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March 6, 2023

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B2B marketing professionals require considerable knowledge about content syndication to run their businesses successfully. 

Paid content syndication is a vital tool for B2B marketing professionals because it opens up a considerable number of possible leads interested in your products and services. The value of content marketing cannot be emphasized enough, as content syndication often proves to be a successful strategy to acquire new leads for most businesses.

A great way to understand the importance of content syndication is by looking at content marketing stats. 2022 has already shown growth in content syndication and content marketing statistics, with 66% of B2B marketers expecting their budget in 2022 to be higher than in 2021. 

Because of the importance of content marketing and content syndication for B2B services, marketing teams must seriously consider how content syndication can help you drive qualified leads to the top of your sales funnel.

ViB is a technology company that aims to provide high-quality B2B marketing services for B2B marketers. ViB allows B2B companies to make significant accomplishments in awareness, lead generation, and market research

Understanding the best methods to generate leads in your B2B company is critical to expanding your audience and reaching suitable sales/marketing targets. ViB uses advanced lead generation tools to help B2B companies syndicate their content so that marketers can publish content across multiple web pages where they can generate more leads. 

ViB simplifies the content syndication process to help marketing content find the right leads that will give your business more visibility. It is one of the best providers of paid content syndication for B2B companies looking to generate more leads and expand sales

B2B content syndication helps businesses generate more leads to meet their marketing targets.

What is content syndication?

What is content syndication? Simply looking up the term will result in numerous platforms that can be confusing for you to navigate. Without deeper knowledge of content syndication marketing, B2B companies may find that marketing teams struggle to generate leads consistently. Content syndication has numerous benefits that can help your B2B company grow and thrive.

To begin understanding content syndication, you must look at B2B content syndication platforms to determine the benefits your marketing team needs to generate leads. As a B2B content syndication platform, ViB provides valuable tools to increase marketers’ knowledge of the importance of high-quality content marketing. 

Content syndication is all about using a systematic approach to a company’s lead generation by developing criteria, content, and campaigns with a better chance of reaching your target audience. When researching content syndication platforms, you may come across familiar and unfamiliar names. 

Online platforms like Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Reddit are valuable for content syndication; however, many marketing professionals prefer a paid content syndication service, like Taboola, Facebook Premium, or ViB Syndication. 

ViB offers numerous benefits to B2B companies, including reaching target leads, finding qualified leads, paying for verified leads only, wider department reach, accessing different-sized companies, high-value reports, and many more.

Content syndication strategy

A strong content syndication strategy for B2B companies requires marketers to know all there is to know about content syndication. Marketers must start by looking at all types of content syndication. 

Content syndication is commonly divided into three strategies


Though all types of content syndication strategies are valuable, many B2B companies are drawn to paid services like ViB because of the extensive and valuable features offered to generate leads.  

Content syndication statistics alone show how essential a strong content syndication strategy is for B2B companies. 77% of B2B marketers say that they have a content marketing and syndication strategy in place, with 58 percent stating that their strategy has shifted and adapted during the pandemic. 

Many companies have adapted strong content syndication strategies with tools like TechTarget content syndication or NetLine content syndication. 

However, ViB is one of the strongest contenders for the development of successful B2B content syndication strategies. ViB is a valuable tool for professional B2B marketers because its services are affordable and reasonable. In addition, ViB offers content syndication services that marketers can bundle with other ViB services to ensure growth.

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Content syndication lead generation

B2B content syndication services like ViB are essential to marketers looking for ways to generate larger quantities of valuable leads. When marketers emphasize content syndication, lead generation is much easier and more impactful. 

However, finding promising leads for your company through content syndication is not the only step toward success–it is also important to continue fostering and nurturing leads. You will want any of your possible leads to feel valued in your outreach attempts, and taking advantage of benefits from content syndication tools like ViB is one of the ways that marketers can secure and maintain leads.

If you are figuring out how to nurture content syndication leads, a B2B content syndication platform is your safest and most promising bet. B2B marketers will have to follow up with the leads generated from content syndication to nurture content syndication relationships. Content syndication leads need to be nurtured long after offering an initial content. 

Many companies follow strategies like updating leads with a welcome email or offers catered toward individual leads based on what marketers know about their needs. Making leads feel valued and unique is essential for B2B marketers looking to maximize the benefits of content syndication lead generation.

Get 2-3x more downloads with content syndication

B2B content syndication platforms take digital content that already exists on your website and publishes it across multiple other websites to help you attract more attention to your brand.

Content syndication partners

Content syndication partners and a vast network are essential for marketers looking at ways to improve lead generation and brand visibility. There are many B2B content syndication vendors that you will likely come across in your search for the right vendor. 

Content syndication partners are vital to improving your brand visibility. However, before making a decision, your marketing team must consider the range of partners available to you through specific services.

Read our guides on how to choose the best content syndication partners:


Customers have praised ViB as one of the best content syndication partners. When a B2B company enters a content syndication agreement with services like ViB, they are giving their brand a chance to reach lead prospects who would be unlikely to find their services organically.

Partnering with services like ViB Syndication allows your brand to explore numerous marketing avenues, such as email syndication and social media syndication. Because of its massive audience, ViB is a wise choice for B2B marketers.

So, how much does content syndication cost? This answer typically varies depending on the services that your brand is considering. ViB is one of the most cost-efficient syndication vendors available to B2B companies and allows businesses to operate on a cost-per-lead basis, meaning that brands only pay for each download if the campaign is successful.

Content syndication examples

As you develop your strategy, it is vital to have content syndication examples that you can refer to throughout the development process. Though partnering with content syndication vendors is a huge step, the most successful B2B marketers have a more thorough understanding of what makes content syndication effective. Depending on your goals, such as generating more leads, specific syndication strategies will be more or less effective for your business. 

Again, the types of content syndication that you will typically deal with in marketing are social media syndication, free content syndication, and paid content syndication. Depending on your company’s marketing goals, your strategy may look different from others. 

With social media syndication, B2B companies will have their content published on the social media platforms that are most relevant to the campaign. With free content syndication, such as Quora, B2B companies can have their content reposted on free platforms like someone’s blog or a news platform. 

However, B2B marketers often find that free content syndication is ineffective for generating leads. If your ultimate goal is to use a vendor to generate more leads, then paid content syndication will likely be the most successful option. 

Paid content syndication is a massive advantage for B2B companies, and services like ViB will provide B2B companies with guarantees for lead generation.

Content syndication benefits

Having access to extensive content syndication networks is crucial for the success of B2B content marketing strategies. Given the different types of content syndication and the need for each to have a particular approach, partnering with the right vendors is essential for any B2B marketer. 

ViB offers B2B professionals many content syndication benefits to improve lead generation and reach a broad audience across multiple networks. Many B2B companies highly trust ViB to provide the best quality content syndication networks and benefits for companies that need to expand their lead generation.

ViB provides B2B marketing services with the tools needed to make significant accomplishments. With ViB, B2B marketers can generate high-quality leads while achieving awareness, lead generation, and market research. 

The more than 2 million decision-makers within ViB’s network allow B2B marketers access to many professionals that can get their brand to the right place and increase the company’s overall success. 

To meet sales and marketing targets, B2B marketers must prioritize content syndication and paid services like ViB. The content marketing and syndication experts at ViB are sure to help any B2B company achieve tremendous success and generate more leads through syndication. By putting time and effort into a strategic content syndication process, B2B marketers ensure that their brand will become more visible to the people who need to find them.

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