trends data we gathered, 54% of B2B marketers are challenged with improving lead quality and conversion rates, and 41% with generating more leads.

B2B lead generation can be challenging without the right skills and knowledge. There are so many approaches to it, but only the experts know how to pave the way. That’s why sometimes it’s better to outsource B2B lead generation services to them. 

The best B2B lead generation companies have mastered the ins and outs. These are B2B lead generational agencies that know exactly what needs to be done to align with your goals. Here are a few that you should look into.

Top B2B lead generation companies you should know about

1 – Cognism

Cognism isn’t a typical lead generation company – it’s a cutting-edge sales intelligence platform. With its AI technology, it delivers detailed company and event data customized for up-and-coming businesses. Subscribing to the platform gives access to a treasure trove of info, from technographics to firmographics, and even human-verified contact details like emails and phone numbers. Its advanced filters help connect with potential clients proactively, setting the stage for meaningful conversations based on solid data.

2 – Cleverly

Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead generation agency. They focus on blending creativity and data insights. Cleverly merges personalized messaging with data analytics to resonate with LinkedIn prospects. Specializing in reaching key decision-makers, they maximize LinkedIn’s features for lead gen, ads, talent attraction, and content strategy optimization. A reliable partner for leveraging LinkedIn’s potential.
Lyfe Marketing

Then, there’s Lyfe Marketing. They’re great at social media marketing, PPC, and engaging short video content. They’re all about creating magnetic profiles loaded with content that captures and converts. Whether it’s educational videos for IT companies or precision-targeted PPC ads, they’re wizards at helping IT companies achieve their B2B marketing goals.

3 – ViB

homepage of ViB - B2B demand generation partner


ViB is one of the most successful B2B lead generation companies out there. We’re all about driving demand, scaling results with a personal touch, and landing those high-quality leads. Our community-based approach is like having an all-access pass to the best leads.

Plus, with options like pay-per-lead, you’re getting value for money. The best part? We’re obsessed with ensuring you see a return on your investment, turning those leads into gold.

And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that? By partnering with the best B2B lead generation companies, you’re essentially saying you’re ready to play in the big leagues. As they have the tools, the tactics, and the team to propel your business forward. Just like ViB Tech.

We’ve got everything from crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience to implementing cutting-edge tech that tracks your success.

You might wonder how to choose the right one. Well, It’s all about alignment. Find a B2B lead generation agency (like ViB Tech) that gets your vision and values.

When it clicks, you’ll know. And once it does, prepare for a journey about growth, connection, and generating quality leads that make all the difference.

Here’s a quick look at how we work:

Image template for blogs

B2B lead generation example 2: Growing DataCore Software's database

DataCore faced the challenge of enhancing and expanding its lead database. Their biggest hurdle? Nurturing and growing their existing database. 

DataCore leveraged ViB’s comprehensive and active community for email marketing campaigns, which centered around outreach and awareness. It targeted the company’s specified audience, getting high response rates.

Within a few months, Gabby Torres-Soler, Senior Manager of Marketing at DataCore, saw that the company added almost 2,000 net new names to its database, establishing a solid presence in the US market. 🍒 

ViB enabled DataCore to scale its marketing programs with a fast turnaround in database growth and nurturing, including increased success with webinar attendance and content downloads.🎉

Gabby’s take? “Investing in ViB is like planting a money tree; you’ll see it bloom.” 🌳 

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Looking ahead: What's next in B2B lead generation?

We’ve covered several things about B2B lead generation, learned about major players, and uncovered what it takes to make a lead-gen campaign shine. Let’s tie it all up, shall we?

B2B lead generation is your golden ticket to not just hitting your sales targets but smashing them. It’s all about creating genuine connections, understanding your audience, and delivering exactly what they need when they need it.

We’re here to guide you on your journey to success in this game. With strategies that drive demand, save costs, and scale results, we’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it.

Here’s an example of how we’re already doing it:

In 2024, B2B marketers are focusing on the quality and volume of leads, with 65% prioritizing lead generation. Budgets are generally increasing, with 78% of respondents maintaining or raising their marketing budgets. The most effective channels predicted are events, webinars, and SEO.

A notable trend is that 32% of marketers believe there will be a ramp-up of GenAI. 17% are leaning toward more human, emotional marketing. 15% of them see the growing use of influencers in B2B spaces.

This insight comes from ViB’s latest initiative, Benchmarked, where we engaged with numerous B2B marketing and sales leaders to identify and discuss evolving industry trends. Our research sheds light on forthcoming marketing and sales strategies and offers a look back at the previous year. For those interested in a deeper understanding of our findings and forecasts for 2024 trends, we invite you to download our bite-sized factsheet.


Ready to navigate the lead-gen landscape with confidence and creativity?

Experience the effectiveness of ViB’s lead generation services because the future of lead generation isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace. Connect with us to get a quote today.🚀

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