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March 6, 2023




There are many benefits to working with B2B appointment setting companies, but one of the main reasons that businesses use these services is that they do most, if not all of the dirty work for them. 

They perform all outreaching activities to get clients where they need to be with their prospecting efforts. Here’s a list of the top 10 appointment scheduling software and what makes them so good:

  • HubSpot Sales Hub: Easy, scalable CRM. 
  • Calendly: Intuitive scheduling leader that effectively handles emails.
  • Doodle: Offers a suite of user-friendly tools for team meetings and more.
  • YouCanBook.me: Customizable, easy, secure scheduling.
  • Acuity Scheduling: Acts as a personal assistant for your schedule.
  • Groove: Leading sales engagement platform for Salesforce users. 
  • Thryv: End-to-end client experience platform for small companies. 
  • Chili Piper: Advanced scheduling and routing software for B2B revenue.
  • Vendasta: Ecommerce platform that sells to over 5 million businesses. 
  • Setmore: Free, scalable scheduling platform.

If you’re located in the United States, you may choose to work with a platform that’s US-centric. Here are 5 B2B appointment setting companies in the US:

  • Cience: B2B outbound marketing company serving those in SaaS, finance, and more.
  • Belkins Inc: Delaware-based scheduling software that operates in over 30 countries.
  • SalesRoads: Founded in 2007 and has scheduled 100,000 appointments to date.
  • TelePro Group: Supports inside sales and marketing B2B functions.
  • ViB: Offers B2B demand gen services for high-tech companies.

Working with a B2B appointment setting service can save your team time and money. You can easily convert prospects to pipeline, eliminating the hassle of having to track down leads and schedule appointments on your own. These are just some of the reasons that more and more businesses are turning to appointment setting companies to meet their needs.

Learn how Paula achieved a 60% conversion rate from lead to opportunity

“Working with ViB helped us find new audiences and put us in a much better spot. In just a few weeks, our conversion rate grew!”

Paula Ellis, Director of Demand Generation at Guardicore

Best B2B appointment setting services

To source the best leads, it’s important to work with a qualified appointment setting platform. Some of the best B2B appointment setting services include Calendly and UnboundB2B. When deciding between appointment setting services, it’s important to keep your needs and objectives in mind. 

For instance, if you’re working with a smaller budget, it may be prudent to stick with free online appointment scheduling. You should also consider scalability. Is the software able to grow alongside your business, or will you forever be stuck with the tier or package you initially chose when signing up?

ViB is among the best appointment setting services, as it doesn’t require any heavy lifting on the part of the client. We offer effective marketing services to help companies increase awareness and accelerate their pipeline. 

ViB is easy to get started with and, at half the typical agency cost, affordable. Boasting a 4.7 customer satisfaction rating, we are one of the best appointment scheduling platforms, delivering quick, effective results. 

Partnering with an appointment setting service like ViB can help you achieve more in a shorter amount of time, ultimately boosting the efficiency of your workflow.

Appointment setting website

An appointment setting website enables users to easily set and manage appointments. Rather than having to keep up with everything by hand, they can simply log onto the platform and gain full visibility into their appointment setting process, accessing tools and solutions to improve their workflow. 

Solar appointment setting companies offer exclusive leads for energy consultants. Some of the benefits of Solar is that it reduces your workload, offers industry expertise, and helps increase brand awareness. 

There are many other examples of different appointment setting websites that deliver industry-specific results. Outbound appointment setting is another great option. These appointments are achieved when businesses can convince leads that they can meet their needs. 

This can help boost your sales activity by following up with leads and targeting new ones. Of course, you might also decide to start an appointment setting business of your own. 

To start an appointment setting business, it can be helpful to first look at appointment setter jobs. Working as an appointment setter can give you a better idea of how the process works and equip you with the necessary tools and resources to make successful appointments. This is the best way to get started with your own business.

Appointment setting software

Appointment setting software helps users manage their appointments. This can be especially helpful for those responsible for large numbers of appointments, as it can help them keep track of everything. Automation is typically a major component of appointment scheduling software. 

Automation tools help users deal with appointment-related tasks automatically, eliminating manual, time-consuming processes. The best appointment scheduling software platforms use automation to improve users’ workflows.  The following are the 10 best online appointment scheduling software platforms.

  • ViB: B2B demand gen for high-tech businesses.
  • HubSpot: Great for companies that want scalability. 
  • Squarespace Scheduling: Best software for small businesses. 
  • 10to8: Best for customer communication. 
  • Bookeo: Good for seasonal businesses that need to freeze their accounts. 
  • SimplyBook.me: Ideal for a la carte features.
  • Picktime: Best for educators and at-home consultants. 
  • Appointlet: Good for small teams seeking an affordable solution. 
  • Square Appointments: Good for solopreneurs, as well as salons and spas.
  • Chili Piper: Ideal for converting B2B leads. 

It’s important to ensure that your software of choice is compatible with your business model. For example, if you work with several people, you might try looking for appointment scheduling software for multiple users.

B2B appointment setting services help clients schedule meetings with prospects.

B2B appointment setting pay per appointment

The B2B appointment setting pay per appointment model, as the term suggests, only charges clients for scheduled appointments. This is in contrast to a subscription-based service, where users pay a fixed amount per period, regardless of how many appointments are actually set. 

Cost per appointment can vary, depending on company expertise and what your specific business goals look like. Appointment setter pay per appointment services can often be cheaper than traditional models because you’re only paying for what you actually get—this can save you money in the long run. 

Affordable appointment setters are available to help different types of businesses, whether they’re small companies just getting started, or large enterprises with complex scheduling needs.

Performance-based appointment setting is essentially the same thing as pay per appointment. Clients pay providers based on performance, or the number of appointments set. 

Appointment setting services cost models depend heavily on your business type and what type of leads you’re targeting. There may be other criteria that determine the cost as well, so it’s important to check with your appointment setting platform to learn more about how they price their services. 

ViB uses a pay per appointment model and has many customer testimonials demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy. ViB’s client Guardicore achieved a 60% conversion rate from lead to opportunity.

Pay per appointment lead generation

Pay per appointment lead generation is a model by which clients are charged based on the number of appointments set. Pay for performance lead generation differs from subscription- or fee-based lead gen in that users pay for performance rather than time. 

B2B appointment setting can be simplified if instead of focusing on the process itself you’re solely focused on results, which is why the pay per appointment model has become popular. 

You can find many affordable appointment setters working within this model, and it can be a great option for those that are hesitant to subscribe to a service for a fixed period of time. 

The pay per appointment model has also become popular in telemarketing. With pay per appointment telemarketing, users pay a certain amount for each appointment rather than a full, upfront price for the entire campaign. 

The pay per appointment model can be cheaper for businesses that know the exact number of appointments they’re aiming for and are aware of the fixed cost per appointment before settling into an agreement. 

Sometimes it can be less expensive, however, to pay a large sum upfront, depending on the expertise of your service provider and what specific deals they’re offering. It’s important to calculate the costs to determine the highest ROI for your business and what’s going to yield the best results in terms of both scheduled appointments and cost.

What about B2C appointment setting services?

B2C appointment setting services often rely on call centers to achieve their objectives. The two main types of call centers are inbound and outbound.

Inbound call centers receive calls, and outbound centers focus on targeting potential leads. Call centers are a great way to generate leads and boost your cold calling rate. 

On the other hand, outbound call center appointment setting can be costly, and it can be difficult to staff them with employees that know the ins and outs of your company. This is why many sales appointment setting companies are turning to alternative methods to set and manage appointments.

ViB is one of the best appointment setting services because it doesn’t use call centers. Instead, it helps create connections with new, market-leading solutions. It’s also one of the most affordable appointment setters, offering a pay per appointment model in which users only pay for meetings held—no lengthy contacts or subscription fees required. ViB works with your budget to get you the results you need within the timeline that fits your needs.

Learn more about ViB's appointment setting services.

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