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March 8, 2023

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Connecting with the right people outside of your own mailing list is even harder. There is no shortage of challenges when it comes to B2B marketing. 

So, what do you do? One of the most effective ways to expand your reach is with a high-quality B2B email marketing strategy. It is so much more than just blasting emails out to whoever and hoping for a response. 

Effective B2B email marketing lead generation techniques and campaigns are focused, cohesive, and engaging. The businesses, and more specifically the people in those businesses, that you are targeting sort through hundreds of emails per week. 

This means you need to stand out from the pack with something that will really grab their attention. They need to feel like what you have to offer is what they really need. 

But where do you even start when it comes to email marketing for B2B sales? Like any other type of marketing, it all starts with you. What do you have to offer? You need to know how your product or service will benefit the business you are targeting and simultaneously you have to create the need for the product in the market. 

Email marketing for B2B campaigns are solution focused. You identify the need or pain point and offer a solution for the same. Once you bring in the targeting, personalization and solution focused approach the next step here is to nurture the email leads with strategically thought out nurture campaigns.

Making use of a professional B2B marketing agency might be your next step. Not only can they help think outside of the box to make your email content more engaging, but they can also help you target the right people in businesses you might have never had access to or even thought of before. If this sounds like a win to you, ViB Emails might be exactly what you need.

Getting your message out to the right people in the B2B world is no easy task. B2B email marketing could be one of the most powerful tools a digital marketer can use.

B2B email marketing statistics

As someone who works in B2B, you’ve probably had more than a few marketing emails turn up in your own inbox. There is a chance you opened them, there is a chance you just deleted them. So, how effective is email marketing? Below are some of the most eye-catching B2B email marketing statistics available.

  • 73% of email users say that email is their preferred method of marketing.
  • In 2022 the revenue of email marketing is projected to reach $9.62 billion by year end.
  • Emails with videos can increase click-through rates up to 300%.
  • Emails that include graphics have a 1.12% higher click-through rate than those that don’t.
  • 59% of B2B marketing professionals say email marketing is the most effective way to nurture leads.

As for B2B email mobile marketing statistics, it might be useful to know that 1 in 5 emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, thus wasting effort and resources for some companies unaware of how often people use their phones for email.

A quick web search could turn up helpful email marketing examples PDF if you need a place to start building your email marketing campaign, but those can only take you so far. Some may even include a free marketing email template sample for you to try out, but how far will that get you? If you really want to drive leads to the top of your sales funnel, utilizing professional agencies is your best bet.

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Email marketing B2B lead generation

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with B2B email marketing trends and statistics, you may be wondering a bit more about what truly matters: lead generation. As stated above, a majority of marketers see  high success with email marketing.

B2B lead generation is about giving your target audience the information they need to know in a quick and unique way to encourage them to provide you their information in exchange. Videos, graphics, and interactive emails are the most effective at engaging your prospects and turning them into leads.

For B2B email marketing, lead generation is often directly correlated with how personalized the emails are. Personalized subject lines and optimized send times are great ways to make sure your email gets in the right inboxes at the right times and gets opened by the right people.

Following B2B email marketing best practices, 2022 looks to be a big year for email marketing with the ROI currently sitting around 122%. ViB customers say that leads generated using ViB Emails , “…moved down their [sales] funnel better than other channels.” Sheila from Nutanix says “The ViB MQL to SAL conversion rate is one of the highest of all our paid channels.” Getting the job done right is the most important part of email marketing, and ViB does it right.

B2B email marketing content

B2B email marketing content needs to be unique. There are a lot of overused templates in circulation and people are starting to become numb to the cookie-cutter email blasts. Your emails need to stand out. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

When we say your emails need to be unique, it’s not to say the need to be wildly vibrant or full of graphics and animations. It just needs to be different enough to catch someone’s attention. Videos and images are great, yes, but only when used effectively. 

A simple graphic outlining what your company can do, followed by a strong call-to-action can go a lot further than a vibrant, cluttered graphic with a discreet link to some unknown product. 

When you are thinking of how to write B2B emails, less is more. Less copy saves time and stands out to busy readers. Many email marketing examples will have fewer than 200 words on them so the recipients can get the information they need without spending too much time reading and scrolling. Furthermore your call to action (CTA) should be front and center.

B2B email marketing subject lines are another huge aspect of your email campaigns. They need to draw the reader in. Customizing subject lines is especially important in a B2B drip campaign. Examples of boring ineffective subject lines are probably littered throughout your inbox right now. Drip campaigns are automated responsive emails. So to keep prospects engaged, attention needs to be paid to the subject lines those emails have.

B2B email marketing campaign examples

There are several ways to deploy an effective email marketing campaign. This article has already covered a few of the most popular ways to get a customer engaged in the content or your email. 

Personalized subject lines, graphics, videos, and animations are all good ways to pique interest and increase click-through rates. But these tricks alone might not be enough to surpass your B2B email marketing benchmarks. 

Raising the bar you’ve set for your email marketing requires creativity, a deep understanding of your prospects, and close attention to detail. Litmus, an industrial enterprise data company, is one of the better B2B email marketing campaign examples due to its use of a GIF to visualize a popular product, and a free trial button to drive the recipients to a specific action. 

Other B2B email marketing examples that seem to work well are re-engagement campaigns. Instead of deleting seemingly idle addresses from your email list, try a re-engagement campaign prompting the readers to inform you that they still want to receive your emails or they will be removed. This not only builds value for your future emails but informs you of any prospects using Tracking Blockers and might be more engaged than you could ever know.

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B2B email marketing templates

B2B email marketing templates are available all over the internet. The quality of them is a matter of what you want and need out of your email marketing. A decent marketing email template will most likely cost you something, however, there are a few well made free templates available too. The difference really is just in how you use them. 

Making the most out of any email template comes down to the quality of your content. A B2B cold email template will look pretty similar no matter where you get it. The difference comes in the cleverness or energy of the content that makes it stand out. You have the frame with a template, not any guarantee of success. 

There are different types of templates for different types of emails, obviously. For example, B2B sales email templates and B2C sales email templates are going to look a bit different, even if they serve similar functions. For B2B, you might see templates focused on reaching the most important people in the company, while B2C might be promoting a discounted price for a product. 

If templates don’t feel right to you, agencies like ViB can write emails for you, to maximize their potential and drive leads to the top of your sales funnel.

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Innovative B2B marketing strategies

Throughout this article, the importance of unique, attention grabbing emails has not been a subtle suggestion. Innovative B2B marketing strategies generate leads. This innovation is not a simple task, however. Staying fresh and new in email marketing is difficult, to say the least. The key is to know your brand and know your audience. 

Understand your industry’s email marketing benchmarks and keep track of how your numbers stack up. Find new and exciting ways to personalize your emails so that each prospect feels like they are the only one you sent that email to. It can go a long way in generating a lead rather than having the email deleted. 

It can be important to remember some B2B email frequency best practices also. Be sure not to email too often. Each industry is different, but in general, it is bad practice to send more than two emails per week. Other things like money symbols and trigger words like price and quote can get your emails flagged and put in spam folders. 

You also need to keep in mind the privacy regulations in place that email marketing needs to abide by. For B2B email marketing, GDPR requires the business to have a “legitimate reason” for email marketing not to violate the regulations. Stay on top of all of these tricky aspects of email marketing with ViB. Professional email marketing has never been so easy.

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