4 Killer B2B Email Marketing Campaigns in Tech That You Can Try

December 21, 2023

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Let’s get real here – building impressive B2B email marketing campaigns, with data-backed insights and innovative creative strategy is great. However, without a group of qualified leads ready to receive it, it might as well be a billboard in the dark. 

When done correctly, email marketing has the potential to offer a consistently high ROI. An almost 3,600% return– that’s $36 for every $1 spent!

Tapping into an ROI like that can feel… a little hard to imagine.

Is it possible for a startup like me? Or a tech giant like me who feels we’ve already tapped out our audience?

I’d love to show you tech companies like yourself, from every facet of the industry, who’ve seen measurable success and I’ll throw in some tips along the way, just in case you need some extra convincing. 😉

Where to start? Let’s take a look at four incredible B2B email marketing campaigns, and what we can learn from them.👇

Tech professionals don’t like to give up their contact information. That’s why Lauren from OffSec works closely with ViB for targeted demand generation — that exceeds her goals on repeat.

1 - DataCore: Growing a targeted lead database

Let’s start with their challenges.

💭 “One of the biggest struggles I face in the US is nurturing and growing our existing lead database.”

Ever caught yourself saying the same thing? You wouldn’t be the first!

DataCore Senior Marketing Manager, Gabby Torres-Soler, experienced a similar thought. 

DataCore is focused on growing brand recognition and the business. And, to do that, they understood that solidifying their place in the market meant reaching new audiences their inbound and prospecting strategies were unable to reach. 

So, what’d they do? Gabby and her team leveraged ViB’s comprehensive and active community to run tailored B2B email marketing campaigns. 

Tap to our engaged and targeted ViB Community

“When we realized they had a database of thousands, maybe even millions of IT professionals, it felt like an easy way to get our message in front of the right personas and grow our own marketing database.”
– Gabby Torres-Soler
Senior Manager of Marketing for the Americas team, DataCore Software

Datacore’s B2B email marketing campaign results

In just a few months, DataCore saw a dramatic increase in net new leads in their database. Think, 2,000 more leads, with each email adding between 30-75 new names each.

Not only has DataCore expanded its reach and stayed on par with its goal of increasing brand recognition, but now they’ve cultivated fertile ground to nurture new leads. 

Together, ViB and DataCore scaled DataCore’s marketing programs, making quick growth not only possible but remarkably efficient and sustainable.

💡 Tip: Find demand generation partners with active communities

You may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

Consider working with a third-party demand generation partner, like ViB, with a community of highly engaged tech professionals and a verified model for efficient and sustainable growth.

DataCore had a hard time locating different segments of their audience because what you can’t see, you can’t market to.

After being introduced to the ViB community, they took net new customers through their entire marketing funnel, nurturing and deepening the relationship along the way. 

👉 Check out the full DataCore case study here.

2 - Donoma: Powering pipeline for product launches and events

💭 “How can I generate new business for a new product launch?”

Launching a new solutions-based product in today’s booming tech world can feel like you’re shouting into the void. 

So, it’s important to find a vehicle to amplify your message, connect with your ideal audience, and navigate through the noise with precision. 

Donoma Software launched OneVault, a new product it planned on promoting at various industry events throughout the year. Then the pandemic hit.

Parker Pearson, their VP of Marketing had to pivot and find alternative ways to power their pipeline and generate the same level of interest they had initially envisioned.

The best way to do that? 

Utilizing ViB’s B2B email marketing solution to drive engagement to their webinar. 

Donoma’s B2B email marketing campaign results

The webinar “helped me fill my pipeline.” About 140 people registered to attend the event, priming her to reach the year’s goal of 500 net new opportunities, and “we’ve had some early-stage buying conversations.” 

By deeply engaging the ViB community to find addressable audience segments, Donoma and the ViB team provided a clear call to action for those who wanted to learn more which led to real, marketing-qualified leads.

Get amazing end-to-end webinars with targeted registrant guarantees, done for you

“ViB is able to provide a service that goes both ways: they help us connect to their audience, and they help their audience by connecting them to solutions ViB thinks they should know about.”
– Parker Pearson
VP Marketing & Business Development, Donoma Software

💡 Tip: Use targeted B2B email marketing campaigns for event registration

When plans changed, Donoma quickly pivoted and looked for other solutions to build excitement around their product launch. 

They understood that high attendance doesn’t equate to higher revenue dollars. By working with a credible partner with an active audience like ViB, Donoma was given a direct line to engage with their target audience

This set the stage for net new opportunities and real buying conversations.

Before inundating people with invites to your webinar, try starting with a core group of your target audience with the highest conversion potential, then work your way out.

It’s not a “go big or go home” game. 

🚀 See Donoma’s case study here.

3 - AtScale: Maintaining brand familiarity even when outsourcing

💭 “Are my leads getting an end-to-end branded experience?” 

Low lead-to-conversion rates may be signaling there’s a gap in your customer journey. Whether they’re receiving unbranded or white-labeled touches, it’s crucial to ensure every interaction points them back to your brand. 

And that includes outsourced services too. Even if you’re using an external email marketing service to generate leads, maintaining a consistent brand is crucial. 

AtScale experienced challenges when working with other lead generation partners like:

All of these challenges led to fewer conversion rates and stagnated lead growth. So, they turned to ViB’s B2B email marketing solutions which offered an end-to-end branded experience for prospects.

There’s an easy way to get guaranteed (and targeted) leads to your webinars, on repeat.

With each prospect being driven to an AtScale landing page, prospects have familiarity with the site and an opportunity to explore their solutions further. This means when your salespeople reach out after lead capture, they’re aware, willing, and excited to chat about the ways you’ll solve their problems.

AtScale’s B2B email marketing campaign results

AtScale now does two ViB Email sends per month and has gained 519 net new registrations, including a challenging-to-capture ABM prospect. 

The difference? Other than the amazing number of marketing-qualified leads, engagement, and brand enthusiasm has remained consistent.

💡 Tip: Brand continuity is everything

One takeaway from AtScale’s lead generation strategy was their focus on brand continuity and creating a consistent experience for their prospects. Brand continuity helps companies reinforce their messaging.

The more often a customer interacts with a brand, the more likely they are to be top of mind when a need for your solution arises. 

Here are some important stats when it comes to the impact of brand continuity  👇

Brand continuity stats

Brand continuity guarantees that your company gains market visibility, increases brand perception, and puts you one step ahead of your competition. 

🚀 Check out AtScale’s case study here.

Let’s now move to the last of our gold-star B2B email marketing campaigns.

4 - Nutanix: Increasing lead quality and conversion rates

💭 “I struggle figuring out what assets to promote, when, and how often, to drive conversions that turn into MQLs, meetings — and ultimately pipeline.” 

Like most aspects of marketing, conversions are dependent on the right content hitting the right lead at the right time. Some call it throwing paint against a wall and hoping it sticks, we call it our secret sauce for email marketing. 

Sheila Madrigal, the Global Marketing Manager for Nutanix, initially looked to increase event registrations from her email sends.

But, as her global email strategy developed, so did her goals. 

“Now we have Marketing Qualified Leads or MQL goals, and then from those MQLs, we have Sales Accepted Leads, or SAL goals,” she says. “We need the leads that we generate from targeted emails to turn into meetings.”

Nutanix’s B2B email marketing campaign results:

She turned to ViB Emails, with its consultative approach to B2B email marketing campaigns that helped her:

  • Rapidly set up campaigns and flexibly accommodate adjustments
  • Identify the right mix of content, cadence, and audience for her email sends
  • Generate engaged email leads with high conversion rates

With ViB’s deep knowledge of their audience and a customer-centric white glove touch, they can iterate on the fly — making the MQL to SAL conversion rates one of the highest of all their paid channels.

“We really get bang for our buck with ViB,” Sheila says. “Not only is the cost per MQL low on the demand gen side, but the leads we’ve generated through ViB have moved down the funnel better than other channels.”

💡 Tip: Leverage services that can iterate on the fly

With Nutanix, the key takeaway was their ability to shift their B2B email marketing campaigns as the company grows and evolves. Marketing should be dynamic, shifting as customers’ perceptions, needs, and challenges change. Many marketers believe the best way to do that is through Agile Marketing. 

Agile marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on 👇

  • Creating high-value content
  • Rapidly iterating 
  • Consistent A/B testing

Techniques like agile marketing work well with large, targeted audiences because they help marketers dive deep into the nuances of their customer base. The result? A continuous cycle of refinement grounded in real-time insights. 🚀

👉 See the full Nutanix case study here

Discover everything you need to know about ViB Emails, including how it works, the challenges it solves, and its success stories, through our comprehensive video walkthrough.

What can we take away from these successful B2B email marketing campaigns?

While each company was utilizing B2B email marketing services, their strategies and objectives were different.

It’s easy to view email as a necessary marketing appendage and overlook its deep, inherent value. Email marketing touches nearly every aspect of the business – it brings in new prospects, educates and nurtures current ones, and closes deals. 

Before you begin your next marketing campaign, I’d encourage you to take a second to sit back and think, “How can email marketing take this one step further?”

Interested in giving ViB Emails a try?

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, power your pipeline, or drive attendance to an event ViB has the resources, expertise, and proven track record of driving pivotal business growth.

Want more info about how our email marketing process works? Sign up for an Emails trial, or grab a copy of the ViB Emails datasheet below.

And remember, if you need any help in strategizing, exploring our audience, or understanding our approach, you can always chat with a team member!

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