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March 8, 2023

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What is B2B email marketing? The purpose of B2B email marketing is to provide relevant information in order to influence the purchasing decisions of your prospective B2B clients.

Despite the increasing competition from other marketing channels such as social media, video content, chatbots, and other tools, email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing channels to attract and retain customers. 

According to B2B email marketing statistics, the global market for email marketing was valued at $7.5 billion in 2020. The figure is predicted to curve upwards to $17.9 billion by 2027, or more than a two-fold increase.

Statistics also show that 87% of marketers consider email to be one of their top campaign strategies. This means that almost nine out of ten marketers rely on email to share content. 

Moreover, an estimated 85% of marketers use mail marketing software products to assist them in building more meaningful connections with prospects and customers through personalized, targeted messages, which helps with content marketing.

Building and expanding your contact database or mailing list is one way to get your B2B email marketing strategy off the ground. One way to expand your email list is by collecting customer contact information through gated content.

According to our recent B2B marketing trends study, 83% of B2B marketers still consider email marketing to be important in their B2B marketing strategy. However, the average email open rate today is only 14%, suggesting that building and expanding your contact database is important.

Graph of Average email open rate 2022 - B2B Marketing Trends Report ViB

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B2B email marketing content

You might be wondering how the best performing B2B email marketing content should look like. There are various types of B2B emails that you can create to generate more leads and connect successfully with your target audience and relevant decision-makers. 

Examples include emails about product updates, current events, and educational topic emails. You can easily send tailored emails to your target B2B customers with ViB Emails  and guide your prospects toward a purchase decision.

To get started with your B2B email marketing campaign, it might be helpful to refer to email marketing examples. The best B2B email examples typically include a well-crafted introductory line that emphasizes your value proposition to capture their attention without focusing too much on closing a sale.

Additionally, a cookie-cutter follow-up email after a client meeting is unlikely to help you create a stronger relationship with your prospects. Rather, your email should try to deliver a personalized service to your target customers by addressing their pain points and how your products and solutions can potentially help them achieve their business goals.

You can also provide your potential clients with a list of opt-in freebies or lead magnets. These are free materials and special offers that you send to your site users or clients to collect their contact information. Doing this can help you grow your email list by encouraging more people to sign up for your subscription.

You may consider sending a breakup email if a client does not respond to your emails or does not engage with you within a certain period. A breakup email would be your final attempt to contact your prospects before permanently removing them from your sales pipeline.

B2B email marketing strategy

There are B2B email marketing strategies that you can use to make your campaign a success. Here are some of them:

Consider a mobile email strategy. Creating a mobile-optimized email campaign can help increase your return on investment or ROI since more individuals use their mobile devices. Regarding the percentage of emails opened on mobile, 2021 data shows that more than 60% of subscribers check and open their emails using their smartphones. Despite this, nearly one out of every five email campaigns launched are not mobile-responsive or mobile-friendly.

Localize your email campaign. One way to make your email marketing campaign more friendly is to make your content locally relevant while driving your brand message. To increase your subscriber base, you may collaborate with local business associations or participate in local events. You may also localize your email marketing by sending out broadcast emails to your subscribers to notify them of your local promotional activities.

With ViB Emails, you may simply send your preferred send dates, email assets, and targeting settings, such as your prospect’s geographic location. ViB will send your email to its community of millions of professionals that represent B2B buyers and influencers.

Improve your email open rates. To make the most out of your email marketing campaign, you should devise ways to improve email marketing open rates. One way to increase your email open rate is to include your prospect’s company name in the subject line or the first few lines of your email body. 

Ideally, your subject line should be less than seven words, especially since most clients browse through their emails on their mobile devices and may skip over emails with long subject lines. Including a call to action in the subject line can help increase click through rates.

How to write B2B emails

According to statistics, the average open rate for email is hovering at 24%. Writing compelling B2B sales email subject lines can help you increase the number of prospects who open your emails. 

Professional email subject line examples show that employing action-oriented verbs and calls to action like “improve,” “grow,” “receive,” “shop,” and “obtain” may help readers feel compelled to act swiftly.

Types of B2B emails include cold emails, sales emails, and newsletters. Regarding B2B cold email subject lines, one tip is to keep it short and sweet. Long subject lines are frequently cut off when clients look through their inboxes using their mobile devices. A truncated subject line may deprive you of the opportunity to convey your message.

Another technique to boost open rates is to include a question in the subject line to pique consumer curiosity and encourage them to think about your value proposition. 

Finally, refrain from using language that machines may interpret as fraudulent or malicious, as well as statements that make excessive claims and promises. “Cash,” “huge dollars,” “act immediately,” “great discounts,” and “free offer” are a few examples of spam trigger words and phishing phrases.

Storytelling is a great strategy to engage with your audience. Your brand story should aim to elicit emotion from your audience and establish trust with your subscribers.

B2B email newsletter examples, on the other hand, highlight the importance of identifying your target audience and communicating with them in a professional manner. Segmenting your email lists or clustering your contacts, for example, can enable you to send a more targeted message to your existing and prospective clients.

An effective email marketing lead generation campaign should enable you to convey your message directly to your target and prospective customers. To accomplish this, you would need to establish a list of relevant B2B prospects.

With ViB, you can have access to an engaged community of millions of professionals from various fields, including IT, engineering, marketing, sales, legal and human resources. Adding fresh contacts to your email list, particularly decision-makers that represent the end-users of B2B customers can help you move qualified leads to the top of your sales funnel

B2B email marketing is a powerful marketing channel which allows you to share relevant information about your brand  and increase sales.

B2B email marketing examples

To get inspiration on how you can add value to your campaigns, you may refer to the best email marketing examples to serve as your B2B sales email templates. Different B2B email marketing examples can help you change your marketing strategies to match your customers’ preferences.

You can use digital email marketing templates to raise brand awareness and boost your digital marketing efforts. In addition, using templates can assist you in managing campaigns happening simultaneously by recreating your ideas for each campaign using pre-designed tools rather than having to create a new email from scratch.

You can design personalized and reusable email templates that integrate with your existing email provider using ViB’s email marketing services. ViB also allows you to arrange your contacts with fully customized lists that may be linked to your existing customer resource management system.

B2B email frequency best practices

Perhaps you are unsure how to adjust the frequency of your emails to achieve the best results while avoiding losing potential consumers. Sending daily emails may be appropriate for some businesses, but sending two to five email campaigns each month might be sufficient for others. 

While email frequency and timing may vary, email marketing statistics 2022 show that the best days to send emails are typically Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in case you plan to send more than one email per week.

Simply said, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for fine-tuning your email frequency. Knowing how to contact your subscribers can be tricky, and this will most likely depend on the nature of your organization. You should consider adjusting your email frequency to your clients’ profiles and purchase lifecycle because changing your email cadence can significantly impact your bottom line.

ViB verifies the information of every prospect and has repeatedly generated higher quality leads than our competitors, delivering results that delighted our customers. We also offer a content syndication service where you can get your content in front of thousands of prospective customers looking for a product or service just like yours. 

B2B email marketing course

Signing up for an email marketing certification course could provide you with useful information on how to effectively handle an email marketing plan, nurture customer relationships, and gain marketing tips on how to accelerate your company’s growth.

There are various email marketing courses designed for both beginners and advanced marketers. For example, ClickMinded is a paid email marketing course where you can learn email marketing strategies to increase your sales as well as how to automate your workflows.

For free courses, you can learn about the many stages of the customer lifecycle with the HubSpot email marketing course to help you improve your email marketing conversion rates. Another free email marketing course with certificates is Udemy, where you can learn how to build your email list of subscribers to grow your customers online.

Aside from expanding your mailing list, communicating with a larger audience outside of your existing database is an effective strategy to advertise your brand more successfully. With ViB Emails, a proprietary email marketing service, you can amplify your message by leveraging ViB’s active network of millions of professionals to target B2B customers that meet your criteria.

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